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2008/4/24-5/2 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:49818 Activity:nil
4/24    Oops, Mumbai caught supplying Iran with A-bomb material
        \_ Really?  A Bangalorian newspaper was the only place you could find
        \_ Really?  A Chennaian newspaper was the only place you could find
           this story?
2008/4/24-5/2 [Science/Electric, Recreation/Media] UID:49819 Activity:nil
4/24    Lonely sodalites, technology has come to your rescue! (NSFW)  (
        \_ Check out picture #16.  That looks just like the one in the 1992
           ancient-China movie "Sex and Zen", albeit smaller and electric.
           \_ never saw the movie, but are we talking about the same thing?
              It looks like a catepillar.
              \_ Yeah that's the one.  The one in the movie looked more like
                 a wheel, is bigger, and is manual power (of course).
              \_ Yes that's the pic.  The one in the movie looks more like a
                 wheel and is bigger.  -- PP
                 (5/2) Found the screenshot from the movie!
                 It's the second screenshot in the top row.  -- PP
        \_ "Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the era of mechanized
           masturbation," he told the expo.
2008/4/24-5/2 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:49820 Activity:nil
4/23    This report strikes me as dubious at best, and I'm no fan of PRC: (The Independent):
        "Chinese troops are on the streets of Zimbabwean city, witnesses say"
        I can't find any more info on this from any other news source. Help?
        \_ Pics or it didn't happen!   Actually, even from this report it
           doesn't really seem like Chinese troops are controlling anything.
           10 guys?  They're probably protecting someone or something.
        \_ The Chinese are walking around various countries in Africa due to
           their new found interest in African mineral resources.  No one
           serious has claimed they're there in large numbers or controlling
           anything through military force or threat of said force.
2008/4/24-5/2 [Consumer/TV] UID:49821 Activity:nil
4/24    Can I set up my TiVo so that I can control/program it from
        the web? Thanks!
        \_ if you have your tivo hooked up to home broadband (not dial-up
           for system updates) you can do it via either Yahoo or directly
           via the My TiVo Online Scheduling site, which in my experience
           works way better than Yahoo. -shac
        \_ such things have been done in the tivo hacker community.  There
           really is only one way to determine if you are capable of reproducing
           that or not.  Go and try.
           really is only one way to determine if you are capable of
           reproducing that or not.  Go and try.
        \_ Yes you can. has features where you can set recordings
           up through them over the web. I've used it and it works.
2008/4/24-5/2 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49822 Activity:nil
4/24    Run on rice hits American stores: (LA Times)
        \_ went to costco this weekend (4/27) and wow, they were cleared out,
           of the two pallets of space for rice, they were empty except for one
           lonely bag.   -ERic
2008/4/24-5/2 [Health/Men] UID:49823 Activity:nil
4/24    The State department recommends that US men not visit the Congo due
        to a rash of sorcerous penis theft  (Ok, just kidding about the state dept.)
        \_ Hmm, now I can explain to my wife by saying that I forgot to tell
           her about my trip to Congo a while ago ......
        \_ How embarassing that a CSUA geek can't spell sorcerous...
           \_ Thanks.  I was trying to figure out what "sorcorous" meant....
              \_ Open Sorcorous?
2008/4/24-30 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:49824 Activity:nil
4/24    What's your favorite non-Firefox browser on Linux?
        \_ Konqueror
        \_ w3m
        \_ firefox is pretty good, why do you hate it?
        \_ konqueror is pretty goofy and doesn't act much like firefox,
           which i hate.  i would try out Opera.
        \_ elinks
2008/4/24-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49825 Activity:nil
4/24    Lefty gives the beat down on girl in wheelchair, cause he hates Bush so
        \_ left wing nuts are more violent than right wing nuts.
           \_ yeah, just ask those kids in Oklahoma City...oh wait
              \_ Or Waco
           \_ remember it was the national *Socialist* party
              \- gee you forgot about the DPRK and Deutsche
                 Demokratische Republik.
        \_ "Are you kidding me? This guy actually punched a wheelchair bound,
            helpless girl to express his rage at Bush. My outrage meter is
            pegged out, along with my disgust meter"
           So, what we have hear is an opinion piece based on a NYPost story.
           In other "news," this guy I know totally saw Condoleeza Rice set
           a hobo on fire the other day.
2008/4/24-5/2 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:49826 Activity:low
4/24    Landlord with a ... Yacht??? No, with landlord rage. (sfgate)
        \_ More:
        \_ Is he a Libertarian?
           \_ No, but he is a CSUA'er.
              \_ can't finger macy
                 \_ 'finger kip'
                    \_ That's awesome, we should go visit him in prison.  It's
                       Allumnus outreach.  Did anyone here know him?
        \_ Man, they must have some awesome rent to put up with that.
           \_ Once they sue him for everything he owns they will be
              doing even better.  Also how the hell do you buy a 6 unit place
              for 1 million in sf?
              \_ (5 units, okay)
                 Rental property in The City is valued mostly on the basis
                 of the CapEx, so a building with very low rent isn't worth
                 \_ That's not the property.
                 \_ At 20% down that will pay for itself from day one
                    That seems more than reasonable in SF in this market.
                    \_ Yeah, but you have to put up with crappy tenants
                       who won't leave even after you saw a hole in their
                       floor!  Selfish tenants.
                    \_ PITI + maintenance (1% of cost) per year comes out
                       about even in my book, which isn't too bad, but still
                       not exactly a great investment. What are you counting
                       on here to make a profit, capital gains?
                       \_ Deductions + gains + rents will go up (a lot once
                          someone moves)
                          someone moves).  And, if you hold on to the property
                          for long enough some of that money is going to come
                          back to you when you sell.
                          \_ Why would you do that in SF when you can do the
                             same thing in another city that doesn't have a
                             draconian rent control board?
                             \_ Tahkisis will triumph!
                                \_ Sometimes the motd is awesome. -- ilyas
                          \_ If you invest $200k in the stock market and
                             hold it long enough, you are bound to eventually
                             make some money that way, too. Though I have been
                             thinking more about retirement lately and realize
                             that some rental property is about as close as
                             us private sector slobs are going to get to a
                             pension. At least rental income will tend to
                             increase with inflation.
        \_ Our Heros are in the paper again:
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