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2008/8/30-9/3 [Industry/Startup] UID:51007 Activity:nil
8/30    In a typical big tech company (e.g. IBM, HP), is it possible to
        take a leave of absence while doing other (business unrelated)
        tech stuff for say, a garage startup you and your friends are doing?
        I know I signed away my life with a big company but I want to know
        if I can do something else (unrelated tech stuff) on the side.
        \_ Typically what you sign is an agreement that they can patent
           anything at all that you create. You may be surprised what
           "unrelated tech stuff" they might want to patent. You probably
           want to at least clear it with your company first, but quitting
           first might be an even better idea.
           \_ Wait, what? What if I came up with some cool product
              OUTSIDE of the company, using my own time on the weekends,
              using my own equipments? There's no way they can find out
              and steal my ideas can they?              -fuck big companies
              \_ Generally no.  At least in CA the courts have made it pretty
                 clear that if it wasn't done on company time or with company
                 equipment your free time is your free time and your company
                 doesn't own what you do then.  However you probably signed
                 something that said you would tell your company about any
                 other jobs you are working, and that you wouldn't poach
                 employees for at least x months after you quit.  The first is
                 grounds for termination if they catch you and the second is
                 a big lawsuit waiting to happen if you are recruiting from
                 \_ I'm not so sure. Do you have specific cases to cite?
                    See for example this patent agreement:
                    which says that the agreement doesn't apply to inventions
                    you develop on your own time and equipment, UNLESS the
                    inventions either:

                     (1) Relate at the time of conception or reduction to
                     practice of the invention to the employer's business, or
                     actual or demonstrably anticipated research or
                     development of the employer; or (2) result from any work
                     performed by the employee for the employer.

                    A large company tends to have so many things related to
                    its business that the phrase "unrelated tech" can become
                    rather arguable.
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2008/8/30-9/3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:51009 Activity:nil
8/30    The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons
           Socialism NOW! Fuck GWB and Reagan type of capitalism.
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8/30 apparently is also start-the-smears
        \_ Ahh, LGF... must be true.  Can I counter this with a Kos link?
           \_ Did you read the article?  Did you follow up on the IP addr
              \_ What would you say if I buy and HTTP redirect it
                 to  Is that FightTheSmears is also goatsex?
                 to  Is that FightTheSmears is also
                 \_ Ah, good point.  Thanks. -op
        \_ Learn how CNAME works and get back to us. This is no more
           than grafitti.
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