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2008/4/22-5/2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/RealEstate] UID:49797 Activity:nil
        4/22    Yes, they are illiterate peasants.
        \_ "Back in January, he became the first Colorado lawmaker censured
           by the House, after he kicked a newspaper photographer for taking
           his picture during a prayer."  Sounds like a classy guy.
           \_ He was in prayer, and someone was at his feet clicking away.  He
              nudged him away with his foot.  And what does that have to do
              with the correct statement that most (if not all?) illegals from
              south of the border are indeed illiterate peasants?
              \_ Do you have a link for that?  Just curious.
                 "Bruce told the committee that the photographer goaded him and
                 was responsible for creating a disruption. Bruce also denied
                 that what he did was a kick, saying he gently pushed the
                 photographer away with his foot."
                 \_ Colorado house votes 63-1 to censure him. Did all those
                    Republicans who voted for the motion fear Political correctness?
                 \_ Colorado house votes 62-1 to censure him. Did all those
                    GOP members who voted for the motion fear PC?
        \_ so he calls it like he sees it, and gets in hot water.  This is
           classic stifling effect of 'political correctness'
           \_ being a jerk has always been impolitic
2008/4/22-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49798 Activity:nil
4/21    President Bush now has highest disapproval rating in the history of
        Gallup poll.  Previous record holder was Harry Truman in the depths
        of the Korean War.  Numbers are 28% approval, 69% disapproval.
        \_ Still 66% approval rating amongst Republicans baby!
           If Democrats and Independents had the same loyalty as Republicans,
           they'd rule by now.
        \_ BDS
           \_ eh?
        \_ Mission Accomplished!
        \_ Why are we still talking about Bush? He is irrelevant now.
           He can't lower taxes further. He can't start another war.
                                        \_ actually i think he could!
           He can't save the housing market. He can't lower fuel prices.
           His credibility is low and no one's really listening to him.
           He can still veto but wrt new actions/initiatives, he's pretty
           \_ The crapitude of W Bush is still relevant because he is the
              winner of the last two elections and now we have another
              election. It's worth thinking about how and why he got
              elected. Twice. He also happens to still be the president.
              \_ He is a great stick to beat the GOP with, especially since
                 a majority of Republicans still think he is doing a great job.
                 \_ Causality. Is he still getting 66% approval from R
                    because he's doing a great job? Or is he getting 66%
                    approval from R because the R party is great and loyal?
                    It's more of the latter. As Ronald Reagan the
                    God of the R said one, thou shall never speak ill of
                    thy friend, family, and affiliates.
           \_ He can also start a war with Iran, which he seems hellbent on
2008/4/22-5/2 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:49799 Activity:nil
4/22    Why I Left Greenpeace
2008/4/22-5/2 [ERROR, uid:49800, category id '18005#21.0536' has no name! , ] UID:49800 Activity:low
4/22    Obama plans to scuttle NASA
          [spam deleted]
          \_ It wan't spam, it was people pointing out that the news "source"
             above is about as reasonable as the weekly world news for
        \_ [american thinker]
           I don't really give a shit about the article you posted, but
           any website that writes this kind of shit like the swiftboat one
           doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
        \_ [american thinker]
           Oh and look, 1000 words about how bad Obama is cause he flipped
           off Hillary when he scratched his cheek.  You actually believe
           this steaming pile of crap?
        \_ [american thinker]
           This is fun.  Pre martial sex is going to make you sad and lonely!
        \_ [american thinker]
           Oh looky.  A positive review of Ben Stein's brave defence against
           those horrid "Darwinists"!
        \_ http://
           You couldn't make a funnier parody of the Right's fears if you tried.
           You couldn't make a funnier parody of the Right's fears if you
           \_ These responses should be a model for anyone who understands that
              source can have an effect on perspective.
        \_ I work for NASA. Postpostponing the Constellation program is
           not the same as scuttling NASA. If anything, Constellation and
           the Shuttle are killing NASA's budget for science and research.
           Taking a lot of money off of the that table and using some of
           Taking a lot of money off of that table and using some of
           it to expand existing programs elsewhere, including not at
           NASA, sounds good. However, there's a lot more money to be had
           at the DoD than at NASA.
2008/4/22-5/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:49801 Activity:nil
4/22    UNIFIL finds Hezbollah arms; gunmen scatter peacekeepers
        \_ And?
2008/4/22-5/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49802 Activity:nil
4/22    Victoria's Secret sued for patent infringement:
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