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9/3     did you know Hugh Downs is still alive?
        \_ 87 isn't THAT old, especially if you are rich.
           \_ you know what, 87 is pretty old.
            \_ But it isn't mindblowing old.  Lots of people live that long.
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9/3     I think McCain secretly thinks Obama is the best choice and is dooming
        himself to throw the election.  It's the only explanation.  Also
        MAGICAL JESUS UNICORN's behavior around the time of the birth of her last child was
        REALLY odd, I am willing to bet that it's not really her daughter
        and that she decided to raise her daughter's newborn as her own.
        I applaud her effort but I think she's done for.
        \_ which historical figure had a female in his life who he thought
           was his sister, but it was really his mother?  I can't remember...
        \_ That's how Ted Bundy got started.
        \_ You're an idiot.
           \_ Normally I prefer a more complete response, but in this case,
              this is really all that can be said.
              \_ Yeah, I started writing a more comprehensive response, but
                 replaced it with simplicity. -pp
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9/3     ewabeltandoil.wmv : hot!!!!!
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