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2008/8/16-21 [Uncategorized] UID:50883 Activity:nil
8/16    You just got Barack-rolled
2008/8/16-21 [Uncategorized] UID:50884 Activity:nil
8/15    A kid worried about tanks in Georgia:
        \_ With that kind of English, I'd think it's some kid in the country
           Georgia learning a foreign language.
2008/8/16-21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50885 Activity:moderate
8/16    Hilarious.  Barack catches himself saying Clarence Thomas was not
        exprienced enough.
        \_ you know Justice Thomas hasnt said a word in court for 2.5 years?
           \_ Do you now he has written some of the best dissents?
           \_ Do you think Obama is experienced enough?
              \_ Yes. Do you think Clarence Thomas is experienced enough?
                 Would you a Diet Coke while you think about that?
                 \_ Then where does Barack of 143 days get off saying Thomas
                    isn't experienced enough?
                    \_ What does Obama's time in office have to do with
                       Thomas's experience?
                       \_ That he's unqualified to rate someone else as
                          \_ So someone has to have worked longer than in their
                             field than someone else in another field in order
                             to say that person is not experienced enough?
                             Have you never supervised someone older than
                             \_ yes
                                \_ The drugs must be tasty in your neck of the
           \_ So what? These days almost all cases are decided on the briefs.
              In my experience, oral argument is often a waste of time and
              rarely matters (esp. at the appellate level).
              \_ not asking any questions at all for 2.5 years is kind of
              \_ This may simply be a difference of opinion, but I find that
                 the justices seem more influenced by the Q&A these days
                 than the actual briefs.
        \_ Almost as funny as Bush complaining about Russia invading Georgia
           on phony, trumped-up charges, in violation of International Law.
           \_ that is a pathetic response
              \_ So it is okay that Bush is a hypocrite but not that Obama is?
                 Why do you hold Obama to a higher standard?
                 \_ Who said it's okay? Jesus Christ you buffoon.
                    But since we're on this topic, democratic Georgia is
                    different from Saddam's Iraq with its history of
                    aggression. The US actually did present its trumped-up
                    case to the UN etc. and gave Saddam alternatives. Russia
                    pretty much just rolled tanks in. We are also not annexing
                    pieces of Iraq to the US.
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