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2008/6/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:50266 Activity:moderate
6/16    Pax. Rather than bringing up the same old dirt, howzabout we try
        posting positive things about the two candidates?
        \_ How about this: either one would almost assuredly be an improvement.
           \_ How about: either one will be up for reelection in 2012. How
              about: you don't have to vote for either one.
2008/6/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50267 Activity:moderate
6/16    McCain campaign caught promoting Hershey's and Food Network recipes as
        \_ Do you really think this means anything?  I mean seriously is this
           really something you care about?  Don't you have more important
           things to worry about?  -not a mccain fan
        \_ Do you really think this means anything?  I mean seriously dude,
           don't you have more important things to worry about?
              -not a mccain fan
        \_ OMG!  That is horrible!  Way way worse than McCain's Keating Six
           involvement, crushing free speech, or trying to destroy our
           borders and any meaningful concept of citizenship.  And they've
           got Obama's ugly land scam deals and friendly associations with
           racists and known terrorists covered too.  Recipe theft!  Execute
           them all!
           \_ Of course you are insane too, so it balances out.
2008/6/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:50268 Activity:nil
6/16    gays
2008/6/16-20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:50269 Activity:nil
6/16    I think it's pretty funny that the very first line on the Obama smear
        fighting page is itself a lie.,CST-NWS-qt15.article
        \_ Don't you feel like giving obama's baby mamma a terrorist fist
           jab or something?
        \_ Parsed like a true Bill Clinton, my friend!
        \_ Yeah, Rush Limbaugh is my hero, too.
2008/6/16-20 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:50270 Activity:nil
6/16    Anyone know how to move my Firefox tabs to the side?  Or do I have to
        download some addon for it?
        \_ Let us know if you figure this out. I'm interested.
2008/6/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:50271 Activity:nil
6/15    haven't gone in 4 days
        boughts to get ugly around here
2008/6/16-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:50272 Activity:nil
6/16    What the minimum you can get away with paying for cable modem,
        in the South Bay?  Slowest available speed should be ok.
        Everythings seems to go to +$40/mo after teaser rates end.
        I need something faster than 56k modem but nothing really fast.
        Wondering if possible to keep under $20, since I'm out of town
        maybe 25% of the time.
        \_ Why not dsl?  If you don't have a phone line it's 5 bucks more
           a month, but the 1.5Meg down is still only 20/mo.
        \_ Can you use DSL? The rates for these things are what they
           are, there is only one service provider for each type of
           high speed net. You can move to Mountain View and use Google
           WiFi for free.
           \_ I called dslextreme and they said "DSL not available on
              your line."  Maybe I'll call AT&T an some others.
        \_ Satellite?  High ping times but sounds like you're not gaming.
           Works ok for surfing and email.
        \_ What about ISDN?  Does such a thing still exist?  I've never used
           \_ ISDN is a *bad* idea if you want to keep things below $20/mo.
              When I had ISDN, while there was a flat rate for usage, there
              was a charge for each time your ISDN router called up the telco.
              And each channel counted as a separate call. So if the telco's
              router started having some issues and your router kept calling
              back, the cost of having ISDN became very expensive, very
        \_ Steal your neighbor's wifi (or pay him $5/mo for low usage).
           Aside: I just got DSL after having cable for a long time.
           My cable was ~10x faster than this stupid DSL. (but the price
           \_ What dsl do you have?  I can get dsl that is almost the same
              throughput than cable for 1/2 the price.  However it does
              have noticable higher latancy, so online gaming kinda sucks.
              \_ AT&T. I am only getting like 1.6 Mb. My Comcast cable was
                 much faster than it was nominally supposed to be... maybe
                 few others in my neighborhood used it. I forgot exactly
                 what it was but it might have been like 18 Mb and that
                 wasn't any special plan. And yeah, ping times were great.
                 However, I didn't want cable TV anymore and without that
                 the standalone internet is a ripoff.
                 \_ 1.6?  What level of DSL service are you paying for?
                    \_ "up to 3.0" (needless to say I'll most likely drop
                       it down to a level)
                       it down a level)
2008/6/16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:50273 Activity:nil 57%like:50275
6/16    Firefox 3 coming out tomorrow.
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