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2008/4/25-30 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:49827 Activity:nil
4/25    Riding your bicycle on THE 10 and THE 405. Further proof that
        LA is a total dump full of dimwits on the road.
        \_ Huh? How does this video show that LA is full of dimwits?  Because
           of traffic?  Honestly, those bike guys were pulling some pretty
           stupid crap.
2008/4/25-5/2 [Transportation/Car] UID:49828 Activity:kinda low
4/24    Los Angeles is bleeding with foreclosures:,0,3014082.photogallery?index=12
        PS Talking to the trashy ppl there I always knew how dumpy
        Lancaster and Palmdale were. At foreclosure rate of 1/59 and
        1/67, you have to wonder why people there are so irresponsible
        with their finances. On the other hand, it's surprising
        to me that a city as dumpy as Venice and Santa Monica have much
        fewer foreclosures than Lancaster and Palmdale.
        \_ These areas also attract people who love MONSTER TRUCK and
           NASCAR. I mean, it's always been known that people who live
           far from civilization are lower forms of life. The saddest
           thing is that people like you and me end up bailing them out
           of their misery.
        \_ Santa Monica is pretty much the only place in LA I would
           consider living in. Maybe Malibu if I was so rich I didn't
           have to drive anywhere. -Liberal SF Elitist
        \_ Santa Monica is a shithole, but for a while it was more expensive
           than Beverly Hills in terms of median price for a SFR. There
           are a lot of wealthy people that live there and demand to live there
           is high there so it stands to reason foreclosures would be low
           compared to poor, undesirable Lancaster and Palmdale.
           \_ If it is a shithole, why do so many wealthy people want to
              live there?
              \_ A lot of people new to LA think it's where they want to live.
                 Also, the location has close proximity to lots of high-paying
                 jobs so it's convenient. SM does have some nice areas in
                 the north, but those houses costs millions and are out of
                 the north, but those houses cost millions and are out of
                 reach of most people. Think of SM like Berkeley. Berkeley
                 is an expensive crime-ridden shithole,  but that doesn't
                 mean there aren't some nice places in the Berkeley Hills.
                 \_ Where in LA isn't a shithole?
                    \_ Lots of places including Pacific Palisades, Palos
                       Verdes, Bel Air, Malibu, most of the canyons, SF
                       \_ and yet, you still have to drive through the
                          shithole freeways like the I-10 and I-405.
                          You can live in a nice home but if it takes
                          so much effort to get from A to B, it's still
                          a shithole.
                       Valley south of Ventura Blvd, La Canada, San
                       Marino, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa
                       Beach. Almost any place near a beach or the
                       mountains/hills. Lots of Orange County is nice,
                       \_ yet you still have to deal with LA traffic.
                          Lots of traffic in Orange County. You're
                          confusing nice homes and neighbors and nice
                          quality of living. Traffic and road rage and
                          congestions and pollution != quality of living.
                          You may live in the nicest home in Irvine but
                          you're still in hell. I guess dimwitted
                          Angelenos will never get it.
                          \_ I live 8 miles from work and take the street
                             to get there. Dealing with traffic, whether
                             in LA, SF, Seattle, or Des Moines, is a
                             personal choice. I'd say SF is more congested
                             \_ LA is a really great place if you never have
                                to drive the same reason why Las Vegas is a
                                really great place to live as long as you never
                                have to leave your huge Vegas mansion.
                             and I dunno about pollution but it's better
                             than it was in the 1970s which is more than
                             can be said about most places. I have a
                             mountain view, experience lots of wildlife,
                             enjoy the warm weather, and love being near
                             world-class shopping, entertainment, museums,
                             and educational institutions. Last weekend I
                             hiked in the snow and walked along the beach
                             in the same day. To me, this (California) is
                             paradise. It's just that LA is a bit warmer
                             and has a bit more going for it than SF. SF
                             and San Diego are nice, too, but much more
                             provincial in comparison. Maybe I'll retire there.
                             \_ If everyone in LA lived 8 miles from work,
                                traffic problem would be less of an issue
                                today. I've lived in LA 1/2 of my life and
                                MOST ppl there don't have the luxury of living
                                so close to where they work, or they simply
                                don't want to live so close to work given
                                how shady some of the commercial zones are.
                                In addition the clear commercial/residential
                                zoning that was in place decades ago really
                                segmented everyone in LA, though a lot
                                of positive changes have happened (e.g.
                                the trend to push for mixed used developments
                                like the Redevelopment of LA and the Playa
                                Vista project). If you live 8 miles from where
                                you work, enjoy your career choices in the
                                proximity of where you live, it doesn't
                                matter where you live. Consider yourself
                                blessed because you're in a much better
                                position than 90% of the Angelinos.  -x-LAer
                                \_ Proximity to work is a choice we all
                                   make. Some people in the Bay Area work
                                   in SF and live in Livermore. My sister
                                   lives in Walnut Creek and used to
                                   commute to Tiberon. You can make those
                                   choices anywhere. It's more difficult
                                   if you are a two-income family, since
                                   it's harder to live close to two jobs,
                                   but I don't see this as an issue specifically
                                   related to LA. Even if you work in a
                                   sketchy area there is usually a nice
                                   area not too far away. Else, don't
                                   accept a job in that sketchy area.
                                   People like to blame LA for their own
                                   personal lousy choices. I knew a couple
                                   that moved to LA from Colorado. They
                                   lived in Valencia. The guy worked in
                                   Palmdale on the Space Shuttle and his
                                   wife worked as an EE in Irvine. They
                                   hated it here. Could it possibly be
                                   because of the shitty situation they
                                   set up for themselves involving long
                                   commutes and boring suburbs? I'd hate
                                   it, too. They went back to Colorado
                                   within 2 years. Lots of people do
                                   equally stupid things. A lot of my
                                   \_ Valencia and Irvine is a stupid choice
                                      and they would have done better had
                                      they moved to a place with more nearby
                                      related industries. Just as stock brokers
                                      move to NYC or actors move to LA
                                      engineers should move to N Cal.
                                      I'm an engineer and I've gone through
                                      so many companies like IBM and Intel
                                      and now a startup, and I've never had
                                      to move given how close I was to
                                      endless career opportunities. If I
                                      moved to LA, it would be the end of
                                      my career or my home, since I'd have
                                      much less mobility.
                                   coworkers are fresh-outs who move to LA
                                   for work. Where do they invariably
                                   live? The beach. How far is the beach
                                   from work? 37 miles. That's 50 minutes
                                   without traffic. WHY?! They usually move
                                   away in a few years. The people who
                                   stay on long-term are the people who
                                   chose to live close to work (a very
                                   nice area, BTW, just not near the beach).
                                   I'm better off than 90% of Angelenos
                                   because I realize I control my own
                                   commute with the choices I make in
                                   where to work and live and I don't do
                                   stupid things like accept job offers that
                                   pay 10% more but increase my commute by
                                   an hour a day.
                                   \_ where does your wife work? How long
                                      do you plan to stay at your job? How
                                      secure is it?
                                   \_ Because LA is so poorly planned, it is
                                      hard to find homes near jobs. You fail
                                      to see the connection between low density
                                      single use development and long commutes.
                                      SM -> Downtown is 15 miles, btw and there
                                      are other good job centers even closer.
                           \_ Most of this was already covered above, but yeah,
                              I guess I cannot in good conscience call any of
                              those places shitholes, though I would not want
                              to live in almost any of them, because they are
                              too far from jobs and shopping and have no good
                              rapid transit, which would force me to have to
                              spend hours a day on LAs congested freeways. I
                              can imagine a situation where it would be okay
                              (worked at CalTech and lived in San Marino, for
                              example) but that would be pretty unique. Parts
                              of Beverley Hills are pretty nice: ironically
                              I prefer the part that most people think of as
                              "not as nice" because it is walking distance
                              to Santa Monica Blvd. And all those places cost
                              just as much or more than Santa Monica north
                              of Montana. -SFer
                              to Santa Monica Blvd. And those places cost
                              just as much or more than Santa Monica. -SFer
                       too, if you want to count that as part of LA.
        \_ SF still going strong:
  (WSJ - video)
           \_ At the price point I've been paying attention to SF
              has dropped a bit.
              \_ Which price point is that, if I may ask. I am kind of
2008/4/25-30 [Uncategorized] UID:49829 Activity:nil
4/25    All hail "The Uno"!
2008/4/25-5/4 [Industry/Startup] UID:49830 Activity:nil
4/25    My company wants to buy a Spam appliance, so we're looking at the
        Barracuda 300.  We don't want to go with Postini because we want to
        keep things internal.  We'll hit the 50 user limit soon, so that's
        why we're considering the 300 model.  Any experience, thoughts,
        pro's, con's, alternatives?  Thanks!
        \_ IronPort
        \_ A second vote for Ironport.
          \_ Is it more time consuming to administer?
        \_ <-- my recommendation.  mtbb
        \_ You can host corporate emails on secured Google mail. It'll
           cost a lot less than hosting your own email for a company
           that is less than 10K employees.
           \_ You get Postini for free if you start hosting your email
              through google apps.
        \_ Ironport still relies on crappy Symantec Brightmail.
           Use proofpoint - more $ - no regrets. Barracuda = crap.
2008/4/25-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49831 Activity:nil
4/25    I saw hot Russian girl on commuter train this morning.  Her
        breasts were so huge that I could see cute little stretch
        marks at the top of her exposed cleavage.
        \_ And you did nothing, which means I don't give a crap.
        \_ stretch marks would suggest rapid growth from, say, implants.
           \_ Or puberty.
           \_ Or gravity.
           \_ Or pregnancy.
        \_ Your cell phone doesn't have a camera?
        \- did you tell her you only have one leg?
2008/4/25-30 [Reference/Religion] UID:49832 Activity:nil
4/25    Nancy Pelosi making up bible verses.  (Last paragraph)
        Either that, or she shouldn't be using quotes there.  Maybe it's just
        poor punctuation and grammer.
        \_ That's because she's an evil socialist who hates christians and
           is going to feed them all to the lions.
           \_ Thank God someone is. It's about time.
        \_ "grammar"
2008/4/25-30 [Uncategorized] UID:49833 Activity:nil
4/25    What exactly is the New World Order?
        \_ pick one.
        \_ As I recall it was a group of good wrestlers gone bad in the 90's.
           One of them was Hulk Hogan.
2008/4/25-30 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men] UID:49834 Activity:nil
4/25    what is downside of vasectomy?
        \_ Why would you want a vasectomy? - motd not getting laid guy
           \_ why are you still not getting laid? lots of promiscuous
              women in the San Diego area:
           \_ already have 6 kids.                      -mormon
           \_ If you're done having kids, it's a much less invasive procedure
              than a woman getting her tubes tied.
        \_ A few weeks of discomfort.  Not generally reversible.
           New studies suggest it may increase chances of senility in old age.
           \_ what if you take synthetic testosterones?
              \_ A vasectomy doesn't terminate testosterone production. It just
                 keeps the sperm cells from mixing into the seminal fluid (the
                 vas deferens, the tube that delivers the sperm cells is
                 severed, a section removed and the ends sealed), and the cells
                 are reabsorbed into the body. The going hypothesis about
                 senility is that sperm cells that can't exit the body are
                 attacked by the immune system and that the body starts
                 attacking cells in the brain as well.
                 \_ how do you explain that everytime I jackoff I feel
                    so brain dead and do worse on exams?
                 \_ oh shit! I better start ejaculating more
2008/4/25-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:49835 Activity:nil
4/25    The first black president of the US: Bill Clinton
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