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2008/5/26-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:50052 Activity:nil 74%like:50050
5/25    Obama's gaffes are really starting to pile up.
        That link is a little silly, it suggests Obama is on drugs, I
        just posted it for the accurate list of mistakes it starts out with.
        \_ obama would have to rape a white woman on The View to lose
           the nomination now.
        \_ Obama's expertise in MIND CONTROL clearly indicates he is a
           North Korean agent:
                "barack set me up!"
           I think HillBill are trying to bait Obama into describing her
           as a "hysterical bitch"/"psycho ex-girlfriend of the democratic
           party" so all the menopausal bitter women will vote for her.
        \_ Are you a super-delegate? Do you think there are any on the
           motd? Who are you trying to convince?
           \_ Wha?  Are we not allowed to discuss canidates for POTUS on the
              motd now?
              \_ You had something to discuss here? I thought your point
                 was to further smears and distort fact into sensation.
                 What did I miss?
                 \_ 10,000 dead in Kansas!
        \_ What do you expect from a KNOWN CRYPTO-MARXIST?
        \_ What do you expect from a known Marxist?
2008/5/26-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:50053 Activity:nil
5/25    Even the AP is has noticed the Obama is just making up his policy
        as he goes along.
        \_ you're an idiot.
           \_ A stunning argument!  The opposition can make no response!
              \_ Masturbation's a one-player game.
                 \_ Oh, you may carry on with it then, but please stop
                    jizzing all over the motd.
                    \_ Freeper: the sound of one hand fapping.
           \_ The Hugo Chavez one is kinda 'meh' since he could be saying that
              Chavez's power increased due to Bush's negligence.
              I think it's pretty obvious he hasn't thought through his
              position on things like FARC tho'.
2008/5/26-30 [Science/GlobalWarming, Finance/Investment] UID:50054 Activity:nil
        The WSJ on the commodity "bubble."
2008/5/26 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:50055 Activity:nil 80%like:50032
5/22    r kelly trial commencing:
hey, the first one is still good.
              \_ just saw it.  bleah.  someone went wacky with the
2008/5/26-28 [Uncategorized] UID:50056 Activity:nil
5/26    Speed Racer: OMGWTFBBQ for the short-attention-span theater folks.
        Best movie I'll never recommend.
        \_ BBQ?
           \_ dumb internet meme
2008/5/26-30 [Reference/Military] UID:50057 Activity:high
5/26    "Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare" (AP) : Yahoo! Green:
        \_ Speaking of protection, I'm thinking of getting a 9mm handgun.
           What is a good brand to buy? Is HK worth the extra $500 over
           American brand 9mm guns? I really like German guns but wonder
           why they cost a lot more.
           \_ If you are getting it for protection it doesn't matter.  If
              you are getting it as a fetishtic totem to ward off the
              boogey man and make up for your pathetic sex life, then by
              all means get the best money can buy.
              \_ Oh and here's a hint:  you aren't getting it for protection.
        \_ The only time I really wished I had a gun was when we were
           hiking in the middle of nowhere and there were a bunch of
           gangster looking people who kept looking at us and pointing
           as if they wanted to rape the girls and kill the guys or
           something. They could have easily done so if they wanted to.
           Other than that, there's never been a time where
           I wished I had a gun.
           \_ What were gangsters doing hiking?  Some sort of training
              \_ The hell I know, the were burning stinky plant things
                 and shouting and screaming
           \_ I only dream about having a gun when people double park
              their giant automobile in the middle of Gough.
           \_ Is it for home defence or sport shooting? If it is for home
              defence, consider a shotgun instead.
                \_ There's a pistol which can chamber .410 shotgun shells.
                   What do you think of that as a home defense weapon?
                   \_ That's the Taurus Judge.  It looks ideal, but on that
                      platform the recoil must be horrendous.
                   \_ I think having the shotgun look is also useful for
                      stopping intruders.
                      \_ Yes, and the sound of a pump action is instantly
                         recognizable.  You can also load it with birdshot,
                         which won't go through 2 layers of drywall.  The only
                         drawback is that the long barrel can be difficult to
                         manage in hallways.  Hence the above-mentioned Judge.
                         \_ Oh boy! Sleep! That's when I'm a Viking!
                         \_ Oh boy! Sleep! That's where I'm a Viking!
                            \_ ???
                               \_ The insinuation appears to be that someone
                                  here is delusional.
                                  \_ Living a rich fantasy life, please.
           \_ You have to try holding them to see if they fit your hand, etc.
              My first handgun is a Beretta 92FS.  I'm going to get the Beretta
              PX4 Storm for regular carry (it's about half a pound lighter, and
              the barrel is 1" shorter).  I hate the feel of Glock, though a
              lot of people swear by them.  Springfield XD is a good choice as
              well.  S&W has put out their M&P line, but they're new enough
              that they have some of the annoying CA features (mag disconnect).
              \_ What do you mean by "regular carry"? I thought California's
                 ban on concealed weapon (handgun under your coat) makes
                 legalized handgun ownership less appealing than say,
                 other gun loving states.
                 \_ Not only that, but why would you want to wear a coat? It's
                    hot out.
                    \_ I have a concealed carry permit.  I carry under an
                       untucked shirt. I can carry legally nearly anywhere in
                       \_ so are you like, waiting for the 0.0001% chance
                          that some nutso starts shooting people randomly
                          and you come into the picture and save everyone
                          and become the hero of the day?
                          \_ No, I think the nutjobs need to be outnumbered by
                             non-nutjobs with guns. -pp
                          \_ My wife wears a lot of jewelry and we have
                             to go to some bad neighborhoods to collect rent.
                             You do not know me.  Do NOT anger me!
                             \_ Ah this makes a lot of sense. I'd probably
                                do the same in your shoes. I guess my life
                                is a bit overly sheltered.              -pp
                                \_ I have not shot anyone (yet) but I have
                                   had to draw on several delinquent renters
                                   and a neighbor to whom I foolishly lent
                                   money.  By the way, I am ambidextrous,
                                   so I can shoot with either or both hands.
                                   Does andybody know if a concealed carry
                                   Does andbody know if a concealed carry
                                   Does anybody know if a concealed carry
                                   permit allows me to carry two guns?
                                   \_ Unit III is a lot more dangerous than I remember.
                                   \_ Unit III is a lot more dangerous than I
                                   \_ You obviously don't have a CCW.  CA
                                      allows up to 4 weapons on a permit.
                                   \_ Your wife should not be wearing jewelry
                                      in rough neighborhoods (duh). Are you
                                      brandishing a firearm in an attempt to
                                      collect a debt? If so, you are breaking
                                      multiple laws, not just one.
                                      \_ She has a right to wear jewelry
                                         any where she wants.  Why should
                                         she abridge her jewelry wearing
                                         right just because of violent
                                         poor people?  Are you even American?
                                         Should I change out of my Rolex
                                         before going to collect the rent?
                                         \_ well since I am American, and
                                            the dude with the wife and jewelry
                                            and multiple pieces of property
                                            motd poster doesn't exist,
                                            I WIN.
                                   \_ Are you Kip Macy?
                    Law's pretty complicated in California. It varies from
                    county to county, so even if you can carry it in one
                    city, you cannot carry it in another city. This pretty
                    much renders gun ownership useless unless you're willing
                    to break CA laws from one county to another. Better to
                    get a taser. Safer, easier.
                    \_ Completely false.  A CCW permit is issued on a county
                       basis, but allows you to carry *anywhere* in the state.
                       \_ I think BART or AC Transit gets mad if you carry,
                          no matter what your permit says.
                       - ccw holder
                       \_ The trick is getting a CCW permit in a city
                          that is anti-gun.
                    Looks like S Cal residents are more gun-ho about CCW
              \_ Hey, how do you like it (92FS)?  I've found that it has a
                 tendency to jam and I find its lack of rails annoying 'cause
                 I can't mount a laser sight.
                 \_ I love the 92. I've never had a jam, and I've put about
                    4-5k rounds through it.  I always clean it after a shooting
                    session.  It's a bit heavy for daily carry.
                    \_  What sort of ammo do you use?  I always clean mine,
                        too. Did you have any problems with the first few
                        hundred rounds?  To be fair, it was outdoors and
                        blowing sandy grit when I was getting the jams.
                        \_ I use all FMJ or JHP.
                \_ I bought a Ruger today! -op
                \_ I bought a Ruger and a Glock today! -op
                   \_ Now I would like to get another gun for my car.
                      Any recommendations?  I am considering the Remington870P.
                      Any recommendations?  I was considering a tactical
                      Any recommendations?  I am considering a tactical
2008/5/26-27 [Politics/Domestic/President] UID:50058 Activity:nil
5/26    Update on Kennedy's health:
2008/5/26-30 [Uncategorized] UID:50059 Activity:nil
5/25     Hives update: For past few months, they've been mostly contained to my
         feet. And to tell the truth, it's almost erotic the pleasure I could
         get from scratching my ankles and soles, which was then promptly
         followed by oh-shit-my-skin-is-on-fire burning. When we had the heat
         wave, the rash on my legs and fingers came back.
        \_ Benadryl. (sp?)
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