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2008/8/27-9/3 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:50980 Activity:nil
8/27    I have a rather large linux partition.  I just got a new laptop
        and want to move all my settings and customization to that new
        computer.  how to do this?  I tried remastersys but it seems that it
        get stuck somewhere, and I am hoping it is not really trying to create
        a 26GB iso file.
        any ideas?  is there anyway i can back up my debian package database
        and do it that way?   i am running Ubuntu Hardy.   Thanks
        \_ Put both drives on a network and use rsync on the filesystem.
        \_ When I was a POW, partitions had US!
2008/8/27-9/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50981 Activity:low
8/27    Dang, woman kills hit-man, hired by her husband, with her bare hands
        \_ I've seen this movie. Grace Kelly was good in it.
        \_ Smart that he hired a hit man then, isn't he?
        \_ Clearly this man is a former POW.
           \_ Not really, he should've hired a bigger hitman.
              \_ Or married a smaller wife. Try the lasagna. I'm here all week.
        \_ No need for concealed carry, just bare hands.
2008/8/27-29 [Health/Disease/General] UID:50982 Activity:nil
8/27 (SFW)
        His boobs are hot!
        \_ That picture is pretty random.
2008/8/27-29 [Recreation/Humor] UID:50983 Activity:nil
8/27    Funny comic
        \_ Is english your second language?  Did you get forcefed too
           much Ziggy and Garfield as a child and just assumed that funny
           meant painfully lame?
           \_ Hey! It's nothing is ever funny guy!  Welcome back.
            \_ Lots of things are funny.  Life is pretty much comedy.  This,
               however, is just stupid.
               \- I agree, It's inst so much "non-funny", but stupid.
                  So stupid, you can confidently write off the creator.
2008/8/27-9/3 [Uncategorized] UID:50984 Activity:nil
        Hello Kitty Nutcracker
2008/8/27-9/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Ruby] UID:50985 Activity:nil
8/27    Is Ruby on Rails similar to CGI? Or maybe just something with an
        object-relationship mapping between objects and DB?
        \_ it's an entire application server framework.  You define your
          views, your models, your control, and Rails makes all the connecting
          parts.  DB mappings included.  Also it's all written in Ruby,
          which is an odd language.  So, for example, you'd replace not just
          JSP with Ruby on Rails, but rather you'd replace all of J2EE with
          RoR.  Also there's a temptation to configure Tomcat to use RoR,
          but in the long run it's much easier to farm out to a Mongrel
          instance.   Advice #2: buy the 3 main books.  Ruby, Agile Web Dev
          with Rails, and Rails Recipes.  --brain
          \_ So what are some of your major complaints with RoR? Also,
             what  are some of the major websites that use RoR? I know
             Python scales quite well if done correctly (e.g. Google)
            \_ scales fine.  Since RoR is inherently "agile," odds are you
                will have completely rewritten your entire application by
                the time you get to scaling issues.  Large installations use
                clustered Mongrel instances.    --brain
                \_            --brain
                        (lists major installs and Twitter's difficulties)
2008/8/27-9/3 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:50986 Activity:low
8/27    always have offsite data storage
        \_ This article also has a lot of funny lines in it.  Ah Berkeley.
        \_ This is on concern I have about co-los and cloud computing. What
        \_ This is one concern I have about co-los and cloud computing. What
           happens when the FBI raids Amazon S3 for having child porn on the
           servers? I think the people who say that the future of computing is
           a cloud somewhere run by an outsourced IT department are on crack.
           I'd never run any business I cared about in that manner.
           \_ read up about safe harbor
              \_ Why is safe harbor relevant?
        \_ When I was a POW, we didn't HAVE offsite storage!
           \_ I dunn, being a POW is kinda like being in offsite storage...
           \_ The FBI is not stupid. They are not going to shut down a bunch
              of legitimate companies just to catch a few child molestors.
              \_ I think you are underestimating the stupidity of the FBI.
        \_ This is nuts, BPD is out of hand here.
           \_ looks like this is the UCPD and the FBI, not BPD.  plus people
              have been harassing and leaving low yield pipe bombs in the yards
              of campus bio researchers.  I'm sure this is why they got raided.
              some dumbass used the free internet at the Long Haul to email out
              threatening letters.
2008/8/27-9/3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50987 Activity:kinda low
8/27    Rising tide has not been lifting all boats:
        \_ dems, always wanting a handout from highly productive republicans
        \_ Look at all the whining people in the comments.  "Master's degrees
           from esteemed universities mean little ... journalism"  LAUGH.
           This article is stupid though: the data shows improvement from 2006
           to 2007 yet Krugman is talking about fantasyland 2000 numbers.
           \_ "These increases in earnings follow three years of annual
               decline in real earnings for both men and women."
        \_ Economics aren't important when you're a POW!
              \_ and?  do you think the 2000 economy was long term viable
                 and bush came in and screwed it up?
                 \_ Yes, I think Bush and the Republicans have been terrible
                    stewarts of the economy, don't you? The situation in 2000
                    was no where near as bad as what we have today.
                   \_ Which actions or nonactions can you put your finger on?
                      The NASDAQ crash was in March 2000.
                      DJIA crashed after 9/11/2001.
                      Why was 2000 so much better than today?
                      \_ Oh come on. How about a little problem like doubling
                         the national debt? Blowing $1T on a pointless war?
                         Giving a huge tax cut to his rich cronies, who of
                         course invested it (mostly overseas) instead of to
                         the middle class, who actually would have spent it,
                         boosting the economy. Adding a budget busting
                         drug benefit to Medicare, right when we could least
                         afford it. Should I go on?
                        \_ Yes but Democrats also voted for that pointless
                           war and continued to fund it.  (do you really
                           think the war was utterly pointless?)
                           Medicare drugs? McCain voted against it. Democrats
                           passed it.
                           My point, which I'm tired of having to bring up
                           repeatedly, is that you keep fingering Republicans
                           for things that both Republicans and Democrats did.
                           And yet you aren't independent.
                           It's partisan stupidity.
                           \_ A majority of Democrats voted against the war,
                              and also against the Bush tax cuts. You seriously
                              believe that Iraq isn't "Bush's War"? You are
                              delusional. All this happened with a GOP President
                              and a GOP Congress, so yes, they are the ones
                              responsible. I forgot another one: the whole
                              housing bubble/meltdown, which Bush encouraged
                              and failed to do anything about, when he should
                              have been regulating the IBs. No, I am not
                              independent. I used to be, but Bush convinced me
                              to join the Democratic Party.
                             \_ Bush should have regulated IBs? Don't you think
                                Congress has some responsibility there? What
                                exactly should they do? A whole lot of people
                                bought houses who shouldn't have. That's the
                                people's fault, just like the dot bomb.
                                What about the Greenspan and the Fed? Greenspan
                                was appointed by both R's and D's. Greenspan
                                admitted that the housing bubble was
                                engendered by the decline in real long-term
                                interest rates"
                                Why do you ignore what happened in 2000/2001?
                                Where do you think the blame lay there? Bush
                                again? We have had a Democrat Congress since
                                2006 and they have done pretty much nothing
                                different.  Furthermore there were no Democrat
                                initiatives addressing the housing bubble.
                                \_ 2000/1 is mostly the responsibility of
                                   Bill Clinton. It is the Executive branches
                                   responsibility to control the money supply,
                                   all those fools would not have bought houses
                                   if the Fed and the Treasury Dept had not
                                   been asleep at the switch when the IBs
                                   created all the unregulated money. It would
                                   have been easy for them to turn off the tap,
                                   they just believed that the "invsible hand"
                                   would sort it out. The Democrats have had
                                   how many bills blocked or vetoed since 2006?
                                   The GOP had six years of total power and
                                   they fucked it up. Why are you making
                                   excuses for them? Greenspan is a Randoid
                                   from way back, in no way shape or form
                                   is he a Democrat, nor believe in any kind
                                   of liberal policy framework.
                                   \_ Laugh! Clinton appointed him too.
                                      You tell me how many relevant bills were
                                      blocked or vetoed. Bush only has 12
                                      vetoes so those should be easy for you.
                                      I'm not making
                                      excuses for the R's.  IMO the real
                                      problems are ignored by both parties
                                      and people like you.  (e.g the Fed)
                                      Obama talks about change but he is not
                                      effectively different from any mainstream
                                      \_ I am not going to try and explain the
                                         very complicated topic of bank
                                         regulation here, but suffice to say
                                         that the Executive alone, via the
                                         FDIC and the OCC has a huge influence
                                         on the money supply. Clinton was pretty
                                         much a moderate, true, but he was still
                                         a much, much better stewart of the
                                         economy than Bush. Obama will reverse
                                         the worst Bush tax cuts and also end
                                         the Iraq War, if nothing else, that
                                         will improve our fiscal deficit. He
                                         is also talking about a middle class
                                         tax cut and infrastructure spending,
                                         which shold help the economy more. No,
                                         you won't get a revolution from either
                                         party in America, people are too
                                         complacent here to want that. And
                                         surely you know the rest of the
                                         Greenspan quote you pulled from
                                         wikipedia, where he stated that asset
                                         markets put credit control out of the
                                         Fed's hands.
                                         \_ Which is obviously false. Greenspan
                                            of course wants to duck
                                            I like the Bush tax cuts. I just
                                            hate the Bush/Congressional
                                            The Iraq War is going to end up
                                            about the same, Obama or not.
                                            I don't want more gov't spending,
                                            I want less.  Middle class tax cut?
                                            Maybe if you redefine middle class.
                                            \_ Every family maing under $150k/yr
                                               That isn't middle class to you?
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