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2008/5/16-23 [Science/Biology] UID:49966 Activity:nil
5/16    Catholicism has no problem with evolution.  Judaism
        is down.  Most of the mainstream Protestant denominations are
        fine with it too.  Dunno about Mormons.  Why do the Christian
        spinoffs in the USA hate science?
        \_ None of the Dynasty spinoffs were very good.
        \_ Catholicism *had* problem with evolution.  They had to change their
           view when faced with the facts in order to survive.  I think the
           Christian spinoffs will have to to change their views as well in
           order to survive.  It's just a matter of time.  It's similar to the
           Gallelio case.
           Galileo case.
        \_ Official LDS doctrine says precisely nothing about evolution.
           Evolution is taught at the BYU biology department.
           \_ LDS completely ignores the book of Genesis?
2008/5/16 [Health/Women] UID:49967 Activity:insanely high
5/16    Tuesday marked 3 months from the date of my breast surgery! I went
        from a J cup to a DD cup (I asked to go down to a D but believe me,
        I'm not complaining! I'm trying to lose weight anyways, so that might
        help them go down even more). I bought my first dress EVER without
        needing to alter it last week! I'm so so so happy I did this :)
        \_ Some women would kill for the 1 2 3 4 5 6 cup sizes you lost
2008/5/16-21 [Reference/Religion] UID:49968 Activity:nil
5/16    "Einstein's musings about religion sells for $400K"
        \_ Yes but computer science god Knuth was very very religious.
           I failed to see the point you're trying to make.
           \_ Since when do posts on motd always have points to make?
2008/5/16-21 [Transportation/Car] UID:49969 Activity:nil
5/15    Here's a picture of San Francisco in 1971
        check out the freeway! - danh
        \_ A double-deck freeway along the Embarcadero?  Is it fake?
           \_ No, it was demolished soon after the 1988 earthquake.
                                                   \_ 1989
              \_ and a great example of how removal of freeways can make
                 a city more attractive and liveable.  -tom
                 \_ Only fire would make SF more attractive.
                    \_ Only a nuke would make LA more attractive.
2008/5/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:49970 Activity:nil
5/15    bay bridge closure sched:
2008/5/16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:49971 Activity:moderate
5/15    i may post some lame stuff but the underage japanese youtube
        video of girl staring at camera is pretty stupid
        \_ She's not even japanese
           \_ Yes she is japanese, 1/2, you FUCKING DUMB ASS.
              Your Japanese is horrible and your brain has been classified
              as: narrow minded. Now go back to school and expand your mind.
2008/5/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:49972 Activity:nil
5/16    fans of gay people, here is coverage and numerous photos
        of reaction to gay marriage decision in San Fran-sissy:
        \_ Why the hell are the justices mostly Republicans?
           \_ Why do you ask?  What does it matter?
           \_ The Republican Party should excommunicate these RINOs.
              Schwartzenegger too, he is not of sufficient ideological
              Schwarzenegger too, he is not of sufficient ideological
2008/5/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49973 Activity:nil
5/16    Congress passes huge pork bill.
        \_ Hello NATIONAL REVIEW crap!
           \_ Is it wrong?
              \_ No. NationalReview is right. Very RIGHT. Righteous.
                 Right wing. Right.
                 \_ Is this an interesting line of discussion to you?
                    Partisan line-drawing and team-based politics?
                    Left, right: it's all bullshit. Both left and right
                    wing politicians do stupid and corrupt things. The
                    rational individual will evaluate criticism impartially.
                    \_ The rational individual learns that some sources
                       are untrustworthy propaganda.  While there may be
                       a story here, I'm not going to pay much attention
                       to the National Review's framing because I know they
                       are mendacious idealouges.  (That being said I
                       am anti-farm subsidy, but there are plenty of sane
                       op eds out there declaiming the current bill.)
                        \_ Context seems to mean that you are saying
                           that there are lots of sane op-eds out there
                           supporting this bill.  URL please? (if so)
                       \_ Untrustworthy propaganda? It's an op-ed. It is
                          not even a source. Find me a better op-ed then.
                          You talk as if you have no brain and can't
                          judge an argument on its own merits. Where's the
                          outcry from a mainstream source?
                          \_ If it's an op-ed, then label it as such. Posting
                             a bunch of shortened urls with a label that
                             appears to be about news is misleading. -10 pts.
              \_ It is now.  Any fact given in NRO immediately becomes untrue
                 by virtue of being printed there.
        \_ Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
2008/5/16-23 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:49974 Activity:nil
5/16    Seattle Times editor defends Hitler, Chamberlain. WTF?
        \_ Uh, did you even read the article?
           \_ Uhhh.. yes. "What Hitler was demanding was not unreasonable."
              \_ it is kind of cool that he self Godwin'ed
              \_ Uh, did you read the *whole* article?
2008/5/16-6/13 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:49975 Activity:nil
5/16    Planned free public transit day on June 19, 2008:
        \_ Except BART.
           \_ Where's it say that?
              \_ Sorry, no free rides on spare the air day (March 15th).
                 My bad...
                 \_ You meant May 15th (and 16th), right?
        \_ ^free^taxpayer funded
           \_ Is there any kind of "free" that's not funded by someone /
              \_ Free as in freedom?
                 \_ "Free" in the sense that the first reply was saying it
                    wasn't "free".
                    \_ Yes.  But in this case, no.  The government can not
                       give anyone anything for free in the real sense of the
                       word because the government produces nothing.  The
                       government, on a good day, only transfer wealth from
                       producers to non-producers.  On a typical day, the
                       government destroys a good portion of that wealth along
                       the way.  On a bad day, the government flat out
                       destroys wealth or prevents the creation of wealth.
                        \_ You should move somewhere nice, like Iraq.
                           \_ You should actually read what I said before
                              snapping off a brainless one liner.
                       \_ So why don't anarchies like Somalia have the
                          world's best economies?
                          \_ Because no one is advocating anarchy.  The
                             government has a role collecting taxes to raise
                             a common defense, building roads/bridges and
                             other infrastructure projects.  The government
                             has no business taking from one group of people
                             to benefit another group to empower themselves
                             at the ballot box.  The government does not create
                             wealth.  The government can enable/assist others
                             to do by so building infrastructure or destroy
                             wealth creation through taxation and regulations.
                             \_ Some regulations are good of course. E.g. to
                                protect common resources like air quality, to
                                prevent fraud, or prevent cabals/monopolies
                                from screwing people.
                             \_ But the govt is taking from one group
                                (taxpayers) to build toll-free highways to
                                benefit another group (drivers).
                                \_ What % of taxpayers drive? Honest question.
                             \_ "The government does not create wealth" is
                                a completely meaningless statement.  Want to
                                \_ It's not meaningless, it's false.  Learn the
                                   difference. -- ilyas
                                know the #1 employer in California?  UC.
                                UC also does more research and invents more
                                things than any company in California.
                                Unless your definition of "creating wealth"
                                is limited to "giving money to the CEO",
                                it is obvious that the government can and
                                does create wealth.  -tom
                                \_ So UC is the #1 employeer. So what? Its
                                   not like UC is self-sustaining - w/o tax
                                   revenues, government, including UC, can't
                                   operate. When the government starts making
                                   a profit independent of tax revenue and
                                   starts sharing that profit with the people,
                                   then one can say that government has
                                   created wealth. Since that day will almost
                                   certainly never come, government cannot
                                   create wealth.
                                   \_ I was going to respond to this, but
                                      it's simply too stupid.  But here's
                                      a hint: wealth takes forms other than
                                      cash.  -tom
                                   \_ I'm not pro-socialism but this is not
                                      accurate. In the simplest case, if the
                                      state owns a mine and operates it then
                                      technically it creates wealth. Maybe
                                      you should define "create wealth".
                                      \_ Well my definition is pretty simple:
                                         wealth is created when an operation
                                         is able to repay its creditors, cover
                                         its operational expenses, and still
                                         has money left over that can be
                                         distributed to its members/investors.
                                         Can government run its operations
                                         such that repays its creditors (the
                                         taxpayers), covers its operational
                                         expenses, and then still has money
                                         left over that can be distributed
                                         to the taxpayers?
                                         I can agree that parts of the
                                         government can create wealth under
                                         this standard (e.g. the USPTO or a
                                         mine in your example), but as a whole,
                                         government cannot create wealth. There
                                         is no incentive for it to create
                                         wealth and most of its operations are
                                         not designed for wealth creation (I
                                         suppose if our government started to
                                         follow the British colonial model and
                                         plundered from the places it invades,
                                         then our government could generate
                                         wealth, but I hope this is not where
                                         we are headed).
                                         Perhaps tom is right that government
                                         can create wealth in non-quantifiable
                                         ways. But, that kind of "wealth,"
                                         unlike dollars, euros, &c. can't be
                                         used to better your life independent
                                         of location, so I don't think it
                                         \_ It's obvious that education
                                            hasn't bettered your life.  -tom
                                            \_ Actually my UC engineering
                                               degree was quite worthless.
                                               Mostly the moderate financial
                                               success I have had was due to
                                               things I did outside of my ug
                                               education along with private
                                               professional school. And the
                                               cost of my ug degree was more
                                               than paid for by my tuition
                                               and the taxes I and my parents
                                               have paid over the years.
                                               \_ yes, but some people make
                                                  it through Cal and actually
                                                  are not complete morons
                                                  afterwards.  Sorry you
                                                  couldn't manage it.  -tom
              \_ Yes. For instance sea water is free.
                 \_ Sure.  "Planned free sea water day on June 19, 2008!"
                    \_ "All you can drink!"
2008/5/16-23 [Reference/Tax] UID:49976 Activity:nil
5/16    "You'd be taxing success here," Kevin Casey, Harvard's associate
        vice president for government, community and public affairs complained
        in a quote that will soon be framed and hung in my office. "Over time,
        this would put us at a real competitive disadvantage, which would
        drastically hurt the Commonwealth."
        \_ ugh you again
           \_ You don't see the irony?
                 \_ Clearly you were Harvard-educated... Okay, do you support
                    the current progressive tax system?
                    \_ ok dude do you really think we should start
                       taxing the endowments of universities?
                       \_ Okay, so you won't answer the question.  Why do you
                          think we shouldn't tax them?
                          \_ I find you uninteresting and boring, glenn beck
                             \_ You too e e cummings
                       \_ Yeah. Why should the ivory tower get a pass on
                          \_ because they're non-profit.
                             \_ They are private and very profitable.  Their
                                non-profit status is a legal fiction.
2008/5/16-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:49977 Activity:nil
5/16    motd not getting laid guy here.  I'm back from vacation.
        \_ did you get laid on vacation?
           \_ that would make me 'motd getting laid guy'
              \_ actually, 'motd got laid guy'
                 \_ Either could be correct.
                    \_ 'getting' tends to imply he will continue to do so
                       on a regular basis. Probably not true unless he is
                       permanently on vacation (say, in thailand).
                       \_ Could also imply he was getting laid at the very
                          moment he typed it. Ew.
              \_ Was that a vacation from the motd or did you actually go
                 someplace special?
2008/5/16 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:49978 Activity:nil 80%like:49980
5/16    German Chancellor deploying Weapons of Mass Distraction at national
        opera house in Norwey:
2008/5/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:49979 Activity:nil
5/1     Huckabee's lame Obama joke
        \_ He might have been referring to this:
  [democratic underground]
2008/5/16-23 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:49980 Activity:nil 80%like:49978
5/16    German Chancellor Merkel deploying Weapons of Mass Distraction at
        national opera house in Norwey: (Yahoo! News)
2008/5/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49981 Activity:moderate
5/15    Cute underaged girls who looks like someone in anime. You'll appreciate
        this if you're into anime. Otherwise, you're probably think this is
        stupid. Bad teeth, big eyes, good Japanese. Yay!        -Asianphile
        \_ Dude, no one wants to see this stupid video. No one on YouTube
           likes it and it has been deleted from MOTD repeatedly (not just
           \_ no one? the rating's pretty high. YOU don't like it, fine,
              but don't speak for others, fucking dimwit
              \_ Read the comments and the first video got 2 stars out of 5.
                 \_ what about the rest? and all the other videos she has?
                    what is the average? ANSWER ME.
           by me). The video sucks by any definition. Why is this crappy
           video of a bland, unattractive girl doing nothing of note of
           interest to anyone? --dim
           interest to anyone? Post the one where she takes her top off
           \_ look, i don't like jackie johnson. you are the most narrow
              minded piece of crap i've ever met. fuck off
              \_ If I spam MOTD with youtube videos of JJ then feel
                 free to delete. You sure are defensive.
           or something. --dim
           \_ to each his own. Fuck off dim.
              \_ Yes, let's just post all of our favorite 25 youtube links
                 to MOTD. What are you trying to accomplish here? You say
                 yourself that people will probably think it's stupid. It is.
        \_ Why are her eyes so big?
        \_ I see motd boob guy had a kid named motd weirdo asian fetish
           I never thought of before guy.
2008/5/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:49982 Activity:nil
5/16    Why did Social Security ever get passed in 1935? Stupid.
        \_ because you're an idiot?
           \_ Correlation does not imply causation.
        \_ FDR was a communist who hated America, see also, the
           New Deal and the Yalta Conference.
        \_ Because no one envisioned that some day population growth will
           slow down and the pay-as-you go scheme will collapse. Actually,
           it is predicted that the social security will not be able to
           honor the currently promissed retirement payments some time in
           the 2050s. Not bad for such a "badly" designed system. Still,
           something should be done about it soner rather than later.
2008/5/16-23 [Uncategorized] UID:49983 Activity:nil
5/16    Don't you hate it when this happens? Try touch typing on this:
2008/5/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:49984 Activity:nil
5/16    RIP Robert Mondavi
2008/5/16 [Uncategorized] UID:49985 Activity:nil
5/15    This is stupid.
2008/5/16 [Uncategorized] UID:49986 Activity:nil
5/16    Dim, why don't you FUCK OFF
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