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2008/7/24-28 [Uncategorized] UID:50672 Activity:nil
7/24    new owners of Berkeley downtown McDonalds fired the autistic
        woman who has been working there for years:
        \_ excuse me???
2008/7/24-28 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Reference/Military] UID:50673 Activity:nil
7/24    Why does Pakistan need a $230m boost to its air force?
        Seriously, F-16s against the Taliban? Really?
        \_ You don't know anything about CAS.
           \_ Enlighten me.
           \_ Okay, then explain to me why using an F-16 as a bomb truck is
              sensible, or why an F-16 is a more suitable choice for a CAS
              role than something like an A-10 or a Super Tucano.
2008/7/24-28 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Reference/Military] UID:50674 Activity:kinda low
7/24    "Killings turn focus on San Francisco sanctuary law"

        "SAN FRANCISCO - The scene repeats itself daily on city streets: a
        driver gets stuck bumper to bumper, blocking an intersection and
        preventing another car from turning left.

        But authorities say that was enough to cause Edwin Ramos to unload an
        AK-47 assault weapon on a man and his two sons, killing them.

        The victims' family learned that Ramos had been arrested at least
        three times before the shooting and evaded deportation, largely
        because of San Francisco's sanctuary status.

        The Bolognas' relatives say Ramos apparently benefited from the policy
        when he reportedly was convicted twice of felonies in 2003 and 2004
        but never was turned over for deportation."
        \_ Are you the same person freaking out over the police state taking
           your guns away?
           \_ No, that was me. This guy is a violent felon who shouldn't have
              been in the country to begin with.  And gun laws don't stop
              criminals from having guns.  It's nearly impossible to legally
              have an AK-47 in CA.
        \_ WHEN did this event happen? July 24th? Or earlier?
           \_ No, this happened a few weeks ago.
        \_ So I'm getting two ideas:
                1) immigrants = BAD!!!
                2) CCW = GOOD!
                \_ 1) Wrong.  ILLEGAL immigrants = BAD.  The sanctuary law in
                   SF is not about legal immigrants.
        \_ People who gridlock intersections deserve to be beaten, but this
           is carrying things a bit too far.
        \_ Fucking stupid US law. This person would be executed by the
           time you read this post in good old China. Human right my
           fucking ass. No wonder your prisons are over crowded,
           because of idiots who insist that it's cheaper to keep
           criminals in Jail than a bullet in the head. Guys like this
           should have their fingers chopped off one by one. -ray
           \_ Well, in CA it IS cheaper to keep them in jail, but that's just
              because anti-death penalty types have made it so.  30 years
              of lawyer fees >>> 60 years of prisoner room and board.
2008/7/24-28 [Health/Men] UID:50675 Activity:nil
7/24    Ever wonder why Asian men have the figure of a Caucasian woman?
        Here it is, it's all about soy:
        \_ I don't see how this relates to your first sentence at all.
        \_ I never noticed Asian men being especially curvaceous.
2008/7/24-28 [Uncategorized] UID:50676 Activity:nil
7/24    How do I remove apps from my iPhone? I'm using the PC version
        so I can't do all that Installer tricks.
2008/7/24-28 [Uncategorized] UID:50677 Activity:nil
7/24    I'm in the market for a new watercooler for an office.  Any
        suggestions?  I like the idea of getting something efficient (I guess
        with the EnergyStar), but if anyone has any tips or reccomendations
        that'd be helpful. -mrauser
        \_ Also suggestions to where to buy water refills appreciated. -op
2008/7/24-28 [Health/Disease/General] UID:50678 Activity:moderate
7/24    Apparently, the founder of Conservapedia failed basic statistics
        He's also an epic douchebag
        \_ Damn you, I wasted 30 minutes this morning reading this
           and laughing like a hyena.  Good stuff.
        \_ One population had a random mutation at some point. He is able
           to duplicate the evolutionary process by growing the population from
           the frozen population he has. No other population mutates in
           this way. So the claim is that a random mutation occured at
           generation 20,000? I don't really see this as evolution. It's
           just a mutation. Why is this more significant?
           this way. What I don't understand is why the mutation happens
           again if it's random. Or is the claim that the mutation happens
           much earlier? If that's the case then why not go farther back
           in time to find the moment in actually occurs? Is that what he
           did at 20,000 generation?
           \_ Congrats, you misunderstood the study in the same way that
              Andy "Douchebag" Schlafly did!
              \_ So please educate me as to the significance.
2008/7/24-28 [Uncategorized] UID:50679 Activity:kinda low
7/24    You know who else gave speeches to big crowds in Germany...
        \_ Before he started his expansionist and genocidal policies, Hitler
           was loved by people.  Nationalizing this and that, etc.
           \_ s/started/lost/
        \_ The Dali Lama?
        \_ Chancellor Merkel with the Weapons of Mass Distraction
        \_ Sure, but did he call his wife a cunt?
        \_ Reagan.
        \_ Bono.
2008/7/24-28 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:50680 Activity:nil
7/24    Hope none of you or your relatives have > $100K in checking+savings+
        CDs or any bonds/stock in Downey S&L or WaMu.  Friday night is
        bank failure night.
        \_ URL?
        \_ (NYT)
           S.E.C. Warns Wall Street: Stop Spreading the False Rumors
           \_ This says nothing about Downey or WaMu. More URL?
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