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2008/5/12-16 [Consumer/Camera] UID:49931 Activity:nil
5/12    I have a Nikon D80 and I'm looking for a good flashlight
        system that'll go with it. I'd like to use the diffuser to
        bounce the ceiling for softer lighting. What's a good
        flashlight system for a D80? ok thx
        \_ By the way when I set my D80 to flash rear-sync + slow (flash
           at the END of the shutter not the beginning, with slow
           exposure to capture background ambience colour better),
           it always flashes twice-- once in the beginning and once at
           the end. But I thought rear-sync only flashes once at
           the end. Why does it flash twice? I don't have silly red-eye
           reduction if you're wondering already                -op
           \_ Almost all (actually likely all) TTL (through-the-lens)
              flash system uses 2-step metering.  It does a low-power
              preflash to measure the scene, calculates the final
              flash power, and goes into actual exposure.  The first
              step happens without the shutter ever opening, of
              course.  With normal flash, they happen close enough to
              each other that most people don't notice there were
              actually two flashes.  With rear-sync, it becomes
              completely obvious.
              \_ That's EXACTLY what it was... low power flash followed
                 by a high power flash. I just tried it again without
                 rear-sync and it happens so fast you don't see it. I
                 don't use rear-sync anymore to reduce this problem, but
                 it's not easy to tell your subject to stand still for 1/2
                 second in extreme low light situations since they have a
                 tendency to move right after the flash. Anyways,
                 YOU ARE CAMERA GOD, thank you. -op/pp
              \_ I thought TTL metering is by measuring the light reflected
                 off the film's surface, which has to happen when the shutter
                 is open.  No?  -- !OP
                 off the film's surface, which occurs only when the shutter is
                 open.  No?  -- !OP
                 \_ Actually, that's correct.  However, as far as I'm aware of,
                    no digital camera uses that technique.  I guess I should've
                    said E-TTL or something.  They're all just terms anyway.
                    dSLRs measure light before the shutter, and using a
                    separate preflash.  On old film cameras with "classic" TTL,
                    there was only one flash, which gets shut off in a hurry
                    when enough light has reached the sensor looking at the
                    film.  Whew!
           \_ Are you using the built-in flash?  I can try it out on mine
              tonight and see what happens.
              \_ Yeah I mean the built in flash.                -pp, op
                 \_ Can you give me more details of your setting?  E.g. are you
                    using P mode or M mode?  If M, what shttter speed?  Any
                    menu settings that you changed from the default values?
                    \_ I'm at work but let me see if I can remember. I used
                       the A mode, I almost open up the aperature to the
                       widest so that the shutter would be faster (1/30,
                       1/2, etc) at night time, hand held.
        \_ Depends on what you want to do (e.g. being portable vs. in a studio
           setting).  I use my D80 with an SB-28 and a Sigma EF 430 Super
           (neither of which are really compatible with D80) bouncing off two
           Photogenic Eclipse 45" umbrellas for soft lighting.  This way I
           have fleshlights for portability, and very soft lighting when I
                   \_ Amazing. Is it junior high in here?
           have flashlights for portability, and very soft lighting when I
           have flashes for portability, and very soft lighting when I
           don't need to move around.  Of course if I have the $$, I'd rather
           get some real strobes for the studio setting.
2008/5/12-16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49932 Activity:nil
5/12    Another big disaster in Asia in a week:
        "Death toll in China earthquake up to nearly 9,000"
        \_ my work place is full of mainlanders trying to get funding
           to help their fellow mainlanders. however, they're also the
           people who are insulted at FREE TIBET and LEAVE TAIWAN ALONE
           slogans and we've had heated arguments on this. why should i
           help people who just want to fuck your homeland?
           \_ It's nobody's business but China's, but hand over your donations.
              \_ Very few American knows that China donated 5 million US$
                 for the Katrina disaster (that's from the government alone)
                 because it was rarely, if at all, reported in the media.
                 But I guess most Americans consider New Orleans an hostile
                 alien regime that should be wiped out  anyway.
        \_ I'm pretty much as anti-PRC as a person can get, but getting
           the Premier out to the disaster sites and having him shouting
           to survivors to hang in there is poignant. Go, PLA, go!
           \_ It's funny how accidental deaths are only a concern to
              governments when they happen in a large enough spurt
              that there is intense media coverage.
2008/5/12-16 [Politics/Foreign] UID:49933 Activity:nil
5/12    Why is everyone calling it Myanmar?  Wasn't that the name given Burma
        by the same military junta that's not letting aid in now?
        \_ yes.
        \_ They aren't.  You still see news orginizations calling it Burma all
           the time.
        \_ Some are some aren't, some are calling it both.  If a thuggish
           govt. changes the name of a country, should be always continue to
           call it by the old name?   That seems like an odd policy.
        \_ Myanmar is also one of the old names for the region in the
           native tongue, according to a knowledgable friend.
           \_ Wikipedia weighs in: "Within the Burmese language, Myanmar is
              the written, literary name of the country, while Bama or Bamar
             (from which "Burma" derives) is the oral, colloquial name. In
              spoken Burmese, the distinction is less clear than the English
              transliteration suggests."
        \_ Calling it Burma strikes terror into the hearts of dictators
           everywhere!  They'll be a fully democratic country in a matter of
        \_ Why worry what Burma wants to be called in English? English has
           English-specific names for loads of cities and places, as do
           foreign languages for other places. If it was some kind of
           insulting name then maybe, but Rangoon vs. Yangon or whatever,
           nobody should pay attention to the junta.
2008/5/12-16 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:49934 Activity:nil
5/12    here is a fairly reasonable timeline, with notes, of Hans Reiser's
        actions up until his arrest:
        \_ zzzzz... MurderFS developer kills wife, goes to prison, justice
2008/5/12-16 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:49935 Activity:kinda low
5/12    Where does Google go next? Yes, it's making gobs of money. Yes, it's
        full of smart people. Yes, it's a wonderful place to work. So why
        are so many people leaving?  By Adam Lashinsky, senior writer
        \_ Maybe they don't have enough new business plan to require so many
           smart people?
           \_ It takes an army of PhDs to sell online ads!
        \_ Without turnover and recruitment stats, this article doesn't really
           say anything.  People will always leave companies, no matter how
           successful, and "I'm a pre-IPO employee at Google" is a ticket to
           anywhere.  How does Google's turnover compare with Yahoo's?  -tom
           \_ Why would you compare Google's turnover to Yahoo's? Even if
              it's lower, that doesn't support your implicit thesis that
              Google isn't having more turnover than would be "expected",
              considering Google is supposed to be more attractive than Yahoo.
              \_ Google will ALWAYS out-hire Yahoo, at least those who
                 are in their 20s, for several reasons. First of all,
                 it's atmosphere is not too different than Stanford
                 life. AMAZING FOOD (5 stars), laundry, amazing gym,
                 car wash, dentist, massage, GAMES GAMES GAMES, and
                 lots of restless and smart young people who like to
                 stay late and work on... stuff.
                 \_ The food is good but it sure as hell isn't 5 stars.
                    \_ True. They have over 50 cafes in the US (not just
                       mountain view) but only one of them is 5 star, and
                       it's not on campus for obvious reasons. Just like
                       all marketing bullshit like "Hey some of our
                       merchandize is 50% off!"
                 \_ ALWAYS is a really long time.
              \_ What is the "expected" rate of turnover?  Is Google's higher
                 than that?  Is Google's higher than its competitors' (assuming
                 there are any left?)  The article doesn't attempt to get at
                 meaningful questions; it lists half a dozen context-free
                 anecdotes.  -tom
                 \_ That's why "expected" is in quotes. No one can give an
                    absolute "expected" turnover rate for any company, only
                    some rate relative to its peer group. In particular,
                    Google's turnover rate compared to Yahoo doesn't support
                    your argument regardless of which way it goes.
                    \_ my argument is that the article is crap, and I think
                       that's pretty obvious.  -tom
                       \_ Okay, so no one need ever write any articles about
                          Google's hiring practices because they will all
                          necessarily be unsubstantiated crap.
                          \_ Nice straw man.  *This* article is crap.  -tom
                 \_ Google has always been secretive about things. Did you
                    expect this guy to give hard numbers on Google's actual
                    turnover rate compared to previous years? I'm sure he
                    would if he could. That doesn't mean you can't draw
                    conclusions based on those things that you can see
                    (e.g., perhaps a higher rate of turnover among the
                    executive ranks, which is far more obvious).
        \_ Some quotes I picked out:
           "They have a fantastic cash cow. They need a goat and a chicken."
           "I was surprised by the number of things that were being done
           [outside Google by former Google employees] that could have been
           done at Google."
           \_ What, you think noone outside of Google should write software?
              \_ I think it odd that so many people found Google to not
                 be the environment they wanted to write software in. Why
                 are the employees with good ideas not sharing them with
                 Google or, more ominously, why isn't Google recognizing
                 good ideas?
                 \_ You find it odd that people who worked for a cool startup
                    and made a whole bunch of money didn't want to keep
                    working there once it became large and therefore
                    different?  I would think that would be the expected
                    behavior.  -tom
                    \_ It's a brain drain, don't you think? That doesn't
                       concern you as GOOG shareholder? That the people
                       who helped build GOOG don't want to work there
                       anymore and took their ideas with them?
                       \_ Their ideas aren't very important. Goog is
                          still a 1-idea company and they can buy whatever
                          other startups these guys start. Those initial
                          employees were also just random lottery winners
                          according to the motd and are easily replaced.
                 \_ The only good ideas in Google are those that make
                    money. AdWord. AdSense. If it doesn't make money,
                    it's not a good idea.                       -X-G
                    \_ How is that different from every other company
                       in the United States?
                       \_ Lots of companies have "good" ideas that don't make
                          money., webvan, etc.  Yahoo will be there
                          before long.   -tom
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