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2008/6/21-23 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:50324 Activity:nil
6/21    The real truth about Libby's perjury:
        "At the end of the day, what appears is that Mr. Libby's story that he
        was at the tail end of a chain of phone calls, passing on from one
        reporter what he heard from another, was not true.
        It was false. He was at the beginning of the chain of phone calls, the
        first official to disclose this information outside the government to
        a reporter. And then he lied about it afterwards, under oath and
        \_ Oh for crying out loud, Armitage was the source of the leak, he's
           even admitted it.
           \_ it does seem like a lot of fuss over a grand plan to discredit
              someone gone horribly wrong.  maybe people should refrain from
              lying to federal prosecutors
2008/6/21-23 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:50325 Activity:nil
6/20    i knew it wouldn't last.  Codys in Berkeley to close completely
        \_ It lasted for more than 15yrs as far as I remember.
           \_ i meant 'the shattuck store'
2008/6/21-23 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, ERROR, uid:50326, category id '18005#2.2375' has no name! , ] UID:50326 Activity:moderate
6/21    Rather than deal forthrightly with the gay sex claims, Obama has
        his accuser arrested:
        \_ Wow, he's not even elected, and yet you're accusing him of abusing
           his control over DOJ. Amazing.
        \_ It seems his "proof" was lacking?
        \_ Boy, there sure are no freeper links on the motd anymore.  Haven't
           seen em in months!
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