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2008/5/30-6/2 [Uncategorized] UID:50094 Activity:low
5/29    What's your favorite caliber? .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9mm Luger,
        .40 S & W, and .45 ACP, .44 Special, .45 Colt, .357 Sig,
        .380 ACP, 10mm Auto, .38 Super?
        \_ For what?
        \_ 2 x .50 Desert Eagle -mpayne
        \_ They're all so damn sexy I can't pick just one. Ohhh yeah,
           feel that cold hard brass, the tingle of excitement as you
           slot them into a magazine, the weight of a loaded handgun in
           your hands. Such power for a powerless geek.
           \_ which lube do you recommend?
        \_ 9mm
           \_ Wasn't such a big cannon going to damage the underlying rail
              tracks when it fired?
        \_ The correct answer is: "the largest calibre you can comfortably
           shoot." -- ilyas
2008/5/30-31 [Reference/Military] UID:50095 Activity:nil
5/29    I don't want to own a gun but I'd like to go to the range to shoot
        for fun. However, all the range I've been to requires that you
        bring your own gun, or bring someone with you. Is there any way
        I can get around this problem?
        \_ I've been to many ranges that would rent you a gun.
           \_ I think the OP is talking about the rule that some(?) ranges
              enforce to reduce suicide liability.  Bring your own, and
              you're on your own.  Bring a friend, and you're much less
              likely to commit suicide.  Come alone and rent, not good.
              \_ pp has a reading comprehension problem.
                 \_ yes, perhaps.  I made the inference that 'bring someone
                    with you' meant 'bring someone [with a gun] with you.'
                    Which was wrong, as another poster kindly clarified.
        \_ Where do you live? I'm in the same boat. We should go together
           and be BFF.
        \_ *Every* range I've been to has guns for rent, typically you leave
           your drivers license.
           \_ This one has a severe form of reading comprehension problem.
2008/5/30-31 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:50096 Activity:nil
5/30    U.S. Cites Big Gains Against Al-Qaeda
        \_ ^U.S.^CIA
           \_ It's the headline.  Complain to their editors if you don't like
2008/5/30-6/2 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:50097 Activity:low
        Graph shows fall in Case-Shiller national home price index indicates
        worst year-over-year numbers than the Great Depression
        \_ yet I still can't afford a decent home in Silicon Valley
           even with my near 6 digit salary.
           \_ I graduated from BERKELEY yet I'm still debugging other
              people's code. Some CAL English maj graduates still work
              at McD's. So what???
              \_ Name one.
           \_ yeah, it blows doesn't it?
           \_ Sounds like you are underpaid relative to the others who
              live in your area. Move somewhere else or make more money.
           \_ Define "decent"? Are you looking on one income or two?
2008/5/30-6/2 [Uncategorized] UID:50098 Activity:nil
5/30    I love this picture--cops and troopers
2008/5/30-6/2 [Reference/Military] UID:50099 Activity:moderate
5/30    Mass Shooting Stopped by CCW Permit Holder
        \_ See, here's the way I see CCW holders--it's like vaccinations.  It's
           individual protection, plus herd protection. -emarkp
           \_ except there is one minor problem. The vaccine is still
              not perfected, and the number of people it saves is still
              less than the number of people it kills. It addition, there's
              a huge possibility of someone going crazy after receiving the
              vaccination. There's a better vaccine out there. TASER.
           \_ is gun ownership pride a Mormon thing, or an emarkp thing?
           \_ Until one of these CCW holders goes berserk and shoots up a
              mall or, worse, shoots an innocent bystander when trying to
              play hero.
              \_ Exactly my point earier. Saved by B <<< Saved by A,
                 where A = CCW holder saving lives and
                       B = CCW holder going bezerk
                 I understand gun holders are passionate about saving
                 and defending lives but statistics say otherwise.
                \_ what statistics? the one's out your ass?
                 chances are another CCW will blow the shit out of the
                 very rare berkeker CCW
                 very rare berserker CCW
                      Now feel free to debunk or defend your 2nd, but
                      you'll still sound like a major fucking idiot.
                      \_ brady campaign? that commie group? gimme a break
                      \_ I can't find the shooting rampage by CCW holder stats
                         you promised.
                      \_ I'm going to believe the stats from a rabidly anti-gun
                         group?  So, I guess you're going to believe the Bush
                         administration on WMDs, right?
                         Much of this is wrong.  The Texas CCW stuff has been
                         discredited--most arrests of CCW holders were for
                         non-violent crimes, and only 100/215K felony
                         convictions of CCW holders occurred (in 2000).
                      \_ Why are crime rates higher in areas which have banned
                         guns? (In DC for instance, rates of violence went up
                         after the handgun ban.)
                         \_ maybe it's a US only thing.  countries with strict
                            gun laws have almost no gun crimes for some reason
                            \_ Scotland has recently said that since they
                               banned handguns 10 years ago, attempted
                               homicides with guns have *tripled*.  Where are
                               your stats?
                            \_ they just have higher violent crime. they use
                               knives and bats.. and rape is easier.. look at
                               Austrialia.. they used to have guns. now their
                               have high violent crime
                         \_ GUNS BAD!  PEACE GOOD!  HEY HO! HEY HO WE DON'T
                            NEED NO GUNS NO MO'!
                   \_ Does it say that the shooter was CCW?  I didn't see that
        \_ "Investigators say a feud between two local families is behind the
            early-morning shooting inside the bar."
           Good on armed Samaritan for capping this clown. Mind you, if they
           didn't hand out guns along with liquor in Nevada, this might have
           just been a knife fight anyway.
2008/5/30-31 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:50100 Activity:nil
5/30    "The kaffiyeh has emerged as a symbol of resistance against oppression
        \_ It's just a scarf.  You are just an idiot.
2008/5/30-6/2 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:50101 Activity:nil
5/30    CA Torture Trial Airs Family Horror Stories
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