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2008/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:50179 Activity:nil
6/6     hans on 48 hours:
2008/6/7-10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran] UID:50180 Activity:nil
6/6     Ehud Olmert threatens Israeli attacks on Iran
        Of course, given the Olmert's circumstances, this seems a bit
        'wag the dog'.
        \_ Olmert has a single digit approval rating.  He has no political
           future.  This is unlikely wagging.  The real concern is his gvt
           will micromanage any strikes on Iran like they did with Hamas and
           make things even worse (if that's possible).
2008/6/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50181 Activity:high
6/6     Pure comedy as freepers react to Obama's fist bump with his wife:
        "History has shown repeatedly, when Whites set up new countries and
        then give the control to the blacks, or any non-White race, it will
        soon collapse into another third world catastrophe."
        "You got to be kidding, The fist “bump”, .America “WAKE UP”, You are
        getting your first taste of what it is going to be like electing Barack
        HUSSEIN Obama for president. Next you are going to see southern fried
        chicken, black-eyed peas, corn bread, and watermelon as your daily
        meal. Let’s not forget what Obama’s middle name is, funny thing, he
        never wants to use his middle name on his campaign."
        \_ Compare any day with the HufPo nutters.  yawn.
           \_ Or DailyKos, or Democraticunderground, etc, etc.  Since there are
              no freepers on the motd, I wonder who the OP is trying to troll.
2008/6/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50182 Activity:moderate
6/6     Did you guys get a load of Obama's victory speech?  This guy really
        does think he's the messiah.
        "I face this challenge with profound humility, and knowledge of my own
        limitations. But I also face it with limitless faith in the capacity of
        the American people. Because if we are willing to work for it, and
        fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that
        generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our
        children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for
        the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the
        rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was
        the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our
        image as the last, best hope on Earth. This was the moment - this was
        the time - when we came together to remake this great nation..."
        Good thing he's facing it with profound humility, what the heck would
        he be saying if he wasn't?
        \_ Dittohead Desperation Level: Orange
           \_ Unlike poster below, your value-add is zero.
              \_ But identical to poster above.
           Everyone says things like this when they win. Did you just start
           following politics this year?
           Together, guided by a spirit of common sense, common courtesy and
           common goals, we can unite and inspire the American citizens.
           Together, we will work to make all our public schools excellent,
           teaching every student of every background and every accent, so
           that no child is left behind.
           Together we will save Social Security and renew its promise of a
           secure retirement for generations to come.
           Together we will strengthen Medicare and offer prescription drug
           coverage to all of our seniors.
           Together we will give Americans the broad, fair and fiscally
           responsible tax relief they deserve.
           Together we'll have a bipartisan foreign policy true to our
           values and true to our friends, and we will have a military equal
           to every challenge and superior to every adversary.
           Together we will address some of society's deepest problems one
           person at a time, by encouraging and empowering the good hearts and
           good works of the American people.
           This is the essence of compassionate conservatism and it will be a
           foundation of my administration.
           \_ And thus we see how the R's have become the D's of a few years
              \_ ...what language is this, and what does it mean in English?
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