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2008/6/13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Ruby] UID:50247 Activity:nil
6/13    I knew it would happen eventually.  Porn + ruby on rails
2008/6/13 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50248 Activity:nil
6/13    NSFW: best Wii ad ever
        \_ She can do my wii......lly.
        \_ 32G natural, hot!
2008/6/13-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50249 Activity:high
6/13    McCain flip-flops again, this time on Social Security:
        \_ Finally a genuine criticism.  Yep, it looks like ol' McCain doesn't
           have any grounding philosophy on this.  You can probably parse the
           statements to make them consistent (using partial vs full
           privatization), but looks like a flip-flop to me.  (Unless the full
           quotes expand on the partial thing.)
           Now when will Obama supporters notice his flip-flops?
           \_ In general, Obama tries to avoid speaking in specifics, so that
              people can interpret his generalities however they prefer. This
              is pretty clever, campaignwise, but is bound to set people up for
              disappointed if he is elected. -Obama supporter
              \_ So why are you a supporter? -emarkp
        \_ oil is the ultimate strawman.  the MSM websites harping on oil are
           part of the conspiracy all over the internet to conceal the nature
           of an exponential function.  search for a graph of Moore's Law, the
           quaint rule that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every
           18 to 24 months, you will see a graph of a linear function, ie a
           straight line, see this wiki page for a 'censored' graph of Moore's
           however if this were a true linear function, the scale of the
           y-axis would increase in regular increments, 10,000 then 20,000
           then 30,000... etc...  instead the y-axis of every Moore's Law
           Chart you see increases in increments 10,000 then 100,000 then
           1,000,000... making an exponential function appear to be a linear
           function.  I imagine this is to avoid general societal panic.
           for a comparison of a linear graph and an exponential graph see:
           and for an exponential function here:
           the graph of an exponential function at some point will veer
           sharply up into infinity.  before the powers that be began to
           censor the true appearance of the Moore's Law chart on the internet
           it was apparent that the singularity would occur in the year 2032,
           when the chart veers sharply up into infinity.  so the singularity
           clearly occurs in the year 2032.  CASE CLOSED.
                 \_ Because for the most part the two candidates are both
                    competent human beings with good advisers, but Obama's
                    ability to inspire me is worth more to me than McCain's
                    oft-vaunted experience, especially when I'm still not
                    sure which McCain is running this time around. --erikred
                    \_ I received a passing grade in my rhetoric classes.  I
                       don't find Obama inspiring.  Go find a video with full
                       audio of the original I Have A Dream and you'll know
                       what inspiring is.  I got chills.  Obama is a nobody
                       reading other people's words off a teleprompter.  He
                       has no guiding philophy, principles or ethics.  (And
                       please don't respond by bashing McCain.  I don't like
                       him either).
                       \- your babbling isnt worth more time than a
                          a URL cut-n-paste:
                          note the biography of the endorser (he's basically
                          bush'41's JYOO).
                          \_ So you haven't actually heard the original Dream
                             speech.  And no I didn't bother to go to your
                             blind tinyurl link.
                             \_ The tinyurl link goes to a Slate article.
                       \_ And yet, Obama has the pride to put his name
                          behind his words. Do you? --erikred
                          \_ Damn, I sure hope so since he's asking to be the
                             most powerful individual on the planet where as
                             I'm just some dude on the motd.  Were you trying
                             to make some sort of point?  When I run for office
                             I hope to do better than "CHANGE!  WE CAN DO IT!
                             CHAAAANGE!!!!!" as a replacement something real
                             and worth listening to.
                             \_ It's the standard politician's playbook. Bill
                                Clinton had a similar campaign mantra. You
                                stand up there and list various problems and
                                describe some sorry individual who had some
                                misfortune and say we need to elect you to
                                fix all this stuff. Elect Obama and all bad
                                things will end and the government will fix
                                all your problems and those of the rest of
                                the world too, probably.
                                \_ ^some sorry individual ... misfortune^Bush
                             \_ What would you consider real and worth listen-
                                ing to? Perhaps I can help you find it.
                 \_ After eight years of being disappointed by the devil
                    I know, I am prepared to be disappointed by the devil
                    I don't know. -Obama supporter
                    \_ Then vote third party instead of more of the same
                       machine politics.  I am.
                       \_ I did that in 2000 and look where that got us.
                          I think Obama > Gore, too. -Obama supporter
                          \_ So your 2000 vote, presumably in CA, got us GWB?
                    \_ A friend who lived through JFK and was disappointed
                       by his presidency seems to think Obama will also
                       disappoint. Perhaps. And yet, perhaps not. I'm
                       looking forward to taking a chance with a clear
                       conscience for once. --erikred
                       \- i wasnt around to decide how inspiring JFK
                          was, but i sure dont find him to be a person
                          of integrity, even after lowing the bar for
                          politicians. i think the best thing you can
                          say about him is he respected intelligence
                          [unlike BUSHCO].
                          \_ Integrity is just something the press whacks the
                             right over the head with when they screw up and
                             covers up or dismisses when the left fails in
                             that regard.  You'd be hard pressed to name a
                             politician or member of the press for that
                             matter, who has real integrity.  Certainly
                             neither of the current nominees for President
                             has a shred of it.
                             \- just like "i wasnt indicted" isnt a real
                                defense, saying "they are all the same"
                                ["all pols are corrupt" "the dems and reps
                                are all the same"] is also lazy. if you cant
                                tell the difference between the bogus "plag-
                                erism" charge w.r.t. OBAMA and DEVAL PATRICK
                                vs JFK and the TSORENSEN/Profiles In Courage
                                episode, then it's not productive to discuss
                                politics with you.
2008/6/13 [Uncategorized] UID:50250 Activity:nil
6/12    NSFW: this man has a 12" penis
2008/6/13-17 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:50251 Activity:moderate
6/13    Very harsh but reasoned commentary about global warming by the founder
        of the weather channel.
        \_ You have a different definition of reasoned than webster does
           \_ He presents his reasoning.
              "to use the faculty of reason so as to arrive at conclusions"
              Epic fail, try again troll.
              \_ When did troll mean "someone who doesn't buy my bullshit"?
              \_ Troll still doesn't mean "doesn't buy your bullshit" no
                 matter how much you want it to.  Let me put it simply,
                 when someone attacks global warming by attacking Gore
                 "reasoned" is not a reasonable adjective.
                 \_ Clearly you didn't read the entire article.  It addresses
                    solar cycles, and the validity of CO2 as a greenhouse gas,
                    \_ I question the validity of gravity daily.
                       \_ Ah, so you're playing the idiot game.  Okay, so
                          where's the proof that CO2 at 380 ppm is anything
                          other than a trace component?
                          \_ THE DEBATE IS OVER!  EEEEP!
                             \- i'm not a rabid follower of ALGOR but isnt
                                asking a weatherman to weigh in on climate
                                research like asking your GP/PCP to be an
                                expert in say evolution or molecular
                                biology or asking your an architect about
                                biology or asking an architect about
                                civil engineering questions? Note also the
                                talk was to the SD Chamber of Commerce,
                                hardly a tough crowd for this dood.
                                I think talks like this are meaningless
                                unless they are debates ... I'm not qualified
                                to call somebody on bullshit in this area.
                                I am not prepared to believe you unless you
                                are willing to debate somebody who can.
                                [BTW, does ALGOR debate sceptics in real time?]
                                \_ Gore does not debate anyone on climate
                                   at all, ever.  And this guy isn't just
                                   "a weatherman", btw.  Gore has been
                                   challenged to any number of "anytime,
                                   anywhere, just let us know" debates, but
                                   as we all know, THE DEBATE IS OVER!
                                   \- yeah, i didnt think so. so the above
                                      applies to ALGOR too [not on a position
                                      to claim "appeal to authority", soft
                                      audience, non-real-time-debate].
                                      audience, no real-time-debate].
                                      BTW, I think this guys is "just a
2008/6/13-20 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:50252 Activity:nil
6/13    "Which way out of rising gasoline costs?" -
        "Here's a look at how seven proposals could cut prices - and the
        drawbacks to following such plans:"
        \_ It is all Bill Clinton's fault:
           \_ What isn't?
2008/6/13-14 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:50253 Activity:low
6/13    Des Moines changes name to Lake Des Moines
        good thing global warming is a hoax
        \_ Wait, wait, wait.  Are you tying one weather event to global
           warming?  Because I don't think you're supposed to do that.
           \_ Just because the planet has been cooling for 10 years doesn't
              mean GW isn't real.  That is just natural variation hiding the-
              debate-is-over man-made-global-warming which will really kick
              in 10 years from now!  Really!
2008/6/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:50254 Activity:low
6/13    RIP Tim Russert (sudden heart attack)
        \- this is kinda ironic considering the hillary flack
           who just refered to TR's dead father who is alive.
           \_ Hillary who?  (told ya a year ago she wouldn't make it)
2008/6/13-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50255 Activity:high
6/13    Kern county once again proves that it sucks
        \_ Or doesn't.  Gays can still get their licenses, the county office
           simply won't perform the ceremony.
           \_ and that doesn't suck?
              \_ Not to me.
                 \_ It's classic bigotry to kill services when the undesirables
                    start getting access to them.  It's really sad how common-
                    place and acceptable homophobia is.  Imagine if this clerk
                    killed the program because mixed race couples were getting
                    married. Oh yeah, that's right, you don't think gay couples
                    count, but you probably try to hide from your bigotry with
                    libritarian froth.
                    \_ It's really sad how the CASC redefined an 800-year-old
h                    word, and how people like you make up words like
                                                                 \_ Why 800?
                                                                    Why not
                                                                    900 or
                                                                    1200 or
                                                                    \_ The OED
                       word, and how people like you make up words like
                       \_ Words change meaning all the time, and the CASC are
                          not the first people to use "marriage" to include
                          gays.  Legal terms change, too, and "marriage" in
                          California was historically restricted to same-race
                          couples, and historically included the notion that
                          the wife's legal identity was merged into that of
                          her husband.
                          gays.  (The OED even recognizes this usage now.)
                          Legal terms change, too, and "marriage" in California
                          was historically restricted to same-race couples, and
                          historically included the notion that the wife's
                          legal identity was merged into that of her husband.
                      \_ You must really bad sad about the lack
                         of slavery these days.  I mean shit,
                         that was going on for 1000s of years
                         until those damn liberals destroyed
                         a venerable institution.
                         \_ Yeah, those damn liberals who thought that
                            women were equal to men, rather than
                            property of men, destroyed a fine and
                            venerable institution!  (Hint: That's what
                            "marriage" meant until very recently.)  -tom
                            \_ No, it didn't. -not tom
                                  "Woman was not recognized as a person but
                                   was bought in marriage, like chattel."
                                   I know this is not recently. -not tomII
                                   I know this is not recently thoug. -not tomII
                         \_ I didn't know those liberals redefined the word
                            "slavery".  What's the new meaning of the word
                       word, and how people like you make up words like
                            \_ The point, my dear clueless one, is that
                               society is not static.  For 100s of years
                               homosexuality was a serious crime.  Just
                               ask Oscar Wilde.  Do you bemoan the fact
                               that we no longer jail gays?  Do you
                               cry yourself to sleep over the fact that
                               get teary eyed when you remember that
                               homosexuality is no longer defined as
                               a mental disorder?  Being a reactionary is
                               a losing bet every time.
                               \_ You're still avoiding the question.
                                  Marriage is different from something
                                  being a crime. Adultery is no longer a crime.
                                  But we don't redefine adultery as marriage.
                       \_ Yeah, and I'll bet you cry yourself to sleep over the
                          end of the Inquisition, too.
                       \_ So, were most words born fully formed when God
                          created Adam or something?  What words weren't made
                       \_ Why 800?  Why not 900 or 1200 or whatever?
                          \_ The OED etymology.
                          \_ 800 years ago marriage was for land owners
                             only and was more about poltics than anything
                             else.  But don't let that you shed crocodile
                             tears over the death of language.
        \_ I see the whole thing from a more distant sociological perspective.
           I'm looking forward to seeing gay vs. straight divorce rates in
           about 10 years.
           \_ you homosexuals may wish to read JBOSWELL, who is The Standard
              on the church/homosexuality/marriage:
              if you dont address the role of the french revolution and
              the creation of CIVIL MARRAIGE, you are missing a key part
              of the story.
2008/6/13-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50256 Activity:nil
6/13    What is it with the nutters who support Obama?
        \_ You're really reaching with this one...
2008/6/13-20 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:50257 Activity:nil
6/13    Anybody know of a library that can do the following in *BSD systems?
        Add a function call like "if (debug) print_backtrace()" and it
        would print out the stack trace.  Similar to setting a breakpoint
        in GDB and then doing "bt".  Running GDB is not an option sometimes.
2019/05/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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