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2008/9/6-12 [Reference/Tax] UID:51072 Activity:nil
9/6     Lots going on with FNM/FRE bailout.  You'll hear about it soon in
        mainstream media, trust me.  A lot of shit was stuffed into those
        structures before the govt is going to backstop them.  Common shares
        are going to $0 - $2.
        \_ Bushinomics at work!
           \_ I understand Reaganomics (tax cut for everyone and wealth
              will trickle down from the wealth to the poor). What exactly
              is Bushnomics?
              \_ wealth trickles UP!1!  f4t4l1ty!!1
              \_ Borrowing from future generations to pay for tax cuts to
                 the wealthy. Looting the public till to give money to
                 politically connected defense contractors.
2008/9/6-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51073 Activity:nil
9/6     obama and mccain might be neck and neck in pop. vote polls.... but
        it is pretty clear obama is way ahead in projected electoral college
        votes.  unless he goe  he goes on some woman hating whitey hating rampage,
        welcome pres. obama!
        \_ Expect an "October Surprise" this year, probably the bombing of
           \_ I believe Americans are ready for 911 type of movies by then
2008/9/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:51074 Activity:nil
9/6     what is 'fully functional'? ok tnx.
        \- this battle station aka orbital death star?
        \_ might be some trannie thing
           \- E_NOMOON
2008/9/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:51075 Activity:nil
9/6     can someone go out and check on the trees?  ok tnx.
2008/9/6-9 [Finance/Banking] UID:51076 Activity:nil
9/6 (
        "Growth in the economy in this decade will be the slowest of any
        decade since the Great Depression, right in the middle of all this
        financial innovation" - Paul Volcker
        \_ Is volcker an idiot or respected?  i can't remember.
           \- ben stein: idiot. pvolker: respec
           \- bstein: idiot. pvolker: respec
2008/9/6-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51077 Activity:nil
9/6     I am hornier than David Duchovny.
        \_ i think all the sexual repression between mulder and scully
           caused Duchovny to get this way. When he was allowed to
           direct and write some of the shows you can see how sexually
           messed up they became and destroyed the once great XFiles
           with his silliness.
           \_ XFiles really did start sucking when Duchovny moved to LA
        \_ You'd jack off to porn every night if you had to work that
           closely with Gillian Anderson, too. I don't see what the big
           deal is, actually.
           \_ He's married to Tea Leoni. Pardon me while I cry him a
              fucking river.
        \_ He wasn't jacking off to porn.  He was having regularly random sex
           with people who were not his wife/mother of his two sons/insanely
           hot Tea Leoni.  the dude is a tard.
2008/9/6-12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:51078 Activity:nil
        \_ Screw polar bears.
2008/9/6-12 [Uncategorized] UID:51079 Activity:nil
9/6     "08:06:06 up 3 days, 16:38, 23 users,  load average: 0.01, 0.03, 0.00"
        Up 3 days but only 23 users logged on?  That's unusual.
2008/9/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:51080 Activity:nil
9/6     I am a bad person so God is punishing me by making me go to
        Clifton, NJ.  Is there anything interesting to do there? - danh
        \_ I think there's a White Castle.  It probably has a more interesting
           downtown than most Bay Area cities, but I don't know it very
           well.  Montclair, not far away, is a nice town for rich people.
           But in terms of serious culture, catch the train to NYC.  -tom
2008/9/6-9 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51081 Activity:nil
9/6     Obstruction of justice in Alaska
        \_ This whole family belongs on the Jerry Springer show.
2008/9/6-12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51082 Activity:nil
9/6     Gee, looks like someone elses pastor likes to rant about America
        being struck down
        \_ But he's not an angry black man so it's ok!
        \_ Palin left that church before she took office as governor.  Obama
           stayed while his pastor was damning America for 20 years.  Do you
           see the diff?
           \_ I do.  I think it is a complete non issue for both candidates.
              ok it is kind of weird that it is one of those 'gay is a disease
              we can cure you of' churches.
        \_ Didn't Falwell and Robertson blame America for the 9/11 attacks, too?\
           I guess it is okay when a conservative pastor does this.
2008/9/6-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:51083 Activity:nil
9/6     csua Russians, can you find me a torrent of this, but with
        English subs?  thanks.
        \_ google the keywords in the tags on the video, add "torrent" - non-russian sodan
2008/9/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:51084 Activity:nil
9/6     new VirtualBox 2.0 out now.  Supports 64bit guests.
2008/9/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:51085 Activity:nil
9/6     Edwards refuses to go crawl in hole and die.
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