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2008/8/9-13 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:50829 Activity:kinda low
8/8     How common is it for (white) married women in their mid 30s
        in SF to not wear a ring, engagement or wedding band?
        Common? Rare? Really rare?
        \_ I guess you've locked on a target.
        \_ I guess you've located a target.
        \_ Why are you asking? Are you trying to guess from the lack
           of ring, or did you guess, move, and get turned down because
           she said she was engaged/married?
           \_ I know for a fact she is married (because she mentioned him).
              I am curious whether there are a lot of people here who don't
              believe in the wedding band thing and never wore one, or whether
              she stopped wearing one for some reason I know more women are
              anti-diamond now, but I thought among Caucasian couples, the
              band of gold was pretty standard even among non-trad lefties.
        \_ Pretty rare, in my experience. For some reason, Asian married
           women are much less likely to wear a wedding band. Why is that?
           \_ They might attach less importance to the tradition. My mom
              doesn't wear a ring because she's afraid of someone mugging
              her or something. She hasn't really been mugged since riding MUNI
              in the 80s, but old habits die hard I guess.
           \_ My (asian) wife doesn't put as much importance on the tradition,
              and also it bugs her.  Sometime it gets kinda itchy I guess.
              She seems to wear it about half the time.
        \_ My parents are one of the most sickiningly happy married couples
           I know and they never wore wedding rings, and for some reason the
           whole idea of a ring seems strange to me.
           \_ That's because they never told you that they're SWINGERS
            \_ The only married swingers I know wear rings.
2008/8/9-13 [Uncategorized] UID:50830 Activity:nil
8/9     One World One Dream = All Your Bases Are Belong To Us
        \_ Black Helicopters? NWO? ZOG? Wait, how are you going
           to reconcile the contradicatory paranoid notions of ZOG
           and a black muslim president? This should cause aneurysms
           across the conspiracy spectrum!
2008/8/9-13 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:50831 Activity:nil
8/9     In-law of U.S. Olympic volleyball coach killed in Beijing
2008/8/9-13 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:50832 Activity:nil
8/9     RIP Bernie Mac (complications with pneumonia) (Chicago Tribune)
        \_ At least now they won't make Ocean's 14
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