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2008/7/5-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:50475 Activity:high
7/4     Jesse Helms is dead. Too bad he didn't die in pain: maybe
        God is Conservative afterall. At least he gave America a good
        present on this 231st birthday of ours.
                          \_ 232nd. And thanks for showing the example of all
                             that is wrong with politics today.
                             \_ I'm not a fan of cheering death, but I'm
                                willing to make an exception for someone
                                as dispicable as Jesse Helms.  It is at
                                times like this when I wished I believed in
                                \_ Yay, you rejoice in someone's death because
                                   of their different opinion!
                                   \_ No, Helms was a monster.  Do you think
                                      we should be respectful of Saddam
                                      Hussein too?  Sometimes the world is
                                      better off without people. !pp
                                      \_ Ooh!  The new godwin.  Helms didn't
                                         dip people in vats of acid for fun.
                                         \_ He would have if he'd gotten away
                                            with it.  Look, this asshole made
                                            life really difficult for a lot
                                            of people simply just because he
                                            hated them.  His passing is a
                                            blessing, and the world is
                                            better off without him.  Sorry,
                                            but it's the truth.  Your moral
                                            relativism isn't welcome here.
                                            \_ Yah, you're right, a legislator
                                               who has opinions you disagree
                                               with is just as bad as a
                                               murderous dictator!
                                               \_ Helms fought hard to make
                                                  federal funds for needle
                                                  exchanges illegal.  Because
                                                  of him needle addicts in
                                                  this country have
                                                  attrociously high AIDS
                                                  rates.  In most other
                                                  countries public health
                                                  was considered more important
                                                  and the governemnts made
                                                  needle exchange programs
                                                  a priority as soon as the
                                                  dangers were apparent.  Hell
                                                  even Thather realized that
                                                  was important. Forgetting
                                                  Helms rampant racism and
                                                  homopobia, his close
                                                  friendship with Pinochet
                                                  (so close the FBI were pretty
                                                  sure Helms tipped Pinochet
                                                  off when the CIA were going
                                                  after him), that alone
                                                  makes him a horrid little
                                                  man.  Helms wasn't just
                                                  a politician I disagreed
                                                  with, he was an evil man.
                                                  Fuck him, his death was
                                                \_ Why is it the government's
                                                   job to fund needle
                                                   Why didn't you fund them
                                                   Needle sharers getting AIDS
                                                   have only themselves to
                                                   blame. Or maybe you.
                                                   \_ It's the government's job
                                                      to try to contain
                                                      epidemics.  Needle
                                                      exchange is cheap and
                                                      effective and a no
                                                      brainer.  And even if
                                                      you think all junkies
                                                      should just die, they
                                                      will spread AIDS to
                                                      others.  Oh, and
                                                      fuck you.
                                                      \_ AIDS does not meet the
                                                         criteria for an
                                                         epidemic spread, it
                                                         meets the spread
                                                         criteria for an
                                                         occupational disease
                                                         (like black lung).
                                                         But you know, don't
                                                         let facts get in the
                                                         way. In fact, the
                                                         handling of black
                                                         lung is a good model
                                                         for how we should be
                                                         handling AIDS.
                                                         -- ilyas
                                                         \_ "facts," eh?
                                                            According to
                                        How stupid are you?  I am not claiming
                                        HIV doesn't cause AIDS, I am claiming
                                        AIDS does not behave like an epidemic
                                        disease, it behaves like an occupational
                                        disease. -- ilyas
                                        \_ According to who?

                                                      \_ A disease that isn't
                                                         communicated except by
                                                         sticking needles in
                                                         yourself or having sex
                                                         isn't an epidemic.
                                                         \_ Or by being raped,
                                                            or by being born
                                                            to a woman who is
                                                            HIV+, and some
                                                            people don't have
                                                            any choice about
                                                            needles being
                                                            stuck into them,
                                                            such as in
                                                            hemophilia and
                                                            accidental health
                                                            care related
                                                           \_ Needle exchs
                                                              won't stop that.
                                                              Do you have proof
                                                              it would? These
                                                              people do not
                                                              give a fuck. If
                                                              it's not needles
                                                              they'll probably
                                                              have  I do
                                                              think govt should
                                                              probably just let
                                                              people acquire
                                                              supplies legally,
                                                              and drugs too
                                                              actually, in a
                                                              structured way
                                                              to try to neuter
                                                              drug gangs.
                                           Preventing public health  _/
                                           epidemics is one of THE most
                                           things government does.  Cheap,
                                           painless, effective prevention
                                           should always be prioritized over
                                           moralizing about personal choices.
                                           Yes, the government should try
                                           to prevent addiction, however
                                           the reality is there are addicts,
                                           and those addicts are getting AIDS
                                           via needles.  It took over a decade
                                           for enough states to start needle
                                           sharing for it to make a difference
                                           where if there wasn't the HELMS
                                           AMENDMENT (see it even has his name)
                                           we could have had serious needle
                                           exchange programs within a year.
                                           Programs that would have paid for
                                           themselves 1000x times over in
                                           almost no time by preventing
                                           expensive AIDS care and loss of
                                                              \_ right, because
                                                                 the solution
                                                                 to every
                                                                 problem which
                                                                 confronts our
                                                                 society is
                                                                 We get it.
                                           \_ AIDS via needle sharing is not
                                              a public health epidemic.
                                              Isn't it paradoxical to have
                                              criminalized drug use and yet
                                              on the other hand support them
                                              with a needle exchange program?
                                              I'd rather just legalize it
                                              \_ legalizing it would make
                                                 the public health problem
                                                 and the need for needle
                                                 exchange problems even more
                                                 acute.  -tom
                                                 \_ No, because right now you
                                                    can't get needles legally.
                                                    They need to share needles
                                                    because they don't have
                                                    enough needles because the
                                                    government prevents them
                                                    from getting them without
                                                    a prescription. So now
                                                    you want a government
                                                    program to let people
                                                    exchange the needles they
                                                    do (illegally) have which
                                                    doesn't increase the # of
                                                    needles (and requires
                                                    participants to expose
                                                    themselves to arrest.
                                                    If you make them exchange
                                                    1 for 1, then they'll still
                                                    share. If you don't, then
                                                    you'll get used needles
                                                    being littered around.
                                                    The focus should be
                                                    on safe practices to
                                                    prevent nurses from
                                                    infecting themselves,
                                                    safe sex, finding an
                                                    actual cure, and getting
                                                    people off injection drugs.
                                                    Legalized drug distribution
                                                    in safe forms might help.
                                                    \_ Thank you, Ron Paul.
                                                       Now, back on planet
                                                       Earth...  -tom
                                                       \_ hush tom, the
                                                          grownups are talking.
                             \_ Jesse Helms was one of the leaders of our
                                own home-grown Taliban.  The world is better
                                off without him.  Here are some choice
        \_ Sully got it right: May he rest in the peace he so wanted to deny
           to so many others.
2008/7/5-9 [Reference/Military] UID:50476 Activity:nil
        *This* is why you carry a gun.
        \_ This is really really awesome. On the other hand, this is
           the wild wild DETROIT, not the safe People's Republic of California
           \_ Ironically it is the places with highest crime that you are most
              likely to be forbidden to have or carry a gun.
              \_ Hmm, I think perhaps you don't understand irony.
                 \_ Is it ironic that there is still high gun violence in
                    where guns are forbidden?
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7/4     basically got raped this morning.  maybe i should go on oprah.
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