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2008/4/19-23 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:49782 Activity:nil
4/17    How do I get procmail to delete emails with things like
        ^Viiiaaaagggrrra in the message body.  ^V then i+ then a+ ...
        \- a better rule would be to check for the language type, and
           if it's undeterminable or has too many misspellings then
           it's most likely spam email. ps i'm gay ok thx.
        \_ Thatd be some pretty impressive regex magic, to get all imaginable
           misspellings.  Like say vlagkra...
           \_ I don't mean all misspellings. I mean some numbers of Vs
              followed by some number of Is and so on.
        \_ Don't do this.  You're just reinventing the wheel, poorly.  Instead,
           run your mail through spamassassin or ASware of your choice which
           can add spam tagged headers to your mail and sort/delete based on
           that.  There are tons of docs on how to do this with procmail out
2008/4/19-30 [Computer/SW/Languages/Ruby] UID:49783 Activity:nil
4/19    Can anyone recommend a inexpensive yet reliable web hosting solution?
        I'm looking to pay ~$5 a month to host a simple site.  I'd like
        linux/ruby on rails/mysql support ideally and a decent amount
        of transfer.  This is for a hobby site so I don't want to spend
        a lot on it. thx
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