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2008/7/31-8/5 [Transportation/Car] UID:50744 Activity:moderate
7/31    Always have exact change
        "He said the attacker calmly came to the front of the bus to show
        off the head.
        \_ is my CCW permit valid on a bus in Winnipeg?
        \_ this is why public transportion should be banned.
           \_ Do you think you are safer on public transit or operating your
              own car?
              \_ Dunno, but I'm not gonna be beheaded by a passenger in my car.
        \_ I'm glad that 37 passengers were unwilling and unable to stop
           a single psycho with a knife. There was a wacko on the bus in
           Boston (the bus driver eventually kicked him off the bus) and I
           was already planning for having to tackle the dude, even though
           I'm hardly the heroic type, because there were women and kids
           at risk. I was *hoping* some of the other guys nearby would
           help me out if it came to that, but it looks like maybe that
           was wishful thinking. Or else Canadians are just pussies.
           \_ Or maybe the real world is not the action movie you
              think it is.  Dude snapped with no warning late at night
              when most people were half asleep.  I bet by the time it
              was over most people didn't even fully understand what was
              going on.  Ever been mugged?  It's not until after the dude
              is running away that you actually have a chance to think
              "hey wait, I'm on the ground, my jaw hurts, and that dude is
              running away with my wallet!"
              \_ The morons got back on the bus and watched him dismember
                 \_ Not according to the article.
                    \_ Yes, according to the article.
                          \_ "The bus driver, Caton and a trucker at the
                             scene re-boarded to see what was happening.

                             Caton said he saw the suspect had the victim on
                             the floor of the bus and "was cutting his head
                             off and pretty much gutting him" with a large
                             hunting knife.

                             The attacker turned toward them and the three
                             men quickly left the bus, blocking the door as
                             the attacker slashed at them through an opening.
                             The three secured the door to prevent the man
                             from fleeing. Caton said the driver disabled the
                             vehicle after the attacker tried to drive it

                             As the three guarded the door with a crow bar
                             and a hammer, the attacker went back to the body
                             and calmly came to the front of the bus to show
                             off the head."
                             \_ "Passengers exited the bus, and a trucker who
                                stopped provided wrenches and crowbars to
                                several of them so they could keep the suspect
                                on the bus until police came, witnesses told
                                Canadian TV."
                                The guy has already been stabbed multiple
                                times, and is in the process of being gutted,
                                and you think the other passengers should have
                                fought him?  Why?  Do you actually think they
                                could have done anything for the victim at
                                that point?
                                \_ How about, I dunno, before it got to
                                   that point instead of running off the bus
                                   like pussies?
                                   \_ Cause you are a real man who westles
                                      bears and fucks 10 women a day.  Oh
                                      wait, I forgot.  You are some pathetic
                                      shit who last got laid in '98 and spends
                                      his nights masturbating to war porn.
                                      \_ I'm the first to admit I'm not the
                                         type of guy you'd expect to intervene,
                                         but I would. I think most healthy
                                         males would if they have such a
                                         numerical advantage.
                                         \_ What advantage? People are waking
                                            up to discover they're on the RL
                                            set of a slasher film. Panic is
                                            the default setting in that
                                            circumstance, and it's a miracle
                                            more people weren't hurt rushing
                                            off the bus.
                                            \_ Yes, they did. They were still
                 \_ That's not what the CBC says.  Heck, according to this,
                    even the victim was sleeping.  The passengers did pretty
                    well. -!pp
                    \_ "Knife! Knife! Run!" followed by something like:
                       "Gee, do you think we should go back and check on that
                       Good job to trap the dude in the bus, though, for
                       what good it did the victim.
                       \_ The guy who'd already been stabbed 50 or 60 times?
                          One of the first things they teach police and first
                          responders is that you're no good to anyone if you
                          make yourself a victim, too.
                          \_ People survive being stabbed that many times
                             and who is to know that he wouldn't go after
                             someone else?
                             \_ ...hence why they got everybody off the bus.
                                I'm all for outstanding heroics to save a
                                person's life, but second-guessing people
                                who arguably saved everyone else on the bus
                                is just dickish. They did what they thought
                                was right under the circumstances.
           \_ I was on a BART train once and saw a guy running through cars,
              randomly punching people in the face, then running to the next
              car. I thought "WTF?" so I started following him. Some huge
              extremely buff dude in the next car, who was probably a pro
              football player or something (no kidding) then saw him and
              tackled him and then sat on him until we got into Embarcadero
              station, where the cops came and arrested him.
              \_ Good on you and the other dude! How did it go when the
                 cops got there?
2008/7/31-8/5 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50745 Activity:nil
7/31    US judge: White House aides can be subpoenaed
        <DEAD><DEAD> (Yahoo News, AP story)
        Welcome to contempt, Miers.
        \_ Welcome to PRESIDENTIAL PARDON
        \_ Another loss for Bush and another win for America.
2008/7/31-8/5 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50746 Activity:nil
7/31    Obama, such a class act.  Accusing McCain of being racist
        (groundlessly) _again_.
        \_ do you get everything from michelle malkin dot com?  your language
           is the same.
        \_ Wow.  McCain is indulging in the most disgusting of campaign
           tactics which even people like Ranesh Ponnuru are decrying,
           but it's Obama whose accusations are groundless.  If you
           don't get the obvious message sent by putting Obama in an
           ad with two sexually available white women, then you are
           extremely naive.
           \_ Right, anyone who doesn't see racist undertones in everything
              is naive. Two sexual availible white women, sheesh.  If that's
              the first thing you think of, your either trying too hard or
              a perv.
              \_ You don't have to see racist undertones in everything to
                 see it when it's obvious. -!pp
                 \_ FIND ME A LINK.  THANKS.
        \_ ugh, article is boring and uninteresting.  can either you post
           a link to video of the ad?  ok thx.
        \_ No where in this article does Obama accuse anyone of being racist.
           In fact, the Obama camp specifically denies that claim:
           Try again.
2008/7/31 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:50747 Activity:nil 50%like:50760
7/31    Whaddya Know? Enforcement Works!
2008/7/31-8/5 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50748 Activity:nil
7/31    Reggie Miller = Obama?
        \_ Looking forward to your interpreting this into English, really.
        \_ They are both black guys who play basketball, I see where you
           going with this.
           \_ By this logic, Bill Bradley = Obama: they're both politicians
              who play basketball.
2008/7/31-8/5 [Uncategorized] UID:50749 Activity:nil
7/31    im kind of mellow today.  im going to go look at now to get angry enough at her and
        increase the intensity of my lunch workout.
2008/7/31 [Uncategorized] UID:50750 Activity:nil
7/31    Whaddya Know?  The NRO is annoying and I hate you.
        \_ also the tinyurl that dude keeps posting is broken
2008/7/31-8/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:50751 Activity:nil
Linux soda 2.6.18-6-686 #1 SMP Fri Jun 6 22:22:11 UTC 2008 i686

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the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

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