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2008/7/22-28 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50651 Activity:nil
7/22    Anyone have success with the new iPhone or iPhone software?  What are
        your first impressions?
        \_ Takes 5 seconds for your address book to startup. Really
           pisses me off. Safari crashes on a bunch of web sites.
           The map program hogs up power like hell. I turn off 3G
           and that helps quite a bit. Overall the new shit isn't much
           better than the old shit.
           better than the old shit.                    -phuqU

        \_ I got a new iphone.  it's better than sex.
           \_ No, seriously, I've heard a lot about buggy software, trouble in
              the activation process, etc. -op
           \_ I think you must be doing it wrong.
        \_ I haven't had any problem with the phone itself.  iTunes store craps
           out every once in awhile.  I think they are having problems with the
           volume of downloads and DRM material that they have to deal with.
           All in all I'm in love.  -scottyg

k/21    motd boob guy do i have a video for you
        \_ How does her shirt withstand the strain?
        \_ I upgraded my original iPhone to the 2.0 software last night. So
           far I have had no problems and the vpn and exchange email features
           work perfectly. I don't know about the activation process b/c my
           iPhone is unlocked.
2008/7/22-28 [Reference/Military] UID:50652 Activity:nil
7/22    House member doesn't like resident, has his guns taken away.  See why
        we need a 2nd amendment?
        \_ Bwahaha, more like loonie visits Rep's office, makes ruckus, gets
           911 called on his ass, guns confiscated as part of investigation.
           \_ And why were his guns confiscated?
              \_ Don't know. At a guess, perhaps he said something vaguely
                 threatening? Or perhaps the cops over-reacted, and now he
                 can sue to get his guns back.
2008/7/22-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:50653 Activity:kinda low
7/22    Do you say Lin-nex or Line-nex?
        \_ This has been settled.  Torvalds is on record as calling it "Lin-nex".
        \_ This has been settled.  Torvalds is on record as calling it "Lin-
        \_ When Linus visited Berkeley, he said "My name is Li-nus so I say
           Li-nux".  Pronounce it how you like.
           \_ What are other examples of a popular product with
              ambiguous pronunciations?
              \_ Jag-wire vs. Jag-u-war
                        \_ The manufacturer says "Jag-u-war", so that's how
                           the car is to be pronounced.  I also think the
                           manufacturer's insistence on this pronunciation
                           for a common word is stupid.
                           \- i hear more discussions about "porsche"
                           \_ Hint: where did the Jaguar brand originate?
                           \_ If the tv ads are to be followed as a guide,
                               the pronuncation is closer to 'jag-u-wah'
              \_ flick-are vs. flicker
              \_ Porsche.  I've heard "Porsh" and "Por-sha".
              \_ GIF.  "Gif" vs. "Jif".
                 \- chmod > shmod, jig > gif, porsha > porshe, although first
                    two are the only ones i have strong feelings about.
                    and it's "the internet", not "internet".
              \_ Nikon.  "Nite-con" vs. "Nic-con" vs. "Nee-con".  The second
                 one is used in Hong Kong.  The last one is the pronounciation
                 in Japan, which originated from the original Japanese name of
                 the company Nippon Kogaku (literally "Japan Optics").
                 \_ Never heard the first term ever. Where does the "t"
                    come from?
           \_ Of course, the question is how to pronounce Linus. Torvalds
              pronounces Linus differently from Charlie Brown.
           \_ I read in the mid-90s he pronounced it Lee-nooks, consistent
              with Swedish pronunciation.
        \_ You cannot imagine how unimportant it is how your pronounce 'linux'
2008/7/22-28 [Reference/Military] UID:50654 Activity:moderate
7/22    I went to a gun range last week with a bunch of co-workers as part
        of the group offsite event and I gained a lot of appreciation for
        shooting guns. I have a few questions:
        1) How hard is it to get a CCW permit?
        2) How do you find out what % and # of people in SF have a permit?
        3) Does there exist a range that lets you rent their guns without:
                i) having to own a gun
                ii) having to bring a friend with you if you don't have one?
        4) If I buy a gun for recreational purpose (not for defense but
           for weekend practice), do I need to register it, and will other
           people (e.g. your spouse, neighbor, coworkers) find out?
        5) What is a legal way to transport your gun in your car and/or
           airplane if you don't have a CCW permit? For car-- trunk? Glove
           \_ If you get an exensive gun, it is best to carry it in a dark
              velvet bag. -lewis
              \_ what is considered expensive? 500? 1000?
        \_ Carry a gun and you become a liability 99.99% of the time.
           Don't carry a gun, you'll only be robbed 0.01% of the time.
           I mean, assume you're in a safe place.
           Which one is more desirable? The latter of course.
           Don't be a dumbass like emarkp. Don't carry a gun.
           \_ And you got your 99.99% and 0.01% numbers from....? -emarkp
              \_ Obviously from his ass.  I wonder if he thinks cops with
                 guns are a liability also.  And if not if he is one the
                 morons who believes that if you take an idiot and "train"
                 him, he stops being an idiot. -crebbs
              \_ Even if it were 95% vs 5%, the argument holds.
                 You totally missed the point, dumb fuck.
                 \_ Except that your 95% number is patently absurd.  The very
                    large set of law abiding citizens with CCW permits in
                    the US are not causing problems 95% of the time when they
                    carry a concealed firearm.
                    \_ Yet it only takes 0.0001% of problem to occur to
                       mess up whatever point you're trying to make.
                    \_ "very large set"? Really? What are the actual numbers
                       involved? -!pp
        \_ Dude, seriously, Google is your friend.
        \_ Is this your first time shooting? Take a gun safety course
           first, before doing anything else. I think you should put
           at least 1000 rounds into a Ron Paul voter before you even consider
           buying one for yourself. -ex-military
        \_ 1) In CA, it depends on county--in SF, pretty much impossible
           2) Contact the county sheriff
           3) Yes
           4) All guns have to be registered
              \_wrong.. rifles and semi auto rifles do not have to be
                only assault rifles
                \_ Sorry, all handguns. -emarkp
                \_ wrong.  assault *weapons* have to be registered, and that's
                   a larger set than assault *rifles* (which would require not
                   merely registration, but a class 3 FFL).  "assault rifle"
                   has actual meaning in firearms nomenclature, while "assault
                   weapon" is a political term referring to anything that
                   politicians think looks scary (including cosmetic
                   similarities to assault rifles).
              \_ No tips on how to keep your guns hidden from your spouse?
              \_ Where can I find this information? I'd like to generate
                 a Google heat map showing where registered gun owners
                 are, similar to the Megan Law offender web site.
           5) Guns must be transported in a locked container.  The trunk
              qualifies, as well as a hard or soft case with a lock.
           6) A good automatic handgun will cost $600-$1000.
                \_ The glove compartment, however, and any other biult in box,
                    even if locked, specifically DOES NOT qualify. -phuqm
           6) A good automatic handgun will cost $600-$1000.  Revolver may be
        \_ First, go and get your CA Handgun Safety Certificate. It is required
           before buying a gun here and teaches a lot of the info you want.
           I don't think a class is needed, but I guess it might help you
           avoid hurting yourself when you fire it (don't put your hand in the
           way of the slide).
           \_ Unfortunately, the test for the cert is useless.  You can pass
              with common sense.  The best thing is to have a friend go over
              some safety tips with you, and use common sense:  never point a
              gun at anything you don't want to shoot, keep it locked up and
              out of the reach of children, etc.  -emarkp
           \_ The NRA offers a lot of great free classes:
              \_ But handgun safety, like most safety, is common sense. The
                 legal info about transporting stuff etc. is in the "study
                 guide" so it's up to you to learn it, even though the actual
                 test is kind of a joke.
                 \_ The best guide I've seen about the legal side of things is
                    "How to Own a Gun & Stay Out of Jail"
                    It covers written and case law, in plain English, and in
                    detail. -emarkp
                    \_ Ha ha ha ha ha. Don't own a gun, rarely have to
                       worry about anything.
                       \_ Ha ha ha?
           \_ The NRA offers a lot of great classes:
        \_ In California, (1) tends to be easier in the rural counties.
           Otherwise, you basically need political connections (ie, contribute
           heavily to the sheriff's reelection capaign, or be an elected
           heavily to the sherriff's reelection capaign, or be an elected
           official yourself).
           \_ How the hell did emarkp get a CCW then?
        \_ I still want to know if emarkp carries a concealed weapon into
2008/7/22 [Uncategorized] UID:50655 Activity:nil
7/22    What the hell? Why is a=0 and b=1 when I set b=0? ARGH!!!!
>>> a, b=0, 1
>>> a
>>> b
        \_ Oh nevermind, it's more like (a,b) = (0,1)
2008/7/22 [Uncategorized] UID:50656 Activity:nil
7/22    The @classmethod and other decorators in Python is nasty. Yuck!
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