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2008/6/15-20 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:50261 Activity:nil
6/14    More Republican loan scandals in the media:
        Why do Republicans thing they're special?  These guys should be
        charged and kicked out of office.
        \_ You're being ironic, right?  ^Republican^All Politicians
           \- "studies show" senators beat the pants off of wall street
              professionals when it comes to managing their own money.
              i.e. lots of access -> insider trading going on and this
              kind of "petit corruption" is de rigeur.
              YMWTGF(ZIOBROWSKI, JFQA). --psb
           \_ Actually, all six that have so far been found to get sweet heart
              loan deals were democrats.  Thankfully they came into office in
              2006 to clean house and put an end to the culture of corruption!
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6/15    D20 from the 2d Century: [gizmodo]
2008/6/15-20 [Science/Physics] UID:50263 Activity:nil
6/15    Plastic Semiconductors: [new scientist]
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6/15    Top Gear Season 11 Trailer:
2008/6/15-20 [Consumer/Camera] UID:50265 Activity:nil
6/15    I need an open mail relay to relay mail from a camera. The
        camera's OS does not do SSL or anything like that. How can I do
        this? I think <DEAD><DEAD> meets my needs, but it's not free. Is there
        a free solution?
        \_ If there were, spammers would be all over it.
           \_ Yeah, probably. There's no lack of spam, so...
        \_ John Gilmore runs one at -ausman
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