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2008/6/8-12 [Reference/Military] UID:50183 Activity:moderate
        \_ I dare you to open carry in the following 3 places:
           -Disneyland or Great America
           -San Francisco
           -UC Berkeley
        \_ Awesome. We bringing back posses and lynchmobs while we're
           at it?
           \_ And you see these as equivalent how?
              \_ Wild West-style packing -> Wild West-style living
           \_ You do know that in CA open carry is legal if the gun isn't
              loaded, right? -emarkp
              \_ Would be a pretty stupid thing to do and will probably
                 get you killed.
                 \_ From what I hear, it's not dangerous, but it does give you
                    an opportunity to educate the LEOs.  It's an alternative
                    for people who really need a firearm (EMTs) but who are
                    denied concealed carry permits. -emarkp
                    \_ Walk around with a gun all day long and see how
                       long it takes before someone shoots your ass. Plus,
                       you are going to have LEOs on your ass all day long
                       as people report an idiot with a gun.
                    \_ I would like you to walk around your municipality
                       with a six gun strapped to your side and report
                       back your findings. I am genuinely curious. -ausman
                       \_ I have a CCW, and don't need to try this.  Because so
                          many counties deny all CCW's (unless you're a friend
                          of the sheriff) open carry is becoming more common.
                          \_ Do you bring gun into Temple?
                          \_ Do you open carry at church?
                             \_ Again, I have a CCW, so don't need to open
                                carry ever. -emarkp
                                \_ You carry a gun under your shirt, into
                                   temple?  Jesus Christ.
                                   \_ Guns are scary! -- ilyas
                                   \_ Your reading comprehension is weak.
                                      Plus, if I do, it might come in handy. It
                                      sure did for Jeanne Assam.  Also, the
                                      phrase "into temple" is nonsensical.
                          \_ That is an interesting article. When I was in
                             Jerusalem, I saw people openly carrying firearms
                             all the time. In Texas, most bars have a sign at
                             the door that says "no firearms." CA is not really
                             like that, though.
                             \_ That must be why Jerusalem and Texas are such
                                safe places to live.
                                \_ E_CAUSALITY
                          \_ Stupid.
                             "But there are times when the response is
                             more severe. Deveraux has been stopped
                             several times by police, most memorably in
                             December when he was walking around his

                             An officer pulled up and pointed his gun at
                             Deveraux, warning he would shoot to kill. In
                             the end, eight officers arrived, cuffed
                             Deveraux and took his gun before Deveraux
                             convinced them they had no legal reason to
                             detain him."
                             What a waste of officers' time and taxpayers'
                             dollars and possibly getting yourself killed
                             by a jumpy cop to boot. The article had
                             yahoos talking about feeling brave when being
                             confronted by LEOs. Maybe they should stop
                             wasting LEO time and keep the gun at home
                             where it might be more good than trouble.
                             \_ How soon will this citizen own the police
                                \_ Let me guess, you are a big fan of tort
                                   \_ Yep, and controlling abuse of the gov't.
                                \_ About as likely as a bullet in his brain.
2008/6/8-10 [Finance/Investment] UID:50184 Activity:nil
6/8     How many different mutual funds should I have in my roth IRA?
        I know there are many factors, but I want to know shoudl I just
        invest all my roth IRA money into one mutual fund, or divide it up
        into 2, 5, 10, whatever. thanks in advance.
        \_ It's not about how many funds you have, it's about what's in them.
           Consider diversifying your assets. If you buy a small-cap fund,
           for example, you'll want to also buy at least one large-cap fund
           to spread the risk. On the other hand, if you buy just
           one target-date fund (which contains an asset allocation mix
           that the fund company judges is appropriate for your age), that
           may be all you need. This sounds like the best option for you,
           at least until you learn more about asset allocation and decide
           that you would rather do your own management.
2008/6/8-12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:50185 Activity:nil
6/8     US News reprints McCain's first person POW account from '73.
2008/6/8-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:50186 Activity:kinda low
6/8     hey nerds, Virtualbox is totally awesome.  My host OS is
        current ubuntu, I'm running Windows as my guestos, I can transfer
        files, copy/paste, all of that crap
        \_ Cool, I was thinking of looking into this soon.  How well does
           it work?  Can I run most windows programs pretty well?  ActiveX?
            \_ You might be confusing running a vm with 'wine' . -op
           \_ It runs all your windows programs... if your guest OS is windows.
              \_ Sure, but there could theoretically be issues with drivers.
                 Say the video drivers don't interface properly so you can't
                 play 3D games.  Or performance is too poor.
                 \_ Running your 3D games in a VM will never work very well.
        \_ How does it compare to vmware workstation?
              \_ There we go:  3D acceleration:          no
               \_ The big VM players are working hard at getting 3D acc
                  support.  It's gonna happen sooner or later.  5 years ago
                  VM for anything real was a bit of a crapshoot.
              \_ I was really asking from a more qualitative perspective.
                 How's the speed, usability, reliability, etc. compared to
                 vmware workstation? Okay, so some of those can be quantified,
                 but you know what I mean.
2008/6/8-12 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:50187 Activity:nil
6/8     Bought a new Sony Bravia from Costco. I can connect to it using
        DVI->HDMI converter at up to 1024x768. Above that resolution,
        Sony TV says "Unsupported Signal..." even though the manual
        clearly says it can support 1280x1024, 1900x1080, etc etc.
        What's up with that?
        \_ Your DVI source *MUST BE* HDCP compliant. Old DVI devices are not.
           At a higher resolution, they will not work.
        \_ Testing for HDCP compliance:
2008/6/8-12 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:50188 Activity:nil
2008/6/8-12 [Uncategorized] UID:50189 Activity:nil
6/8     hello motd storage gurus, do any of you use EVMS?  thanks.
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