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2008/5/20-23 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50011 Activity:moderate
5/19    Here's my whacky idea for how politics will go after 2008:
        The (D) continues a leftward shift, alienating the center, Hillary
        loving, soccer mom, family types.
        \_ Why do you see (D) moving left and not more Moderate?
           \_ Look at who's leading it.  Obama is *the* most left in the
              Senate.  Olbermann,, dailykos, etc. are all waaaaay
              left. -not op
              \_ I'm genuinely curious: what policies of Obama's do you see as
                 left-leaning and not moderate? Are they socially left-leaning
                 or culturally left-leaning?
                 \_ How about: universal health care
                               immediate withdrawal from Iraq (backed off this)
                               removal of funding to NASA
                               \_ not according to his website
                               raising taxes on the wealthy
                               \_ raising taxes or closing loopholes?
                               opposition to free trade
                               making life easier for unions
                               \_ through secret ballots or New Deal?
                                  \_ Obama advocates removing oversight
                                     of Teamsters.
                                     \_ The rest of the story:
                    Seems like typical D stuff.
                    \_ And what in there is lefty and not moderate?
                       \_ All of it. You think Universal Healthcare is
                          \_ *shrug* I see a lot of Americans behind it. If
                             the majority want it, is it that lefty anymore?
                             \_ Lots of people want a free lunch, but it's
                                very lefty to want the government to control
                                \_ UHC or an equivalent is considered a need
                                   by a lot of people. This is not simply a
                                   handout or a free lunch. Opposition to
                                   such may be categorized as Conservative,
                                   not Moderate.
                                   \_ I wouldn't say proposing it is very
                                      moderate. It's left, which is why
                                      the right opposes it.
                                      \_ maybe the right opposes it because
                                         they're a bunch of morons.  Or maybe
                                         this whole argument is just another
                                         attempt by conservatives to redefine
                                         reasonable ideas which produce
                                         results in every other industrialized
                                         country as "leftist," as if that's
                                         supposed to be an insult.  -tom
                                      \_ The CEOs of GM, US Steel and WalMart
                                         are on The Left? Wow, you guys on the
                                         Right must be feeling pretty lonely
                                         at this point.
                                         \_ Shoving more of the cost onto
                                            the gov't means less of the cost
                                            shouldered by the business. Many
                                            businesses pay little tax as
                                            it is so why do they care?
                                            \_ So, the people and big
                                               business both agree that
                                               universal health care is a
                                               good thing.  So, uh, who is
                                               against it?  Oh, right,
                                               anti-government ideologues. -tom
                                               \_ TANSTAAFL
                                                  \_ Case in point.
                 \_ Every election year some obviously hack study comes out
                    that says "surprise surprise, the Democratic candidate is
                    the most liberal senator/congressperson/gov/etc" so idiots
                    like the poster above can go spout this crap.
                 \_ I'm unaware of *any* lefty idea he doesn't support. -pp
                    \_ What, you're saying he wants to nationalize industry,
                       creche your kids, mandate pharma for the proles, etc.?
                       Seriously, can you tell me what particularly makes him
                       "the most left in the Senate"? I'm genuinely interested
                       in hearing what you have to say, but I'd like some
                       \_ Did you mean "nationalize all industry?"
                          \_ Whoops! Yes, I did. Self-correction in 5.
                       \_ That's pretty funny, considering I haven't seen any
                          substance from Obama.
                          \_ Yay! You hit the fish in the barrel! Now, how
                             about an answer?
                             \_ How about how he wants to raise the capital
                                gains tax even though it may decrease revenue,
                                to be "fair" ?
                                \_ That would appear to be lefty, but could
                                   also be viewed as populist... or just
                                   popular. Here's the interview with Charlie
                                   Gibson where he says it:
                                   Frankly, I can't argue with this: why are
                                   multi-millionaire hedge-fund managers paying
                                   a lower tax-rate than their secretaries?
                                   \_ Well, there are two possible "fixes" to
                                      this inequity: 1) raise taxes on
                                      capital-gains, or 2) lower income taxes.
                                      We *know* (1) decreases overall revenue,
                                      \_ BZZZT!  No.  The only answer is to
                                         call the money the hedge fund managers
                                         make what it is: income.  It is not
                                         capitol gains *for them*.  For the
                                         money manager is it *income*.  If
                                         their income was taxed as such they'd
                                         be paying a boatload more than their
                                         secretaries.  Their earnings are
                                      \_ No, we know (2) decreases overall
                                         revenue. Or at least every sane
                                         economists (even those who support
                                         tax cuts) knows that.
                                         \_ I'm sorry, but I don't agree.
                                            \_ clearly you're not a sane
                                               economist.  I guess that
                                               makes you a clueless
                                               ideologue.   -tom
                                               \_ Sane = "agrees with you"
                                                  Clearly a 100% tax rate
                                                  will maximize revenue.
                                                  \_ No, but it is quite clear
                                                     that our tax rate does
                                                     not maximize tax revenues,
                                                     and that cutting taxes
                                                     from the current rate
                                                     reduces tax revenues. -tom
                                        \_ Cutting capital gains tax does not
                                           raise tax revenue over the long run.
                                           There is often a short term uptick
                                           (bonus points if you can figure out
                                           why) but it lowers them in the long
                                           run, at least as long as it is below
                                           the Laffer Curve, which appears to
                                           be around a 40% tax rate.
                                           \_ We should be optimizing for
                                              GDP, not for tax revenues.
                                              \_ Says who?
                                              \_ We should be optimizing for
                                                 the general welfare of the
                                                 citizens of this country.
                                                 GDP growth is now almost
                                                 totally disconnected from
                                                 the general welfare.  -tom
                                                 \_ Yes, comrade. A healthy,
                                                    growing US economy benefits
                                                    only corporate
                                                 \_ Tax revenue == general
                                                    welfare in your mind? Wow.
                                                    \_ clue == completely
                                                       absent in your mind?
                                                       Obviously.  Try
                                                       reading it again.  -tom
                          \_ Funny, I've seen lots of substance from Obama,
                             it just changes every time he talks.
                             "Unlike most politicians, Barack Obama does not
                              waffle. He comes out boldly, saying mutually
                              contradictory things." -Sowell
                              \_ Why would you bother quoting Sowell on
                                 anything?  -tom
                                 \_ Because, unlike you, he's occasionally
        The (R) party splits.
        (R1) goes to the center with McCain.  Grabs all the center-left the
        (D) loses, but loses the conservatives.
        Conservatives form new party, (R2).  (R2) has a small set of hard core
        voters, similar to the smaller (D) party.  (R1) party gains plurality
        of seats, offices, etc, but can not rule without assistance of (D) or
        (R2) in general or pass individual bills without help.
        Ok, the odds of this actually happening are small but it would make
        things interesting, IMO.  If it does happen, you heard it here first!
        \_ Our winner-take-all system of representation makes three parties
           inherently unstable.  If a third party does arise, it will
           die immediately, or else kill one of the existing parties.  -tom
        \_ My prediction: Obama and the Democrats end the war and balance
        \_ My prediction: Obama and the Democrats end the war and balances
           the budget, following mostly Clintonian economic policy. This
           \_ You forgot stopping Global Warming and starting the
              Age of Aquarius.
              \_ No, that waits for the second term.
           stabalizes the dollar, brings down the price of gasoline and gets
           the economy going. The voters reward the Dems with a filibuster
           proof majority in 2010. Obama then passes comprehensive health
           care reform, which ends up being the most popular program ever,
           even more than Social Security, which is supported by 2/3 of all
           voters. He is re-elected in 2012 in the biggest landslide since
           FDRs second term.
        \_ My prediction: McCain wins but not by a large margin. Not a whole
           lot really changes.
2008/5/20-23 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:50012 Activity:nil
5/20    "California proposes porn tax"
        Gee, we should have elected Mary Carey instead of Arnold
        Schwarzenegger for governor.
        \_ that's for sure.
        \_ She probably has bigger stones than he does.
2008/5/20-23 [Consumer/Camera] UID:50013 Activity:low
5/20    Does anyone know how Nikon's auto FP work? It says ... the flash
        automatically fires at faster shutter speeds exceeding the
        camera's sync shutter speed. How can that even be possible?
        \_ As always, your question is answered by Ken Rockwell:
        \_ I'm not sure about Nikon, but I'm sure it's no different
           than Canon's High-speed Sync.  What they do is fire the
           flash bulb using high-frequency pulse, like at 50kHz.  You
           get significantly less instantaneous light, but you get a
           stream of light instead of just one FLASH.  It drains the
           heck out of the capacitors, though.
           \_ That makes a lot of sense! So if my sync speed is 1/200
              seconds (where the start/end curtains take 1/200 second
              to complete), then the flash is flashing at that duration?
              to complete), then the strobe is on for that duration?
              Very fascinating. This is all very interesting. Thanks
              motd camera god!
              \_ The fully-mechanical fully-manual 1984 Nikon FM2n has a sync
              \_ My fully-mechanical fully-manual 1984 Nikon FM2n has a sync
                 speed of 1/250sec.
2008/5/20-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:50014 Activity:nil
5/20    Q: Which is faster, a 146GB 15K RPM SAS disk or a 300GB 15K RPM
           SAS disk? I read that a larger drive is faster (more density
           means more data at hand) and also slower (more area to
           traverse). So which is it?
        \_ will a) provide you tons of raw data and b) show
           you that there are different kinds of fast.
           \_ Thanks. Short answer: Bigger is better.
              \_ boobs, penis, cars, what else?
                 \_ Paychecks, wallets.
2008/5/20-23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50015 Activity:nil
5/20    Here's my recollection of the final candidates in presidential
        elections of which I have memory:
        1980:   Jimmy Carter vs. Ronald Reagan
        1992:   George Bush vs. Bill Clinton
        2000:   George W. Bush vs. Al Gore
        2004:   George W. Bush vs. John Kerry
        2008:   Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama (With the media coverage, it
                sure feels that way.)
        \_ Do a lot of drugs such that you missed so many?
           \_ I don't always remember the losing candidate.  Besides, I wasn't
              in this country until 1989 when I was 19.  Oh, I just recalled
              one more losing candidate called "Dukakis" or something, but I
              forgot which year it was.  Maybe 1996?  BTW Ross Perot doesn't
              \_ So, basically, your recollection is worthless. We should
                 pay attention to you why?
                 \_ No reason.  BTW I could've filled in the gaps by STFW, but
                    that wouldn't be from memory.
              \_ You don't remember Bob Dole? I guess he was pretty forgettable.
              \_ You don't remember Bob Dole? I guess he was pretty
2008/5/20-23 [Computer/SW] UID:50016 Activity:nil
5/20    Do we have a life god anymore? I need to cash in some points
        \_ tom holub, and may I ask what happened?
           \_ uh, what?  -tom
        \_ Don't you just edit your life file? If you have graduated, you
           have moved on to afterlife, however.
           \_ Where is the life file?  -- !OP
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