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2008/5/5-9 [Reference/Tax, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49881 Activity:nil
5/5     Comrade!  "Reasonable Profits Board"
        \_ I think the US did this before, but I don't remember the circumstances.
        \_ they were talkin windfall profits back in the 80's too.  question is
        \_ I think the US did this before, but I don't remember the
        \_ they were talking windfall profits back in the 80's too.
           question is
           if you let the market ration the consumption back to the supply,
           the prices necessarily go up.  a lot.  Who gets the money from that?
           The people in control of the supply.
2008/5/5 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:49882 Activity:nil
5/5     10000 dead from one storm:
2008/5/5-8 [Health/Disease/General] UID:49883 Activity:nil
5/5     It's interesting that when I visit, the top story
        headline reads "Yahoo Shares Tumble ...".
        \_ "... Perfect Time to Buy!"
        \_ I personally think it's a diabolical plan by Microsoft to step
           in and buy Yahoo in a hostile takeover, after their stock
           loses billions and billions.
2008/5/5-8 [Uncategorized] UID:49884 Activity:nil
2008/5/5-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:49885 Activity:moderate
5/5     Any recommendations for data recovery software for NTFS partitions?
        I have an NTFS partition that produces this error in linux:
          "ntfs_read_inode_mount(): Couldn't find first extent of $DATA attribute
           in attribute list. $MFT is corrupt. Run chkdsk"
        \_ Eh... I'd try it with a real windows box before assuming the
           partition is bad.  NTFS itself is pretty solid.  How old is the
           \_ Thanks. I don't know how old it is. The SMART data great condition with no
              realocated, uncorredcable, or pending sectors. I'm imaging the disk right now
           \_ Thanks. I don't know how old it is. The SMART data great
              condition with no reallocated, uncorrectable, or pending
              sectors. I'm imaging the disk right now
              and I'll hook it up to a windows box tomrrow..
              \_ Could be that the partition is corrupt if your SMART data is
                 clean in which case I'd be thinking it was a bug in your
                 linux ntfs drivers or the filesystem suffered damaged due to
                 a power outage or something.  Please post what happens when
                 a windows box gets a chance to check the volume.
                 \_ The error message is "E:\ is not accessible
                    The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."
                    CHKDSK confirms "Corrupt Master FIle Table"
                    It think the MFT (Master File Table) is corrupt.
                    so I think I need some software that can recover it?
                    Does Windows XP try to read the second and third backup
                    MFT? Does this mean they are corrupt as well?
                    Time to send the drive to Lazarus?
                    Can software recover this?
                    \_ Ew.  Time for third party recovery tools.  You're
                       working on a dd'd copy on the windows box, yes?  I'm
                       thinking maybe a third party low level fixit tool could
                       repair/move/replace the bad sectors (assuming this is
                       the problem) on the original drive.  At this point it is
                       still difficult to say if the damage is because of a fs
                       bug or you had a fixable crash.  In any event, if the
                       data has value, see if a recovery tool can scrape your
                       data off the dd'd copy, wipe the original and move on.
                        \_ I'm using scalpel for linux on the dd image. Sofar
                           it's working great recovering data. BTW, there are no
                           bad sectors on the drive, it got corrupted by a botched
                           repair that I wasn't involved in..
                           \_ Ooooooh.... Ok, definitely time for recovery
                              tools to scrape your data off.  99% likely the
                              prior attempt mangled something worse than it
                              already was.  If they had let a windows box do
                              the original repair it very likely would have
                              recovered but too late now.
2008/5/5-8 [Health/Disease/General, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:49886 Activity:low
5/5     "Who should MDs let die in a pandemic? Report offers answers"
        \_ I vote for football players, then politicians, then lawyers
        \_ Very old people, people with chronic conditions, people who
           have other problems making them likely to die.  Thing is,
           amongst the rest, who gets allowed to die?  Males?
           \_ The obvious answer is the ALPHA MALE. One Alpha breeds
              with all the females.
              \_ You Mormon!
        \_ Welcome to triage.
        \_ In a real pandemic everyone is going to die.  The doctors won't have
           a cure right away, if ever, and no one is going to run around asking
           victims to see their driver's license, prior medical, financial and
           educational history before treatment.  This is just silly stuff.
2008/5/5-9 [Reference/BayArea] UID:49887 Activity:high
5/5     LA, #9 worst city for commuters.
        \_ What you should have noted is that SF came in at #10 for all of
           the talk about how SF does things right and LA doesn't.
           \_ *LAUGH*. You can escape SF by going to San Mateo, Sunnyvale,
              San Jose. But with LA, you never really arrive or leave
              LA, it is just a big blob of land that never cease to
              end. LA is everything and anything. Santa Monica, Culver City,
              San Dimas, Pasadena, Walnut, Chino, etc. That's all LA.
              You never get to LA, nor do you ever leave LA.
              \_ WTF?
              \_ No shit. If you want a real taste of LA, drive some street
                 like Foothill or Rosemead from end to end. It is amazing
                 how you can drive and see 20 miles of strip malls.
                 \_ And this is just so totally unlike the Bay Area. Not.
                    \_ I have never seen anything like it anywhere else.
                       What do we have like that? East 14th Street?
                       \_ Have you never driven south out of San Francisco
                          into Silicon Valley or east to Livermore?!
                          \_ Weak comparisons. Sorry.
                          \_ You know, I will accept Camino Real as a pretty
                             good comparison.
           \_ That is not really SF, that is Bay Area they are talking about.
              No one already in SF needs to cross a bridge to get to SF.
              \_ The topic is "worst cities for __commuters__". No one in
                 downtown LA needs to commute to get to downtown LA either.
                 \_ You do if you live in The Valley and work downtown.
                    \_ Are you dense? Reread what I wrote.
                       \_ You're the dumb fuck. It's not clear what
                          LA means in the URL.          !op !pp
                          \_ What does this mean:
                             "No one in downtown LA needs to commute to get to
                              downtown LA either." ?
                              Where does The Valley factor into that?
                              \_ not the op but The Valley is an unincorporated
                                 city of LA, and therefore, it is LA.
                                 \_ BUT IT'S NOT DOWNTOWN
                                 \_ Not even unincorporated. Most of the Valley
                                    is in LA proper. So plenty of people who
                                    actually live in LA have hour long commutes
                                    downtown. No one who actually lives in the
                                    city of SF does.
                                    \_ That's just because SF is tiny, not
                                       because it's somehow better. Think
                                       of SF as "downtown Bay Area" which
                                       it is functionally. Besides, it
                                       doesn't take an hour to get from
                                       Studio City or Encino to downtown.
                                       \_ Google maps says "up to 1 hour
                                          and 20 minutes in traffic" from
                                          Encino to Downtown. 1 hr and 30
                                          minutes from Encino. The whole
                                          minutes from Northridge. The whole
                                          point is that SF is built to human
                                          scale and LA is not.
                                          \_ So "human scale" involves
                                             commuting from Pleasanton to
                                             your job in downtown SF? Please.
                                             The Bay Area is just as sprawling.
                                             Don't focus on political
                                             boundaries to make a point
                                             about how SF is so much
                                             better. I mean, hey, we might
                                             as well compare SF County to
                                             LA County but that ignores
                                             all of the people who work in
                                             SF but don't live there which
                                             people seem to want to count
                                             to prove SF is a 'big city'
                                             but exclude when it makes SF
                                             the 10th worst city for commuters.
                                             Still better than LA, but not
                                             as much as SF residents make
                                             it out to be. I think it's
                                             interesting that:
                                             1. 8 cities were worse than LA
                                             2. SF was only one place below
                                             BTW, LA is so sprawling
                                             because of the street cars.
                                             Without public transit it
                                             would probably be much more
                                             compact. Public transit
                                             screwed up LA.
                                             \_ don't let the facts get in
                                                your way:
                                                \_ I knew you would come
                                                   running. However, you
                                                   don't know much about LA.
                                                   That's obvious from all
                                                   the discussions we've
                                                   had on MOTD. Look at
                                                   this map:
                                                   According to Wikipedia
                                                   the Red Car system
                                                   extended all the way to
                                                   Riverside and San Bernardino.
                                                   LARy or the Yellow Cars
                                                   (your map) were just
                                                   the trolleys that made
                                                   up a small part of the
                                                   system (the most dense
                                                   part). Google "Red Car" or
                                                   "Pacific Electric Railway".
                                                   I know a lot about the
                                                   railway system and as
                                                   you would expect
                                                   development happened
                                                   along the PER routes,
                                                   which is exactly what
                                                   Mr. Huntington wanted
                                                   as he bought up the
                                                   land around the routes
                                                   in advance. People
                                                   would have never
                                                   developed so much so
                                                   far away from the city
                                                   center in those days
                                                   (~1925) without the
                                                   existence of the PER.
                                                   You are welcome.
                                                   \_ I bet LA wishes it had
                                                      that railway system now.
                                                      \_ Well, yeah, since
                                                         the city was built
                                                         around it and then it
                                                         was dismantled.
                                                         However, it would've
                                                         been better had it
                                                         never existed at all.
                                                         \_ yeah, like Phoenix!
                                                            \_ I don't want to
                                                               get into
                                                               Phoenix, but I
                                                               will note it was
                                                               not on this list
                                                               and SF was.
                                             \_ Pleasanton is the exception
                                                in the Bay Area while The Valley
                                                in the Bay Area while The
                                                is the standard in the LA area.
                                                It is quite hard to find decent
                                                places to live near work in LA,
                                                though they do exist (Silverlake
                                                though they do exist
                                                Hancock Park, Santa Monica) but
                                                it is easy in the Bay Area. They
                                                it is easy in the Bay Area.
                                                both have sucky sprawl, it is
                                                just worse in LA.
                                                \_ Actually, San Francisco
                                                   proper seems to be the
                                                   exception. Nowhere else
                                                   in the Bay Area is similar
                                                   and geography plays a big
                                                   part in why that is so.
                                                   \_ Oakland, Albany, Berkeley
                                                      are all very much like the
                                                      and Daly City are all
                                                      very much like the
                                                      residential parts of SF.
                                                      \_ Not really. They
                                                         are just from the
                                                         same era and so
                                                         the architecture
                                                         is similar. I
                                                         don't think anyone
                                                         would confuse Albany
                                                         with SF.
                                    \_ Look, dimwit already told you that
                                                         \_ You haven't been to
                                                            the Westwood Park
                                                            neighborhood in SF.
                                                            The important thing
                                                            is the density and
                                                            land use patterns,
                                                            not the architecture
                                                            \_ I don't think I
                                                               have. So you're
                                                               telling me that
                                                               there's some
                                                               neighborhood in
                                                               SF which then
                                                               typifies what?
        It is not that atypical. There are many more similar
        It is not that atypical. There are dozens more simlar
        to it. The truth is, you don't know much about SF, so
        you say all kinds of silly things like "SF is similar
        to downtown LA" Do 824k people live in Downtown LA?
        \_ SF is similar to downtown LA. There are suburban areas close
           to downtown also. Sure, downtown LA is only 40K people but
           it is still apt to say:
           SF:Bay Area::Downtown LA:Greater Los Angeles
           There are a lot of reasons this doesn't hold (main one being
           that downtown LA is not really the hub of jobs that SF is)
           but you also have to realize that LA is bigger than SF, too.
           I could say: "Do 3M people live in SF?" or "Is SF 470 square
           miles?" It is reasonable to view SF at the center of the
           larger Bay Area. The Bay Area is considered to be 7000 square
           miles. LA is considered to be 5000 square miles (actually
           34000, but lots of that is boonies). I think in terms of size
           the regions are comparable and so it is not fair to single out
           SF for better or worse when discussing the Bay Area. Direct SF
           (city) versus Los Angeles (city) comparisons do not make sense,
           which is why it makes more sense to compare the dense parts of
           the Bay Area (SF) to the dense parts of LA (downtown to Santa
           Monica) or to compare the sprawling parts of the Bay Area (East
           and South Bay) to the Greater LA Area.
           and South Bay) to the Greater LA Area. I know SF pretty well
           given that I went to school at UCB and spent a lot of time
           there. I won't claim to have been to every single area in SF,
           but I went to enough to know that low density single story SFR
           housing is not that common in SF and is very common in, say, Albany.
        No. It is not just SF that has land use patterns that
        enable a walkable neighborhood with good transit. I
        agree that some, maybe even most of the Bay Area is
        as spread out as LA, but not all of the Bay Area
        outside The City is. I am kind of curious, are you
        starting to come around to the idea that planning
        is a good idea, or are you just arguing for the
        sake of it?
        \_ Where did I ever allude to planning being a bad idea other than
           the ridiculousness of "master planned communities"? Without
           zoning you get Texas.
                                    \_ Look, dimwit already told you that
                                       his work/living arrangement is unique
                                       in LA and that he's better off than
                                       90% of the Angelenos, hence LA is a
                                       good place to live. Stop trolling ,
                                       asshole.         -dimwit #1 fan
                                       \_ Actually, it does sound like dim has
                                          a pretty good arrangement. If everyone
                                          a pretty good arrangement.
                                          If everyone
                                          in LA lived like him, it wouldn't
                                          have the problems that it has.
                                          \_ I would live in LA in a second
                                             over the crappy Silicon Valley
                                             area, which is why I moved.
                                             Silicon Valley is like SF's
                                             Orange County except it doesn't
                                             have any beaches. Yuck. Does
                                             anyone really like San Jose?
                                             I think people in the Bay
                                             Area like to pretend San Jose
                                             is not part of SF Bay Area because
                                             they are so ashamed of it.
                                             \_ San Jose isn't very different
                                                from Irvine. One does have a much
                                                higher HOA and restrictions though
                                                from Irvine. One does have a
                                                much higher HOA and
                                                restrictions though.
                                                \_ I wouldn't live in Irvine
                                                   either, but Irvine is
                                                   much nicer than San Jose.
        \_ Commuting from the Richmond to downtown could easily take 1 hour
           on the 38 Geary. Even from North Beach which is only 2.5 miles, I
           on the 38 Geary. Even from North Beach which is only 2 miles, I
           have waited 40 min for an F Castro trolley.
           \_ Funny, I commute from Richmond (the city) to downtown SF, and it
              typically takes an hour, most of that on BART. -ERic
           \_ Hey, if you walked, it might take even longer. How long would
              it take if you crawled on your hands and knees?
              it take if you crawled on your hands and knees? From end to
              end on the 38L takes 33 minutes. Only a tourist or a moron
              would try to commute on the F.
              \_ I lived a block from the F, dimwit. And 33 minutes to travel
                 4 miles. Yeah, that's really reasonable. How crowded do the
                 38L's get again?
                 \_ You cannot speak badly about glorious San Francisco,
                    comrade. The BART is always on time and never full
                    when it arrives and the citizenry smells like roses.
                 \_ Whether 33 minutes is reasonable or not is tangential
                    to the fact that it is considerably less than 1 hour.
                    I would rather stand for 1/2 hr on a crowded, swaying
                    bus, than sit for 1 1/2 hrs on a hellish freeway, but
                    each to their own, I guess. You should have walked to
                    the 10 and taken it instead of the F, by the way.
                    \_ I prefer 2 hours in my comfy Honda Accord Hybrid
                       to/from Pasadena than 1/2 hour smelling a bunch of
                       hippies and communists. Oak Grove Dr is a heaven
                       compared to say, BART.
                       \_ I prefer a half hour walk along tree lined
                          streets to riding in a vehicle at all.
2008/5/5-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49888 Activity:low 61%like:49921
5/5     10000 dead from one storm:
        "The United States said the junta had so far refused to allow an
        American disaster team in to assess damage to follow up on an
        emergency U.S. contribution of $250,000."
        \_ 22000 now.
        \_ Is Myanmar denying international aid in order to strengthen its
           Junta to outside:    No we don't want your aid.  Go away.
           Junta to citizens:   We've been asking for international aid but
                                nobody came!  See?  The West is evil.
           \_ Citizens to Junta: We're dying of dysentary and malaria. We
                                 don't care how evil they are, please let them
              \_ That is only if the citizens know the fact that the aid is
                 not missing, but is being refused.
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