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2008/5/31-6/2 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:50102 Activity:low
5/31    Obama resigns from controversial church
        Ha ha!
        \_ I thought he disavowed Wright long ago?
           \_ He disavowed Wright a few weeks (month?) back, but Wright
           \_ He disabowed Wright a few weeks (month?) back, but Wright
              had actually retired as Pastor before that.  So Obama was
              still a member of the church under a different pastor.
        \_ ...after a white Roman Catholic priest, acting as a guest
           pastor, delivered a racially charged sermon. Yes, kids,
           truth is stranger than fiction.
        \_ After hanging out with the Klan for 20 years, he decides it's
           politically expedient to leave.
2008/5/31-6/5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50103 Activity:kinda low
5/30    Clinton is winning Puerto Rico.  YES.
        \- i wouldnt dismisss the PA results but the PR results are
           totally meaningless ... Clinton is basically the Senator
           from Puerto Rico:
           Either you are being sarcastic or ...
           Your brain has been classified as: poco.
        \_ Are you a MCCain supporter or a Hillary supporter?
           Why wont you sign your name?  Are you embarrassed to be a
           Hillary supporter?
           \_ I'll just use your name. -- psb
           \_ Why won't YOU sign your name? -jrleek (!pp !op)
              \- i have been an strong obama supporter since Feb
                 [i was out of the country before that and pretty much
                 assumed hillary the liar would win, so i didnt develop
                 any strong opinions and just ruminated on mccain vs
                 clinton]. i also think it is reasonable to have many
                 anonymous conversation on the motd ["where can i get
                 a good sandwich in berkeley"] but for threaded
                 discussion, anonymity makes it hard to know if you are
                 talking to the same person ... so i jokingly
                 suggested signing with a hash of your name. are there
                 *any* soda motd/wall participants willing to publicly
                 say "i support hillary clinton". there are people
                 publicly willing to take different sides on the iraq
                 war, gun control, gaylordism, drug legalization, the
                 housing crisis/financial regulation, and i believe
                 there are some mccain supporters, but how come no
                 hillary supporters are willing to name themselves?
                 is it more socially awkward to admit to being a hillary
                 supporter than to talk about your love of p0rn, as numerous
                 sloda people are willing to discuss [wang, holob, the asp],
                 or again does it say something about the lack of confidence
                 and general insecurity of hillary fans?
                 or am i mistaken about this? i am prepared to respond
                 to "you are a naive fool for voting for somebody with
                 no experience". i can also understand "i have no
                 interest in discussing politics on sloda" ... in
                 which case why the craven crowing [i assume OP is a
                 hillary supporter not a mccain person]. by they way,
                 i certainly can understand your being embarrassed to be
                 a hillary supporter, so i dont expect you to announce
                 yourself. i am just curious if you are embarrassed.
                 for example i've written lots of one off sloppy code
                 and i'm embarrassed to show it to people if that comes
                 up. so i certainly understand when another colleague
                 is sheepish about sharing something done at a low quality.
                 but it is a different matter when somebody shares something
                 and has no clue it is crap and has no sense of knowing better
                 and the attendant reticence. --psb
                 \_ I was being funny.  I cannot think of anyone who seriously
                    still believes Hillary can win the nomination.  It was a
                    good fight.  It's interesting that Obama is really not
                    winning a giant landslide of pledged delegates, but I guess
                    in delegate races we often get these really close contests.
                 \_ Why do you support Obama? -emarkp
                    \_ how can you NOT support Obama?  McCain wants us in
                       Iraq for the next 500 years, he seriously believes
                       that the Iraq conflict is exactly like us assisting
                       peace loving Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Puerto
                       Ricans, Hawaiians, have I left out any of our other
                       successful military occupations of this century?
                       \_ Those are reasons to *not* support McCain.  I see
                          nothing to recommend Obama. -emarkp
                       \_ "I do not want to keep our troops in Iraq a minute
                          longer than necessary to secure our interests
                          there." - jmccain
                          What you're saying is a blatant mischaracterization.
                          McCain wants the mission to be completed. Do you
                          think it would take 500 years?
                    \- Obama treats people seriously ... I've been impressed
                       with his "big speeches" [post-Rev Wright race speech]
                       and smaller stuff [the way he handled a stupid reporter
                       when he left the Trinity Church over the weekend].
                       I also believe "character matters". In ths case his
                       democratic opposition, Hillary Clinton, is a lying,
                       sleazy, sanctimoious hypocrite. Policy obviously matters
                       as well, an on those grounds, I'm worried about McCain
                       and "plutocraticzation" ... note: I've long liked
                       I also believe "character matters". In this case his
                       democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, is a lying,
                       sleazy,sanctimonious hypocrite. Policy obviously matters
                       as well. On those grounds, I'm worried about McCain
                       and "plutocratization" ... note: I've long liked
                       and "plutocraticzation" ... note: I've long liked
                       McCain -- for reasons I wont go into -- I put a fair
                       amount of weight on his VN story and a few other
                       things ... but his recent pandering [gas tax] is a
                       little disturbing. We also have to forgive some
                       campaign time pandering, but I've again been impressed
                       with Obama relatively good record on this [ok some
                       on trade, but 1. there are issues there 2. at least
                       he treated people like adults on the gas tax] and in
                       contrast Clinton the liar has gone over the top
                       denouncing the enter science and profession of
                       economics. Also on McCain, I'm less sure than many a
                       precipitous withdrawal from Iraq is a good idea ...
                       not because of the terrorism issue, but I think the
                       US has responsibilities to prevent a Rwanda-like
                       slaughter there, so they need to factor that in to
                       their calculations, not "only" minimizing US casualties.
                       I am not a Lawrence Lessig Fanboy ... I had never gone
                       to his WOB site before this ... but his 20min PPoint
                       on "Why I'm for Barak" is a good statement of "my
                       I strongly encourge people to watch the first one.
                       I'll skip re-interating Hillary's list of Unbelievable
                       Cockroach moves.
                       I'll skip reiterating Hillary's list of Unbelievable
                       Cockroach Moves. Sure some Obama supporters are
                       shallow youth just going along for trendy-ish reasons,
                       but he seems to have gotten a disproportionate amount
                       of the supprt of "serious adults" with a good record
                       of being smart and principled, e.g. Prof deLong and
                       Senator GOPAT. Which Hillary endorser are you impressed
                       with? Eva Longoria? Look at their endorsements page
                       on Wikipedia. Paul Krugman's endorsement tant him,
                       and doesnt help her [like his apologia about her gas
                       tax stance saying "it's not a big deal" ... missing
                       the point he is obvously aware of that it's what
                       it says about her, not the policy issue ... if a friend
                       of your steals $5 from your wallet when you are in
                       the bathroom, is that "not a big deal"?].
                       \_ Any particular policy of his you like?
                          \- put somethng on the table, if you want an answer.
                          \- put something on the table, if you want an answer.
                             \_ Huh? -emarkp
                          \_ No one knows what the mission is.  Unless you're
                             talking about McCain's fantasy of Iraq becoming
                             a warm friendly place where an American soldier
                             can walk down the street unarmed and only fear
                             being pelted with delightly spring begonias, and
                             THEN we'll leave.
                             \- Peace with Honor.
                             \_ There you go again. Do you honestly believe
                                that? If you're gonna try to discuss things
                                like an adult then you shouldn't exaggerate.
                                Reality should be enough. The mission is
                                to safeguard the security of the new Iraqi
                                state:  "John McCain believes it is
                                strategically and morally essential for the
                                United States to support the Government of Iraq
                                to become capable of governing itself and
                                safeguarding its people."  "Our goal is an Iraq
                                that no longer needs American troops."
                                \_ iraqi state is artificial construct.
                                   Cheney is secretly an Iranian Shiite
                                   cleric.  We should just pack up and leave
                                   Iraq, we have messed up beyond any
                                   reasonable doubt.
                                \_ McCain has changed his mind about half a
                                   dozen times on what "The Mission" is, so he
                                   is not to be trusted. What is the goal this
                                   \_ Interesting. What were the 6 different
                                      \_ The war will be easy. -2002
                                         The war will be hard. -2003
                                         We should not leave a permanent force.
                                         We should stay 100 years. -2008
                                         We should make Iraq a democracy. -2006
                                         We should make Iraq stable. -2007
                                         \_ next goal will be 'we cant leave
                                            Iraq because then Iran will just
                                            roll on in and annex it,
                                            thereby controlling over half of
                                            the world's remaining oil.' by
                                            then i'll probably agree.  good
                                            work, BushCo. - sad liberal.
2008/5/31-6/2 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:50104 Activity:nil
5/31    How did the Peruvian potato get all the way to Ireland so the evil
        British king could keep it away from the populace and then kill
        1 million totally hot Irish girls?
        \_ I think a crystal skull was involved.
        \_ Weren't the British conducting a giant 'let the market forces
           determine the availability of the potato' experiment?
2008/5/31 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:50105 Activity:nil
5/31    I have a slow wireless router and slow fileserver on my network.
        Is there a video or media player (windows or unix) that is smart
        about caching content while playing it?  I would like to be able
        to hit play on a file from a file share, wait for it to catch
        up for a while because my connection is so slow, walk away for
        a while and come back and view my movie with no annoying skips. thanks.
        \_ To answer my own question, this worked:
2008/5/31-6/1 [Uncategorized] UID:50106 Activity:kinda low
5/31    So why didn't the dems just give them 3/5 the delegates?
        \_ 'Cos they're not slaves, duh.
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