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2008/7/16-23 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:50586 Activity:nil
7/15    In the past with rising energy costs->crisis and financial
        difficulties, what were some of the industries that did well
        and can we put our investment in those industries?
        \- gas theft
2008/7/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity, Finance/Investment] UID:50587 Activity:nil
7/15    My mom's fixed annuity is maturing and we're wondering what we
        should be doing with it. She's 70 and we gotta put the money
        where it is safe (no stock market, no 401k). What are some good
        choices to make now, considering that the US economy is failing
        and the banking industry is fubar?
        \_ I would buy another fixed annuity with enough of it so that
           annuity + SS = bare bones enough to live off of, put half the
           rest into a CA Muni ladder (or bond fund, if you have less than
           $1/4M to do this right) and buy an index fund with the rest.
           She is still too young to get 100% out of the market. What is
           wrong with an annuity?
           \_ I thought if you have over $3000 then you're not eligible
              for SS? Or is that something else?
              \_ I think this is related to SSI (Supplemental Security
                 Income) for low income, not the Retirement SS. SSI allows
                 a higher paycheck from the government.
              \_ No, even Warren Buffett gets SS. It is for everyone who
                 has contributed for at least five years. Maybe you are
                 thinking of the bankruptcy code. I think you are allowed
                 to keep a car worth $3000 in a bankruptcy.
                 \_ Ok so I tried to Google for Social Security but it seems
                    complex, is there a SS for Dummies web site? Thanks!
                       Courtesy of Bill Gates
2008/7/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:50588 Activity:moderate
7/15    Provisions to tighten regulation over Fannie and Freddy. Whatever
        happened to GWB and Reagan's FREE MARKET economy and the
        new OWNERSHIP SOCIETY???
        \_ The macs are gov't partnerships with business--what has that to do
           with free market?
           \_ Plenty!  Previous sarcastic poster, the free market/ownership
              society doesn't work very well if we are in a global
              depression.  I think everyone recognizes this.
              \_ "Everyone?" Really, even the motd.libertarians? If so,
                 this would be a mighty sea change. Is this true, libertarians?
                 \_ official libertarian nutjob position: the free market would
                    work perfectly in a global depression, if only the
                    government would stop meddling.  -tom
                    \_ No, I think a global depression is a natural
                       phenomenon and a healthy thing. Why would you want to
                       stop it?
                       \_ You obviously haven't studied the 1930s where
                          people were starving on the streets while the
                          capitalists lived off of nice steaks everyday.
                          I wish you'd get laid off by JPL one day. Your
                          f***ing IT job is worthless at JPL, FYI.
                          fucking IT job is worthless at JPL, FYI.
                          \_ And how the government's random lumbering economic
                             policies made that very depression longer?
                          \_ I think monetary policy is a good thing for social
                             reasons but can result in a suboptimal economic
                             result. BTW, you have no idea what I do at JPL.
                             Hint: I don't work under the CIO.
                             I'm glad I've upset you, though. I always
                             wanted my own following bitch. --dim
                          \_ And you haven't studied the Soviet Union. This
                             kind of comparison is pointless and stupid.
                       \_ and of course it's healthy because it proves the
                          strength of the free market!  -tom
                          \_ One nice thing about the free market is that
                             it will course correct itself. Certainly it
                             is preferred to a planned economy. The free
                             market would have never given us Iraq. It
                             took an inept government you trust completely
                             to do that kind of economic damage.
                             \_ "that's not starvation and famine, it's the
                                free market course correcting itself!"  -tom
                                \_ Imagine if every dollar spent in Iraq
                                   had been spent by the free market
                                   rather than Big Government.
                                   \_ Iraq was and is a major clusterfuck,
                                      but that's irrelevant to the question
                                      of whether global depression is
                                      "healthy."  Stop trying to change the
                                      subject.  -tom
                                      \_ Actually, it's not irrelevant.
                                         Do you trust the free market to
                                         allocate resources or do you
                                         trust Big Government to do so?
                                         In the former case you sometimes
                                         have market corrections. In the
                                         latter case you have Iraq. Which
                                         one results in a healthier economy
                                         long-term? Which one is morally
                                         \_ I believe in a mixed economy, as
                                            do all non-whackjobs. Some things
                                            are better allocated centrally
                                            and some by a market system.
                                            Morality is a pretty personal
                                            thing, but I believe in a mixed
                                            economy morally as well, since
                                            both extremes cause huge amounts
                                            of human sufferring, when tried.
                                         \_ Your dichotomy is false.  War is
                                            not a function of "Big Government";
                                            it's largely a function of
                                            resources.  Let's say that
                                            current trends continue, and oil
                                            and food prices continue to go
                                            through the roof.  Poorer countries
                                            like those in Latin America will
                                            be more heavily impacted than
                                            the U.S.  The real free market
                                            solution to the problem would
                                            be for the Latinos to move to
                                            the wealthy U.S.  The libertarian
                                            nutjob solution is to build a
                                            bigger wall, because "a primary
                                            function of government is to
                                            protect property rights."
                                            Obviously the situation is
                                            untenable; the "free" market
                                            will cause a war due to resource
                                            scarcity.  Rwanda, Somalia are
                                            not the result of Big Government.
                                            \_ Actually, I would say their
                                               governments are most to blame.
                                               \_ of course you would.  -tom
                                                  \_ So you blame the
                                                     citizenry? Way to go!
                                                     \_ you really enjoy
                                                        putting words in
                                                        other people's mouths,
                                                        but you're not very
                                                        good at it.  -tom
                                                        \_ Look, Tom. What
                                                           other option is
                                                           there? Either
                                                           it's the fault
                                                           of the gov't or
                                                           the citizenry.
                                                           Care to name
                                                           your mysterious
                                                           3rd party?  Zuul?
                                                        \_ Maybe you should put
                                                           more words into your
                                                           own mouth instead
                                                           of being so evasive.
                                                           If not the gov't or
                                                           the citizens then
                                                           who? Zuul?
                                I think it is primarily _/
                                the afteraffects of
                                colonialism, which for
                                this discussion was
                                perpetrated by both
                                government and market
                                actors. -!tom
                                \_ I would have to say colonialism is almost
                                   exclusively perpetuated by governments.
                                   Even the East India Company was basically a
                                   front for government interests. However,
                                         \- this is mostly not a meaningful
                                            statement but is mostly wrong
                                            before the East India Act.
                                            \_ Well it is 100% correct
                                               after the Act and "mostly
                                               wrong" means "partly
                                               right". I think it's
                                               debatable. Certainly EIC
                                               wasn't your basic corporation.
                                               \- "ObLandWarAsia"
                                            I think what you want to look
                                            into is "mercantilism".
                                            somewhat interesting note in re:
                                            your somewhat humorous first
                                            sentence: at one point coca cola
                                            was more or less going to buy
                                            the country formerly known as
                                            British Honduras [slight exag-
                                            geration ... it was pretty much
                                            going to be privatized].
                                            In re: below ... you may want to
                                            read about how belgian colonialism
                                            int the congo changed when it went
                                            from being a personal possession
                                            of the king to a state colony.
                                   I think there's more blame to direct at the
                                   current corrupt and petty governments.
                                   I think Africa, as a whole, would
                                   benefit more from being run by corporate
                                   interests than corrupt governments. In
                                   fact, corporate investment in Africa is
                                   probably the the easiest path to salvation
                                   probably the easiest path to salvation
                                   just like it is in Afghanistan, Iraq,
                                   and other troubled regions. To really
                                   mess things up you need to get
                                   governments involved.
                                   governments involved. Governments are
                                   \_ I love this line of argument:
                                      1) Assert that free markets produce
                                         optimal results.
                                      2) Conclude that anywhere sub-optimal
                                         conditions exist, it is the fault
                                         of the government, by point 1.  QED.
                                      Soon followed by:
                                      3) To explain the existence of the
                                         sub-optimal condition, reverse-
                                         engineer an untestable hypothesis,
                                         usually based on government's
                                         response to the sub-optimal
                                         condition (i.e., "we wouldn't have
                                         gun crime if it weren't for gun
                                         control" or "the banking crisis is
                                         caused by FDIC insurance encouraging
                                         banks to take more risks.")
                                         \_ I notice you still haven't
                                            defined your position. Why am I
                                            not surprised.
                                            \_ What position?  I certainly
                                               feel that someone who uses
                                               a machete to kill a person
                                               whose family he knows, must
                                               be significantly culpable for
                                               that act.  -tom
                                 \_ Governments are irrational? Only somone who
                                    has never worked in the private sector could
                                    say such a thing. Do you think businesses
                                    are rational?
                                    has never worked in the private sector
                                    could say such a thing. Do you think
                                    businesses are rational?
                                    \_ Ones that manage to compete are, yes.
                                       \_ Do you think that the military
                                          is irrational and poorly run?
                                          \_ It's one of the best examples
                                             of an irrational and poorly run
                                             government entity.
2008/7/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50589 Activity:nil
7/16    You all remember Amazon Amanda from BODacious magazine, right? If you
        haven't got the mag, you owe yourself a kick in the ass. Here's why:
        Amanda measures as follows:  she stands at an Amazonian 6'3, wears a
        44" DD cup bra, and tips the scales at a solid 365 pounds. What I
        didn't mention, is that she has a bear-huggable 43" waist, and her
        hips measure a stunning 63 inches. Like I said, she's one big girl!
        Size + shape = Yummilicious!
2008/7/16-23 [Uncategorized] UID:50590 Activity:nil
7/16    On my iPhone, when I start up my Google Maps I can barely
        zoom in/out. It's slow. I'm thinking maybe other apps are
        running in the background or something? Anyone have a similar
        problem? BTW it's not the network because I tried this with
        WIFI, E, and 3G.
          The other thing is, on my 3G, my GPS receiver never kicks in
        even though I'm outside. What's up?
2008/7/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:50591 Activity:nil
        Once again JibJab amuses me.  But will lefties be able to laugh at
        \_ Obama riding colorful GAY unicorn. GAY GAY GAY!!!
           \_SHUN the unbeliever! SHUN!
        \_ Pretty funny.
2008/7/16-23 [Uncategorized] UID:50592 Activity:nil
7/16    Russia discovers oil and will be drilling it in....two months?!?
        \_ Yes, because there were no other concerns with ANWR, Perry.
2008/7/16-23 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:50593 Activity:nil
7/16    China burned 1.9 billion metric tons of coal in 2004. By 2020, predicts
        the China Coal Industry Development Research Center, it will burn 2.9
        billion tons a year. That increment alone will send as much carbon
        dioxide into the atmosphere as 3 billion Ford Expeditions, each driven
        15,000 miles a year. This puts into sobering perspective the meager
        efforts of the U.S. to stave off global warming by improving gas
        \_ 1. China's energy consumption per capita is about 1/7 of United
           \_ And, unfortunately, they're making every effort to be like us.
           2. the reason why we are in such mess is because 150 years of
           pollution by the industrized nation such as USA and UK and others.
           So, you are telling me that G7 were the culprit of climate change
           but you want China/India/Brazile to curb their emission for sake of
           humanity while US/UK/France/Germany keep their Ford Expeditions?
           \_ Gas is $11US in Germany.  I bet they don't drive a lot of Ford
           \_ Um, no.  I was quoting this because in order to solve something
              we need to understand it. -op
              \_ obviously you don't understand it. Industrialized Nations
                 are the cause of this problems, this includes United States.
                 If you want to solve the problem, you need to have a sense
                 of fairness or they will simply ignored it.  The fact is
                 globally, if United States cut emission by half, it would
                 slow down the climate change crisis by a huge deal.  but it
                 requires sacrafices, like paying $10/gallon gas, and see
                 natural gas and electric bills 3-4times of what you are paying
                 today.  Would you willing to make such sacrfice?  of course
                 not.  You want to have 4-5 children to have that traditional
                 sense of a family.  You want to keep you 5000 ft2 house while
                 there are only you and your wife live in it.  You want to
                 keep your Ford Expedition.  and if oil price is high, you
                 no longer oppose US government intervention to drive down
                 the oil price, i.e. relax the emission standards for power
                 plants and refinaries, and you no longer oppose US government
                 to invade another oil-rich nation to secure petro sources.

                 In the end, there are two things we need to look at when
                 we are looking at climate change issues.  1.  population,
                 2. energy consumption per capita.  In that sense, China's
                 one-child policy has been one of the greatest environmental
                 policy ever being implemented in the world in the 20th
                 century.  talking about sacrafices.. you really think
                 given the choice Chinese only want one child per family?

                 IF industrialized nations are TRUELY care about emission,
                 all one has to do is impose a fixed carbon tax rate at the
                 consumption level. We can even divert some of these
                 carbon tax to United Nation to enforce it.  Why consumer
                 level instead of producer level?  because if we impose tax
                 at the producer level, again, China will be end up paying
                 bulk of the carbon tax for manufacturing good consumed by
                 USA and rest of the industrialized nations.  Consumers
                 have to feel the pain, or there will be no changes in
                 behavior.   Once carbon tax made energy-intesive product/
                 activities expensive, people will 1. curb the activities,
                 2. figure out ways to achieve the same thing without much
                 energy consumption.

                 That will be another dot-com.  And innovative economy such
                 as United States will be the one reap the bulk of the

                 \_ How about instead just taxing the hell out of any extraction
                    of hydrocarbons from the ground.  The oil pumpers / coal
                    miners / gas miners  can pass their costs on, thus
                    encouraging less usage.  Why make exceptions for who its
                    for, G7 or China or whatever, they all need to pay for
                    the dumping of carbon into the atmosphere.

        \_ Why doesn't China use nukular?
           \_ Because buying oil from Sudan is cheaper and the PRC has no
              moral compunctions.
              \- as opposed to the US buying oil from say SANI ABACHA.
                 \_ Surely a more modern example is available to you, Partha.
           \_ China is aggressively building nuclear power plant and hydro-
              electric plants.  Energy shortage in China is a lot more severe
              than those of United States and other Industrialized country,
              which outsourced much of the energy-intensive activities to
              China at first place.
        \_ Yes.  But if we start investing on green technologies early and
           patent everything, China will have little choice but to pay $$$ to
           buy from us when they realize they have to go green or when they're
           forced to go green by some international treaty.  One argument in
           the US against investing on green technologies is that the
           investment is not worth the saving.  But if we can sell the
           resulting technologies or the products to populus countries like
           China and India that are behind in the game, the argument no longer
           \_ or, we'll waste tons of resources implementing our own,
              high-tech  sustainable programs, but they'll continue to use
              cheap fossil fuels, and we'll  all have to suffer through the
              same crappy environment.  Doesn't help to clean up our own acts
              when everyone else is still pissin' in the pool.
              \_ Fallacious: environmental effects do not occur globally
                 instanteously. Less air pollution in the US _will_ result in
                 cleaner air in US despite lack of reciprocity on part of PRC.
              \_ Your argument fu is very weak.
              \_ oh and china has been soo good at respecting things like
                 patents and other intellectual property rights.  If they
                 want to use the technology, they'll implement it.
                 \_ Hey, if it saves Manhattan from drowning, we will probably
                    all be better off for it, too.
2008/7/16-23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:50594 Activity:nil
7/16    Safari >>> Firefox 3.0
        F*** Firefox.                           -x Firefox
        \_ stabbing self in eye is so enjoyable.
2008/7/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Finance/Investment] UID:50595 Activity:nil
7/16    Yes let's start making interest rate super low and make it super easy
        to get loans so that every American can own a home! Go for it
        Greenspan, and keep it up Bernanke. "We're ownership
        society in this country, where more Americans than ever will be able
        to open up their door where they live and say, welcome to my house,
        welcome to my piece of property," Bush said in October 2004.
        Please don't f***ing paste your f***ing CATO links here, thank you.
        \_ All of that started in 1996.
           \_ It is all Bill Clinton's fault.
        \_ related to the carbon emission thread above. This is the perfect
           time for US to curb consumer behaviors.  we can now impose
           heavy taxes on housing that has sq.feet per person larger than a
           a preset limit, *AND* we can impose rules on developers that mediem
           house size to a fixed sq feet.   China has similiar regulation
           already in place to curb large houses.   Time for US to do something
2008/7/16 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:50596 Activity:nil
7/16    Gay Boy wishes for a planet full of unicorns. Planet Unicorn,
        Heeeey! Dim, this is stupid to you, so don't view it and don't
        you F***ING delete it. F*** off.
        \_ Charlie, hey Charlie!
           \_ SHUN!
        \_ I've deleted one link and it was that dumb Japanese blinking
           girl you foisted on us that no one in their right mind wanted
           to see judging by the comments on the site. I don't make it a
           habit of deleting links. You must mean emarkp. --dim
           \_ I think you've got me confused with someone else. -emarkp
              \_ Maybe. You aren't the one that deletes the anti-Mormon threads?
                 \_ Nope. It's typically better to let the idiots who post such
                    things be exposed. -emarkp
                    \_ My apologies then.
        \_ I'm going to replace the gay bay unicorn eye blinking links
           with fat porn if this keeps up.
        \_ Ashley has been bulking up!  If this keeps up how huge will she get?
2008/7/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:50597 Activity:nil
        my favorite is the guy with the giant "READ ATLAS SHRUGGED" sign
        \_ When I first saw that sign I parsed "READ" as the word that sounded
           the same as "RED".  I thought sign dude was just bragging that
           he managed to finish the whole damn book.
        \_ This is some funny shit.
2008/7/16-23 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50598 Activity:nil
7/16    Love fobs? Or should I say, FOBs? Here's your chance to meet
        FOBs via your iPhone. Just download the iFob application!
2008/7/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups] UID:50599 Activity:nil
7/16    How did I miss this? Keith John Sampson was accused of racial
        harassment for reading an anti-KKK history book (AP) (WSJ op-ed, funny)
        \_ When did we as a nation reach a point where "I can candidly say
           that we regret this situation took place" works as an apology?
           What the hell's wrong with, "We acted incorrectly, and we
2008/7/16-23 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:50600 Activity:nil
7/16    Wow, quite a few errors in the dissent re: the DC gun law
        \_ Wow, quite a few gun nuts need to get a life.
           \_ <img src="read_ayn_rand.jpg">
2008/7/16-23 [Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:50601 Activity:kinda low
7/16    Support air-drying laundry.  Save energy.
        \_ I just learned that a friend's home owner's association has a rule
           against drying laundry outside, even in your backyard.  I'm still
           flabbergasted by this.
           \_ Why? Some won't even let you keep your garage door open
              longer than it takes to put your car in.
           \_ Most HOA's do.  This is one of many activities associated with
              poor folks, that are perceieved as lowering property values.
           \_ Banning this in front yards I can understand.  But backyards?
           \_ Banning this in frontyards I can understand.  But backyards?
           \_ Some HOAs don't even let you keep your garage door open for
              longer than it takes to park your car.
              \_ Is this for lowering auto theft rate?  If not, I'd think
                 leaving doors open on garages with Porsches and Mercedes
                 inside would raise property values.
                 \_ No, it's because the inside of garages is usually
                    cluttered with junk. BTW, my old neighbor used to park his
                    new Porsche on his lawn. Talk about conflicting statements.
              \_ So, I figure a lack of HOA add $20,000 or so to the value of
                 the house.  Any opinions?
                 \_ I don't know, but a lack of HOA fees probably adds value.
                 \_ depends on HOA amount... but do some math
           \_ Rule #632 why you should never buy a condo - stuffy HOAs
              telling you what to do.
              \_ HOA is not limited to condos.
                 \_ Don't most new suburban developments these days have
                    \_ Yes it is very true. Take a look at the Rosedale
                       Community in Azusa. You have 2 HOAs. One is the North
                       HOA at $150, and the other one is the South HOA at
                       about $150. Then there is Mello-Roos that jacks your
                       property tax to about 1.75%, because the state of
                       CA no longer can pay for new schools in that new
                       area. We're talking about "cheap" homes between
                       $450K to $750K.
                       New SFH today have HOAs in addition to Mello-Roos.
                       I'm talking about S Cal. N Cal doesn't seem to have
                       that type of shit, presumably because it's regulated
                       growth so no need to rebuild schools/pipes/wires.
                       \_ ^regulated growth^farther from Mexico^
                          \_ what does Mehico have anything to do with this?
                             \_ Rub your two brain cells together and you
                                will figure it out.
                                \_ I get it, you think IMMIGRANTS cause all
                                   the problems that S Cal has. Yes immigrants
                                   are bad GO BACK HOME IMMIGRANTS!
                                   \_ ILLEGAL immigrants are hard to plan
                                      for and regulate.
2008/7/16-17 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:50602 Activity:nil 60%like:50566
7/14    Where does oil in the sea come from? (63% fatty tuna)
        \_ Do you want to have sex with Dirk Pitt too?
        \_ Wow, you say that like adding over half again as much through
           man made sources isn't alarming.  Especially considering how
           natural seeps are generally in stable locations.  Hey look,
           deforestation isn't a problem because look over there!  Deserts!
           \_ non sequitur.  Note that transporting oil is more cause than
              \_ Cars kill more people than illegal handguns, so obviously
                 we shouldn't worry about illegal handguns.
        \_ I know a jerk-ass who advocates dumping his motor oil down the
           drain since there is already so much oil the bay already.
           F*** both of you.
           Fuck both of you.
           \_ Call the cops on that idiot. -!pp
              \_ Agreed. !pp && !op
           \_ I don't advocate throwing more oil in the ocean.  What's your
              problem? -op
2008/7/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:50603 Activity:nil
7/16    Another stupid argument for an armed citizenry
        \_ Hey lefites, if you disagree, feel free to comment, but don't change
           my text. -op
        \_ Hey lefty censors, stop editing my post. -op
        \_ Ok so if the father arms, great. What if 8 men are armed as
           well? Then you end up with a dead father and a raped
           daughter. Fucking trigger happy Conservatives.
            \_i guess liberals like bending over..
              \_ I guess yermom is a liberal then
        \_ Who needs weapons when you have KUNG FU!
2008/7/16-23 [Uncategorized] UID:50604 Activity:nil
                                         \_ What's up with this extra 'L'?
2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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