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2008/7/27-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:50701 Activity:low
7/27    Is The Dark Knight really the greatest movie of all time?
        It is ranked number 1 by imdb.
        \_ I did get that tingling scalp feeling from it a time or two.
           It's gotta be one of the best of its type.
           But it could have used a bit of editing down and the acting
           didn't seem like "greatest ever" caliber to me.
           Top 5 on IMBD:
           1. The Dark Knight
           2. The Shawshank Redemption
           3. The Godfather
           4. The Godfather II
           5. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
           This is obviously skewed towards the tastes of internet nerd men.
           \_ It's all right.   there is a terrible 5 minute monologue at
              the end.  I don't understand the whole hospital/cops with
              family members in the hospital thing.  Batman's low
              gravelly voice is distracting.
              \- agree on the annoying voice thing. i dont think that is
                 what you should infer from the imdb poll. DK was probably
                 better then IJONES4 but i thought both movies gave short
                 shrift to plot and it seemed like they just wanted to
                 string a bunch of scenes together [HKG scene, pile of cash
                 sceen, bank robbery scene, boat scene etc] ... compare to
                 say DIEHARD1 which i think was clearly a better movie.
                 \_ I kept thinking I was about to get bored, and yet the
                    movie carried me along to the very end. I think the
                    "compelling" and "inexorable" are the kinds of words
                    I would predict being associated with this movie.
                    At 2.5 hours, it was certainly not short. --erikred
            \_ I dunno, I am an internet nerd man and this isn't very close
               to my top five. IMDB used to be better, before the hoi polloi
               showed up online. -op
               \_ Do you actually have a top 5? What are they? I have a hard
                  time choosing absolute favorites in anything.
                  The scores would probably be more accurate if people didn't
                  immediately vote on a film right after seeing it.
                  IMDB also thinks "Batman Begins" is #100 ahead of a ton of
                  great movies.
                  \_ Top 5 isn't really that hard for me, but I would have
                  \_ Top 4 isn't really that hard for me, but I would have
                     a tough time narrowing it down after that:
                     1) Bladerunner
                     2) Star Wars (the original one)
                     3) American Beauty
                     4) Godfather
                     5) Chinatown
                     I think part of this is that I was a teenager when the
                     first two came out, but I think think they were
                     groundbreaking for their time. Too many today rate them
                     after seeing them for the first time on their home
                     television and it really isn't the same experience.
                     \_ American Beauty and Godfather... you know, I thought
                        those movies were really great, but there's also the
                        issue of whether I personally enjoy watching them.
                        I mean, I don't particularly feel like rewatching
                        those. But I can rewatch your top 2 a lot and it
                        remains entertaining. Maybe it has something to do
                        with fantasy vs. reality... those top 2 movies take
                        you to another universe.
                        \_ I got a lot more out of American Beauty the
                           second time.
                     \_ A big problem is that people rating haven't seen
                        other movies to compare to. That is why the lists
                        created by critics and organizations like AFI are
                        better indicators. How many teens who just went to
                        see Batman have also seen Citizen Kane, All About
                        Eve, Vertigo, Gilda, or Lawrence of Arabia? I made it
                        a point to see the movies on AFI's Top 100 (still
                        not through them all yet) to help educate myself on
                        cinema, but most people (especially younger people)
                        are rating with incomplete information. It's also
                        why I take ratings like Trip Advisor or Edmunds with a
                        grain of salt. A guy used to driving a 1993 Corolla
                        might love his Acura. A guy who drove a BMW for the
                        last 20 years might not. The person staying at a Hyatt
                        who usually stays at Best Western might describe it as
                        luxurious while the person who usually stays at Four
                        Seasons would consider it a dump. In short: the results
                        of polls asking the public for their opinion are
                        fraught with peril. It would be interesting to see
                        the results of the poll broken down demographically.
                        \_ You can see this for individual movies and it
                           is instructive. Dark Knight's rating is lower for
                           older viewers. Contrast that with One Flew Over
                           The Cuckoo's Nest, which is flat or Casablanca,
                           where the rating increases with the age of the
                           viewer. You are right (hency my hoi polloi remark).
                           viewer. You are right (hence my hoi polloi remark).
        \_ imdb's voting system is about as reliable as the American Idol
           voting system.
        \_ It can't be--it doesn't have Obama in it.
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