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2008/7/25-29 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:50681 Activity:nil
7/25    200,000 or 20,000?
        \_ Dittohead Desperaton Level: Red
           \_ Troll level, poor.
              \_ Dittohead Desperaton Level: Still Red
           \_ I just want to know what the number is. This makes me desperate?
        \_ He's in France now, should he call our French allies
           "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys"? Hey, are you guys still
           calling them "Freedom Fries"? Just curious.
              \_ Numbers are irrelevant in the face of hope and change.
2008/7/25-30 [Uncategorized] UID:50682 Activity:nil
7/25    Q: BWhat do Russia berry farmers say?
        A: JR JVYY OREEL LBH!  (rot13)
2008/7/25-29 [Uncategorized] UID:50683 Activity:nil
7/25    RIP, Randy Pausch
2008/7/25-28 [Reference/BayArea] UID:50684 Activity:nil
7/24    health inspector scores of SF restaurants
        i ate at EL FARALITO two days ago and noticed the score was 68 !
        TU LAN is somehow 92.
        \_ El Farolito got a 94 according to the SF DPH. Also note that this
           map does not reflect abatement of concerns. A buddy who's worked in
           SF/BA restaurants since the early 90s informs me that all SF
           retaurants have rodent issues; the health report is mostly about
           luck in that regard.
           \_ the rating sign for the 24th & mission location says "68"
2008/7/25-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50685 Activity:kinda low
7/25    there are so many hot MILF types in tank tops walking around
        who must be schoolteachers on their spring break.  i can't deal.
        \_ Where are you at?
        \_ Where are you at? Here in The City, all I see are skinny flat
           chested women with winter jackets on.
           \_ Why winter jackets? It's summer. Also, I think they're
              little Asian boys (transvestites).
              \_ It's July! Recently the highs have been in the 50's,
              \_ It's July! Recently the highs have been in the high 50's,
                 though the sun just came out today, admittedly.
        \_ MILF?
           \_ Mother I'd Like to F***.  This is a new genre of porn in recent
              years.  -- !OP
        \_ Spring?  It's July now.
           \_ obviously he meant summer break. you should understand that
              this type of thing happens when there is a massive diversion
              of bloodflow from the brain.
           \_ it's still pretty hot out there.
           \_ He means summer break. No idea why he assumes these women
              are teachers, though.
              \_ It's almost noon, don't people have jobs?  why else
                 would they be walking around?
                 \_ Hookers work at night.
                    \_ they were pretty hot.  and they must have multiple
                       degrees and credentials now to teach in the state of
                       CA.  hot hot hot hot.
                       \_ Post some pics pleeeeeease!
                 \_ Hot MILFs are generally trophy wives and don't work. Work
                    would be bad for their appearance. It would cut into time
                    at the spa.
                    \- er are those "mothers" or are those FBFs?
                       i'd think motherhood might affect appearance too.
                       \_ What's a FBF? BTW, I don't think motherhood seems to
                          affect appearance. You think Jessica Alba is suddenly
                          not hot now?
                          \- i was kidding about the motherhood comment.
                             FBF = forty but fuckable, although that term
                             sort of loses meaning when you are in an
                             epsilon neighborhood of 40. i note in passing
                             spitzers-ho and spitzers-hos-mom look the same
                             \_ Good genes, I guess.
2008/7/25-30 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:50686 Activity:nil
7/25    doing business in russia kind of sucks:
        \_ Yeah, I sold my BP stock because of this crap.
2008/7/25-29 [Uncategorized] UID:50687 Activity:nil
7/25    Always use https option for gmail:
2008/7/25-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:50688 Activity:nil
7/25    Are these the kind of Conservatives that liberals should be paying
        attention to? I think I am going to buy the book. -liberal
        \_ I dunno, it looks pretty wishy washy to me.
2008/7/25-30 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:50689 Activity:nil
7/25    Ethanol worse for climate than gasoline:
        \_ ethanol is/was/will be a giant ball of crap.
        \_ No, corn and sugar cane production sucks.  You can still produce
           ethanol from better sources that don't effect the food market.
           Ethanol from waste (cellulose, old donuts, etc.) is still quite
           an amazing option.  Your reading comprehension sucks. -scottyg
           \_ Agreed.  E.g. use the stem, not the kernel.
           \_ Agreed.  E.g. use the stem and the leaves, not the kernel.
              \_ brilliant!  I wonder why no one else has thought of it!
                 Oh, because it won't work.  The concept of cellulosic
                 ethanol is based on the idea of genetically engineering
                 the plants so that their stems have less cellulose, so
                 it's possible to process them.  Without a firm stem you
                 can't grow corn, so it's an either/or situation; you're
                 planting your fields either with corn or with limpgrass.
                 Maybe limpgrass will have better energy input->output
                 characteristics, but it's not like you'll be using a
                 waste product; you'll be using an agricultural product
                 grown specifically for the purpose of ethanol.  -tom
                 \_ Actually you break down the cellulose into it's base
                    parts, lignin and sugars using enzymes so that the sugars
                    are available for fermentation to ethanol.  Problem is that
                    these enzymes are still quite expensive to produce, as time
                    goes on we can and will overcome this.  -scottyg
                 \_ tom, there's more than one approach.  One approach is
                    the one you refer to, sort of, where one might plant
                    switch grass or some other non-crap plant that can grow
                    places crops don't grow well.  Another approach is to
                    develop enzymes that break down cellulose quickly and
                    cheaply.  It's not like cellulose is invincible, but
                    right now our techniques for processing it are slow or
                    expensive. But this is improving. -jrleek
2008/7/25-30 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:50690 Activity:moderate
7/25    Yay!  CA has banned trans-fat!  Now if only the legislature could make
        all of my decisions.  Oh, and pass a budget that spends less than it
        takes in.  Thanks progressives for the new prohibition, 100 years after
        the last one.
        \_ Schwarzenegger is a progressive?  -tom
           \_ The legislature is--the girly-man Gov. just wants to be liked.
        \_ did they include a budget for enforcement?  How did they think they
           would implement this.
           \_ I wouldn't think it would require much money for enforcement.
              It's just another box for the health inspector to check.
              \_ Is it just restaurants or also packaged food in stores?
                 \_ "a ban on trans fats in restaurants and retail baked goods"
                    Both of which are already check for lots of stuff, so,
                    while I think it's silly, I don't think it's going to
                    cost much to the gvt.
                    \_ Does that include twinkies or not?
           \_ Right now you can't add rat poison to baked goods either.  Not
              even if you put "tasty tasty rat poison" in the list of
              ingredients.  How much do you think that costs to enforce?
              There is not going to be a transfat division added to police
              forces across the state.  Instead it's one more thing that
              it is illegal to add to food.  If a company does and labels it
              as transfat gee, that will be pretty obvious SO THEY WON'T.
              If a company does and doesn't label it they will be breaking
              labeling laws (which are pretty harsh) SO THEY WON'T.  Small
              bakers may get away with using transfats for a while but
              1. that's not a big deal state healthwise and 2. over time
              bakeries will stop, because it's not worth the trouble.
              \_ Why don't they ban something that actually affects other
                 people like SMOKING and let people eat whatever the hell
                 they want to eat?
                 \_ Bill Gates is working on that.  I wonder if humanity
                    suffers more from diseases caused by years of eating
                    trans fats, or from smoking?  hard to say.
                    \_ I don't really care to protect humanity from itself. I
                       just don't want to choke on other people's smoke.
                 \_ You can continue to eat all the transfats you want. You
                    just won't get them in mass-produced food items. Your
                    choice to kill yourself with transfats has not been
                    impinged; the option to soak other people in them
                    without their consent has. Opt-in fat good.
                    \_ My choice to use whatever ingredients I want in my
                       food (as a manufacturer) has been impinged. There is no
                       evidence transfats are intrinsically bad for your
                       health. If you eat too many of them and exercise too
                       little they aren't good for you but neither are sugar,
                       beer, and coffee. You can overdose on water even.
                       This is selectively discriminating against an ingredient
                       for arbitrary reasons.
                       \_ Your "rights" as a manufacturer are already subject
                          to regulation (cf "rat poison" above). If your
                          argument is with the arbitrary nature of the ban,
                          that's different from "let[ting] people eat
                          whatever the hell they want to ear."
                          \_ Rat poison is hardly the same thing as transfats.
                       \_ "There is no evidence that transfats are
                          intrinsically bad for your health"??? You should
                          educate yourself on the topic, the AMA and NAS
                          disagree with you on this.
                          \_ What is the health risk of eating transfats? None
                             at all. Did we ban saturated fats? Should we
                             ban baking with butter, too? Eat too much of
                             them and exercise too little and you will get
                             sick. However, a healthy person can eat a
                             transfat-laden muffin with no ill effects.
                             Maybe we should ban steak. It's laden with
                             saturated fats *and* unlabeled as such! I
                             never knew!
                             \_ "from a nutritional standpoint, the consumption
                                 of trans fatty acids results in considerable
                                 potential harm but no apparent benefit."
                                 -New England Journal of Medicine
                                "...any incremental increase in trans fat
                                 intake increases the risk of heart disease."
                                 -NAS Dietary Reference
                                Should I take the advice of these two peer
                                reviewed experts or anonymous motd hozer?
                                \_ "from a nutritional standpoint, the
                                    consumption of vodka results in
                                    considerable potential harm but no
                                    apparent benefit."
                                   "...any incremental increase in cheesesteaks
                                   intake increases the risk of heart
                                   Clearly we need to ban cheesesteaks and
                                   \_ And yet we don't let people sell
                                      rubbing alcohol as a cheap vodka
                                      \_ Weak.
                                   \_ Actually, there are numerous studies
                                      indicating that moderate alchohol
                                      consumption is salubrious. And cheese
                                      steaks in moderation are good for you,
                                      too. I agree with your main point, that
                                      people should be allowed to poison
                                      themselves, but you are not arguing from
                                      the facts here. Transfat is worse for
                                      you than white sugar, even.
                                      \_ Transfat is, arguably, no worse for
                                         you than saturated fat. In fact,
                                         many studies have credited transfats
                                         for lowering risk of heart disease as
                                         substitutes for saturated fats. Sure,
                                         some studies say saturated fats are
                                         worse, which is why I use the term
                                         "arguably". Certainly saturated fats
                                         are very unhealthy and there is no
                                         cry to ban them. Transfats have
                                         become the boogeymen du jour. BTW, I
                                         seriously doubt vodka has any positive
                                         benefits. Wine, sure. Vodka, I doubt.
                                         Maybe as a blood thinner if that's a
                                         positive thing for you.
2008/7/25-30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50691 Activity:moderate
7/25    "This is the moment when we must build on the wealth that open markets
        have created, and share its benefits more equitably."
        Um, say what Obama?
        \_ This is straightforward enough to me. What is confusing to you about
           this statement? Was it the word "share" that threw you for a loop?
           \_ I find it amusing that he's so clueless that he's talking to the
              people of Berlin about how they threw off communism, and then
              talks about reimposing it.
              \_ you're a moron.
              \_ You mean sharing is communism? Thanks for warning me, I had
                 been teaching my toddler to share, I will stop immediately.
                 \_ "This is the moment when we must build on the wealth that
                    open markets have created, and share its benefits more
                    \_ Public schools, free clinics, world-wide efforts to
                       eradicate AIDS, the US military... and everything
                       else your taxes pay for. Communism? No. Government?
                 \_ Forcing people to share is communism.
                    \_ Paying taxes that fund social services that improve
                       the basic quality of life is part of the social
                       compact. Do not confuse your a failure to meet your
                       silly Libertarian ideals with Communism; there's
                       plenty of room in-between.
                       \_ Taking money from one group and giving it to another
                          is communism.  Plain and simple.
                          \_ you're a moron.
                          \_ Did you actually attend Berkeley? Communism requires
                             the elimination of private property and the ownership
                             of the means of production by "the people".  And we
                             already do this in our system, except the money goes
                             from the poor/middle class to the wealthy and
                          \_ Did you actually attend Berkeley? Communism
                             requires the elimination of private property and
                             the ownership of the means of production by "the
                             people".  And we already do this in our system,
                             except the money goes from the poor/middle class
                             to the wealthy and corporations.
                             \_ the problem with you liberals is that you
                                think everyone who disagrees with you is
                                an idiot and that you're smarter than
                                everyone else. Think about that for a minute.
                                everyone else. Think about that for
                                a minute.               -emarkp #1 fan
                                \_ no, we think *you* are an idiot.  -tom
                                \_ We are smarter than you. QED.
                                \_ Straw men aren't particularly fun debate
        \_ He wants to raise taxes.
        \_ His first action as President will be to send the 82nd Airborne
           into the Hospitals to nationalize them. Next he will seize
           the banks. After that, your will have Obama Party officials
           spying on you at your place of work. He is a Marxist.
           into the Hospitals to nationalize them. Next he will nationalize
           the banks. After that, your will have Obama Party officials watching
           over you at your place of work. He is a Marxist.
           \_ BLACK HELICOPTERS!
2008/7/25-29 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:50692 Activity:nil
7/25    Geez, Spam King and Family Dead In Murder-Suicide
        \_ Too bad he took innocents with him.
2008/7/25-30 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:50693 Activity:nil
7/25    Does anyone have JBL sound system in their cars?  I bought a 2004
        Toyota Sienna without getting the JBL option, and a 2008 Toyota Prius
        with the JBL option.  Listening to the same CD in both cars when
        parked, my Sienna sound better than my Prius, in that the sound is
        more full rather than just loud, and closer to a home hi-fi.  Is JBL
        really worth the money?
2008/7/25 [Uncategorized] UID:50694 Activity:nil
7/25    emarkp do open carry to Family Evening?  I bet your gun cleaning
        and concealment expertise would be a huge hit!
        What is Family Home Evening?  Family home evening is a special time
        set aside each week that brings family members together and
        strengthens their love for each other, helps them draw closer to
        Heavenly Father, and encourages them to live righteously.
2008/7/25-29 [Uncategorized] UID:50695 Activity:nil
7/25    Man, I thought I was gonna party and instead they stole my pants!
        \_ Man, 7 people we involved to steal $80 and some clothes.
        \_ I'm thinking they also stole a lot of drugs, but the guys didn't
           report that to the cops.
2008/7/25-30 [Finance/Banking, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:50696 Activity:nil
7/25    not exactly WaMu:
2022/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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