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2008/4/27-5/4 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Airplane] UID:49839 Activity:nil
4/27    Dear dim guru, I need your advice. I have a very good job in
        Santa Monica and my fiancee has a very good job in San Dimas.
        We've compromised and decided to rent a place in Pasadena to
        see how things will work out. However, I'm afraid that
        a few months into this trial period we'll both be burned out
        by traffic fatique and road rage. What is your advice?
        \_ Get a job in Pasadena. -!dim
        \_ The commute from Pasadena to Santa Monica will suck more than
           anyone can imagine.
           \_ My gf commuted from Pasadena to Venice. She did it a year
              before she got an apartment on the Westwide (Westwood).
              \_ A few things. Venice is a dump. Westside (Westwood) tends
                 to be expensive, and dumpy as hell. Their major arteries
                 are Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, Pico, Lincoln. It
                 takes LITERALLY 30 minutes to travel 5 miles. My god, I
                 can't believe people actually WANT to live on the Westside.
                 The jobs are ok but the lifestyle sucks. People go to S Cal
                 because they don't know any better. Fucking dumb S Cal
                 Hicks                                  -bitter x-S-Cal
2008/4/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:49840 Activity:nil
4/27    FBI investigates rare US abduction case - Yahoo! News:
        "We have a ransom situation here. In the United States, kidnappings
        for ransom are very rare,"
        Very rare?  Really?
        \_ Why is that so hard to understand?  As much as us motd posters
           love to hate America and where it's going, we do have a reasonable
           system of laws and law enforcement.  If you kidnap someone
           for ransom, you're probably not going to be able to use your
           ill gotten gains, and you will probably be caught.  This is not
           the case in certain other parts of the world.
        \_ Rare enough that the FBI's Uniform Crime Report doesn't
           even list it as a category. You may also want to see
           the Wikipedia entry on "kidnapping."
2008/4/27-5/4 [Reference/BayArea] UID:49841 Activity:low
4/27    Are the followings good comparisons?
        N Cal           S Cal
        -----           -----
        East Oakland    Compton?
                        \_ Oakland as a whole is pretty comparable to
                           Long Beach
        Gilroy          San Dimas
        Livermore       Riverside
        San Jose        Irvine?
                        \_ Cerritos?
        Atherton        Malibu?
        Half Moon Bay   Morro Bay?
        Stanford        Pasadena/San Marino
        \_ Berkeley     Venice
                        \_ Santa Monica - ppl in SoCal call it
                           "Peoples Republic of..." just like Berkeley
           \_ Good one. Both dumpy as shit.
        San Francisco   There can only be one
                        \_ #t
                        \_ West Hollywood (it's a gay little party town)
                           \_ West Hollywood is excellent, cool clubs/bars
2008/4/27-5/4 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:49842 Activity:low
4/27    2008 foreclosure data from LA Times. See a trend?,0,6822047.htmlstory?ZIPCODE=90401
        90401 Santa Monica:     0 foreclosure
        90266 Manhattan Beach:  1/7917 homes in foreclosure
        90263 Malibu:           1/7518 homes in foreclosure
        90275 Rancho Palos Verdes: 1/2665 homes in foreclosure
        92651 Laguna Beach:     1/2517 homes in foreclosure
        90230 Culver City:      1/2003 homes in foreclosure
        91101 Pasadena:         1/1731 homes in foreclosure
        90292 Marina del Rey:   1/1329 homes in foreclosure
        91006 Arcadia:          1/984 homes in foreclosure
        91773 San Dimas         1/688 homes in foreclosure
        91360 Thousand Oaks:    1/570 homes in foreclosure
        91303 Canoga Park:      1/438 homes in foreclosure
        93065 Simi Valley:      1/398 homes in foreclosure
        91702 Azusa:            1/377 homes in foreclosure
        91701 Rancho Cucamonga: 1/321 homes in foreclosure
        91307 West Hills:       1/268 homes in foreclosure
        92701 Santa Ana:        1/235 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        91710 Chino:            1/221 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        90220 Compton:          1/221 homes in foreclosure Gang Alert
        91350 Santa Clarita:    1/221 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        90240 Downey:           1/220 homes in foreclosure
        92501 Riverside:        1/219 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        91354 Valencia:         1/162 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        92201 Indio:            1/142 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        92860 Norco:            1/120 homes in foreclosure BOONEY REDNECKS
        92879 Corona:           1/106 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        92534 Lancaster:        1/101 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        92562 Murrieta:         1/86 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        93550 Palmdale:         1/67 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        \_ Dude, this is waaay too much data for the motd. Just give us
           the URL.
        \_ What's the trend?  I don't see it.
           \_ The trend is that expensive, highly desirable areas that are
              close to job centers and/or beaches have low foreclosure rates.
              Places where housing costs are a fraction have much higher
              foreclosure rates. This is fully expected and not a surprise at
           \_ Suburbs = PIECE OF SHIT
              Urban = desirable
              As oil price shoots up the roof, this will be even more
              \_ Um, no. The data above does not say that at all. Palos Verdes,
                 Malibu, and Manhattan Beach are all very much suburban.
                 \_ These suburbs are an exception to the rule. They're
                    right by oceans and are conveniently close to cities.
                    Now look at the bottom of the list. They're all in
                    the middle of nowhere and the closest civilization
                    to them are Walmarts.
2008/4/27-5/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Recreation/Dating] UID:49843 Activity:low
4/27    hey motd boob guy, have a i got a video for you:
        \_ well breast milk contains a lot of good stuff that makes
           people strong. I mean, there's been a lot of link between
           stopping breast milk too early and childhood allergies,
           diseases, bone marrow, etc. Basically breastfeeding allows
           children to assimilate antigens and "learn" what is good/bad
           and how to fight diseases. Kudos for breastfeeding till you're
           a teen. Maybe this is the medical breakthrough we've been
           waiting for.
           \_ Er, d'you really wanna suck YERMOM's titties thru your
              teen years?  I mean, ick.
              \_ Socially taboo != medical science. Let science do its
                 job, then judge later.
              \_ There is another way this could work: lactating women
                 could allow people other than their children to feed.
                 Perhaps this could become a new social standard: "Ma'am
                 I am feeling a bit peaked, mind if I suckle your breasts"
                 "Why certainly, sir, latch on as long as you like!"
                 "Why certainly, sir, have as much as you like!"
                 \_ Women might go for this--it turns out it's a great
                    way for women to drop weight.  It's a pure calorie
              (All about Islamic breast feeding & related fatwa)
           \_ I think breastfeeding into early childhood is fine, but
              breastfeeding as the only source of food is not.  After one year
              of childbirth, the breast milk gets pretty waterly.  It might
              still contain abundant antibodies, but it certainly doesn't
              contain enough nutrients for body growth.
           \_ I wonder what bad effect there is to the person's sex life later
              if one is breastfed past toddler age.
              \_ Why don't you ask motd boob guy?
2008/4/27-5/4 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:49844 Activity:nil
4/27    Let's say I'm someone famous and SNL/Mad TV keeps making fun of
        me like it does with all famous people. Let's say it is outrageous
        and they portray me as a child molester in my Santa Barbara
        mansion. At what point can I sue SNL/Mad TV for libel?
        \_ Never, see Falwell vs. Hustler.
        \_ If you can sue media for libel, South Park wouldn't be
           airing would it? Nothing is as worse as South Park.
           \_ Except, possibly, your grammar.
        \_ whenever you feel like it.  Of course, your suit will likely be
           thrown out of court and you'll be wasting lawyer dollars.
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