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2008/5/10-16 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:49927 Activity:nil
5/10    psb are you Fair and Handsome Modern Indian Man?
        \- Bachnaa ae haseenon lo main aa gayaa [see below]
2008/5/10-16 [Computer/Rants, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:49928 Activity:nil
5/10    will more hot desi women move to the states, now that
        all of India is about to run out of water?
        \- No, they wll be moving to Australia, starting in August.
2008/5/10-16 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:49929 Activity:moderate
5/10    In Linux, is there a safe way to resize a mounted LVM
        ext3 partition?  I know you can do it with reiserfs.
        None of my partitions are in reiserfs.  I was thinking of
        converting to reiserfs, but then I don't want to wake up
        one morning and read how Linus has decreed no convicted
        murderers can touch his git repository now.
        \_ Yes. Search for ext2online.
        \_ Reiser might yet possibly succeed on an appeal. Did we have
           \_ HA! - danh
           much discussion about his trial here yet?
           \_ through sheer force of will that crank has posted his
              rantings on many many sites on the internet, it doesnt
              make it believable. is
              a better place to start.  or wade through the
              sfgate reiser blog articles. - danh
           After reading that I'm pretty dubious about how they could
           convict him in criminal court. Unless that page is leaving things
           \_ uh that is by a known crank... when he's not busy posting
              insane stuff about the reiser trial, he is pushing
              his guide to cross compiling in windows and linux
              and cygwin.  dont pay attention to him - danh
              \_ Just curious, is there something wrong with his cross-compile
                 \_ What does a cross compile guide have to do whether
                    Hans murdered his wife?
                    \_ I don't know either, but danh mentioned it like it
                       proves the pro-Reiser guy is a crank.  So, I'm curious.
                       \_ Pretend there is a forum for people commenting
                          on the Reiser trial.  Pretend there is a dude
                          who keeps posting about how the Jews have it in
                          for Reiser, it's obvious Nina's best friend
                          killed her, some more stuff about Jews, then
                          he posts his linux/windows cross compiling guide.
                          All the posts are by the same guy.  It is reasonable
                          to assume the dude is a crank.  Most of his posts
                          have been deleted from the sfgate news articles
                          and reiser trial blog, he just can't help himself
                          from ranting about the Holocaust myth.  It's the same
                          guy on the proronix forum, and it's the same guy
                          who is the only person who posts to the linux kernel
                          dev. lists from an AOL account. - danh
                          \_ Can we give him a soda account?
                             \_ No computer access allowed in jail.
           out. No body, no weapon, no direct evidence.
           \_ plenty of circumstantial evidence, plenty of motive,
              defendent did an amazing public job of destroying
              evidence. - danh
              \_ Then he should be tried for destroying evidence right?
                 \_ Destroying evidence, and getting caught destroying
                    evidence, before being tried for the murder of your
                    wife is looked upon poorly by jury.
                 \_ The prosecutor was able to bring up the reasonable
                    argument of "Why would Hans destroy the interior of
                    his car, wash it out with a hose, and tell the jury
                    a completely implausible story about his actions,
                    if he were not guilty of murder?"
                    \_ That may be a reasonable argument, but not
                       beyond reasonable doubt (w.r.t. implausibility)
                       \_ It's simple: kill your wife, go to jail.  Very
                          reasonable.  Writing a filesystem is not a get out
                          of jail free card.
                 What exactly was the circumstantial evidence? The car
                 seat? That doesn't seem to hold up to the reasonable
                 \_ You should look up the photos of the CRX interior.  A funny
                    thing is it wasnt even his own car.  So he ripped out
                    the passenger seat, the carpeting in the interior,
                    and the trunk interior, and just sort of lost it and
                    says he doesn't remember where he dumped it.  Plus
                    he hosed it out with a garden hose.  Then he claimed
                    he did all of this so he could sleep in his car.
                    In a storage unit.  In Manteca.  Then on the stand he
                    said oh nevermind about all that cat stuff, I only
                    spent 1 night in it.
                    \_ He ripped out the carpeting? I thought they said
                      \_  First, remember this isn't his car.  He got rid
                          of the passenger seat.  He got rid of the interior
                          carpeting of the trunk.  He cut out the interor
                          carpet of the backseat of the car (remember a CRX
                          has more of a 'bench' back there, not a full seat)
                          On the witness stand he said he was doing to
                          make some kind of futon back there.  The prosecutor
                          had a lot of fun picking that argument apart.
                          ok I don't remember what happened to the interior
                          carpet on the passenger side.  He did hose out
                          that area (he claimed he was cleaning his car.
                          Who the hell hoses out their car?).  The Oakland
                          PD inventory report said there was a couple of
                          inches of water in the soggy carpeting, when
                          the car was confiscated as evidence.
                          Hans claimed he slept in the car, even when it
                          was in this soggy state.
                          \_ See what I really need is an accurate account
                             of the trial. All I have so far is the thing
                             from the "crank" and useless articles like
                             the wired one below.
                             \_ yes, obviously you "need" that so you can
                                try to prove what you already want to
                                believe.  The people who saw it all
                                convicted him.
                                \_ No, obviously you're a douchebag.
                                   I'm not trying to prove anything.
                                   I'm skeptical and looking for info.
                                   Juries aren't always right.
                                   You're a douchebag.
                                   \_ There's a ton of info about it all over
                                      the net.  Pick your source.  The rest of
                                      us figured it out already.  He's a cold
                                      blooded killer.  --someone else
                       there was wet carpet in the car? Supposedly he
                       did not have a real place to live and had
                       financial problems so trying to live in the car
                       \_ he could have slept at a friend's house.
                          it makes no sense that he would store his car
                          in a storage unit, in manteca, then sleep in it.
                          he took a lot of weird trips in the car to
                          Fairfield, Reno, Truckee, and Manteca, even
                          on days he was supposed to be in court
                          for the custody of his kids.  His own mother
                          was unable to entire the house for a few weeks
                          because the police were searching the house
                          for evidence, she stayed with friends, like
                          a normal person.  Maybe Hans has no friends.
                                It doesn't appear that he does. _/
                                Are weird trips evidence of guilt,
                                or just weirdness?  Was he somehow
                                driving around disposing of body parts?
                                \_ Maybe!  He spent a big chunk of his
                                   testimony saying how much he loved
                                   his kids, and lived for his kids.
                                   There was a hearing for the custody
                                   of his children.  Nina couldn't make
                                   it since she was busy being a missing
                                   person.  Hans spent the day doing
                                   some unknown thing in Truckee.
                                   \_ Hans and Nina were together in Truckee.
                                      Hans + Nina_corpse + shovel spending a
                                      family day in Truckee.
                       doesn't seem completely implausible. Forgetting
                       where he put the car seat does seem implausible
                       though. I'd like to see a timeline of events
                       that isn't
                       doesn't seem completely implausible. Forgetting
                       where he put the car seat does seem implausible
                       though. I'd like to see a timeline of events
                       that isn't from a "known crank". Where did you
                       get your information?
                 doubt criterion. Reiser is clearly a weird dude. But
                 for example it's not criminal to evade surveillance or
                 buy police investigation books.
                 \_ It is criminal, and extremely stupid, to get on
                    the witness stand and lie to the jury
                 It seems to me that
                 Reiser's extreme social weirdness made the jurors and
                 judge hate him. I haven't seen a logical story of how
                 the killing theoretically happened.
                 It seems to me that Reiser's extreme social weirdness made
                 the jurors and judge hate him. I haven't seen a logical story
                 of how the killing theoretically happened.
                 \_ I posted a reasonable timeline in a different link.
                    sure, everyone hates hans.  he weirdly spent 10 days on
                    the stand telling everyone what a horrible human his wife
                    was.  if you're on trial for the murder of your
                    wife, as your internet lawyer I recommend DONT DO THAT
                    \_ No, I came around to the general consensus after reading
                       more. But just from an entertainment/murder mystery
                       perspective I am pretty curious exactly what he did
                       and how it fits with the timeline. It's odd that he
                       did most of the most suspicious things after he was
                       already under police surveillance. His recorded
                       phone call response to the wife's friend was pretty
                       flamingly guilty. This dude has serious issues. He
                       seems to have near-zero social sense/empathy.
                       \_ I think it's weird there is no body.  I do not think
                          Hans is/was clever enough to make a body disappear.
                          \_ I think he was probably quite clever in specific
                             narrow ways. I mean, if he hadn't sabotaged
                             his own trial he might now be a free man. Or if
                             he hadn't said certain things that only a
                             social retard would say.
                 \_ no, his ridiculous eye-rolling lies made them hate him.
           This has nothing to do with your question of course.
           \_ Here's Wired's take:
              He seems to have been mostly convicted on the 'strength'
              of his own testimony.
              Not sure why it's first-degree though.
              \_ Why did his attorney have him testify at all? Sounds like a
                 \_ His attorney didnt.  Hans did.  Hans threatened to
                    fire his attorney.  I guess his attorney relented.
                    Hans is dumb.
              \_ jury thought he lured his wife to his house, with the
                 children, on a weekend when he wasn't scheduled to
                 see the children.  also there are some interesting
                 ways to interpret 'with pre meditated motive'.  you
                 don't have to plan your crime for days and days
                 beforehand. - danh
                 \_ Doesn't that seem flimsy? Is that premedidation beyond
                    reasonable doubt?
                    \_ I thought first degree was a bit excessive,
                       but he did annoy the crap out of the jury.  He
                       should have stayed off the stand.
                    \_ "Hey Nina come on over so I can whack you dead, bury you
                       out in nowhere and lie my way into jail!"  It was very
                       clearly first degree.  After he killed her he gave a
                       zillion different stupid stories on the stand, never
                       said, "oh oops sorry, I killed her in a fit of rage
                       because xyz" or anything else a reasonable person could
                       believe.  Justice was well served.
           \_ Reiser did all sorts of things which removed "reasonable"
              doubt.  I believe the jury returned the correct verdict
              given the evidence.
2008/5/10-15 [Health] UID:49930 Activity:nil
5/10    entrepreneurial San Diego state students meet their tuition
        increases creatively:
        Early last Tuesday morning, officers with the Drug Enforcement
        Administration paid a visit to the Theta Chi fraternity. They
        came with a search warrant—and a battering ram they used to crash
        through the door. It was the culmination of a five-month sting that
        netted 4 pounds of cocaine, 350 Ecstasy pills, 50 pounds of marijuana,
        30 vials of hash oil, $60,000 in cash and two guns, one of them
        taped to a bed frame.
        \_ I've never heard of 'hash oil' before. What do you do with it?
           Fry up hash Chupaquesos?
           \_ I see you did not live in the co-ops.
           \_ Wikipedia helpfully suggests you smoke it.
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