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2008/4/16-23 [Science/Physics] UID:49758 Activity:nil
4/16    This article sort of argues that we should have set of odds to gauge
        how likely it is the CERN will destroy the earth.  I'm not quite sure
        how one would take odds on somehting we basically think is impossible.  (NYTimes)
/16     Pope fashion show!  I had no idea he had so many outfits.,29307,1730229,00.html
        \_ Hello,  I am offering Earth destroyal insurance at the modest
           cost of only $100.  Should the Earth be destroyed by CERN,
           I will pay each policy holder $10M.  Policy only good for
           lifetime of holder.
2008/4/16-23 [Transportation/Car] UID:49759 Activity:nil
4/16    Really cool visualization and statistics site from IBM:
        \_ Clinton-Obama visualization:
        \_ LA wasted most fuel in traffic congestion, 2005:
           FUCK LA.
        \_ Higher density = greater travel time. Any comment, urban lover?
           \_ ObSuburbsSuck
           \_ ObSuburbsSuck. Show me the data broken down by a higher
              granularity. The reason SF Bay Area commutes are long is
              because of the morons commuting from Tracy and Danville,
              not from the people living in Chinatown.
           \_ That's "more population", not "higher density."  Change the
              dot size to "Population Density" and the graph looks a lot
              different.  -tom
              \_ Graph density vs. travel time and it looks even worse for
                 density. But this data source claims that LA is the
                 most dense urban area, even more than NYC.
                 \_ NYC is listed as 4780 square miles, LA as 2285 square
                    miles.  Obviously those are semi-arbitrary boundaries
                    and probably not comparable ones.  -tom
2008/4/16-23 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:49760 Activity:nil
4/15    Being a controversial book aside, IQ and the Wealth of Nations
        shows that we're the SMARTEST NATION BABY!!! 107! bahaha -proud hk
        \_ I'm an athiest and I'm smarter than everyone else!
              Head size has some correlation with IQ. YEAH BABY  -big head Asian
           \_ You're also uglier than everyone else.
           \_ I don't listen to country music, therefore I'm smart!
           \- northerners are smarter. S Cal people are STUPID:
              \_ Attractiveness inversely correlates with intelligence, so NoCal
                 people are UGLY. SoCal people are beautiful.
                 \_ It's true. Plan B Gentlement's Club, Spearmint Rhino,
                    4 Play, Deja VU Showgirls are consistently better than
                    any of the strip clubs I go to in N Cal. I mean just
                    compare gorgeous babes in S Cal beaches vs. smelly
                    hippy bitches in N Cal. Moral of the story: If you wanna
                    get laid with dumb bimbos, S Cal is THE place baby!
                 \_ ob dumb blonde joke.
        \_ I didn't realize HK was a nation. I guess the authors have
           a low IQ.
           \_ Nor was Puerto Rico.  BTW Macau (avg IQ 104) is mentioned in the
              text but not in the table.  Maybe the author is not completely
              dumb after all.
        \_ Wow!  The big dragon and the four small dragons of Asia took the top
           five spots.
           \_ And Germany is #7. Obviously, Hitler knew what he was doing.
           \_ What I see from this graph:
              Light colored athiest >> Christians > Muslims > colored athiests
2008/4/16-23 [Uncategorized] UID:49761 Activity:nil
4/16    Stop using the PILL, start using the FILM!
        \_ Why did you post this ad?  Is there any data on this?  This is
           incredibly uninformative.  Is there a joke I'm missing or something?
        \_ How is it better than those spermicidal gels?
           \_ easier application?
2008/4/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:49762 Activity:nil
4/16    Funny (and yes, totally biased, I get it, mmmmmkay) guide to
        conservative blogosphere,a-confederacy-of-dunces,411897,1.html/full
        \_ "I even got my own Tom Tomorrow cartoon! The jagged yellow spikes
           must be caused by all of that evil."
           \_ Epic fail.
2008/4/16-23 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:49763 Activity:nil
4/16    Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel
        \_ You mean they weren't?
2008/4/16-23 [Reference/Religion] UID:49764 Activity:nil
4/16    Pope fashion show!  I had no idea he had so many outfits.,29307,1730229,00.html
        \_ Are you kidding? Pope Benny loves his Gucci and Prada. He's probably
           the queeniest pope ever.
        \- you know most of those are hand-me-downs, right?
           \_ Costumes?
2008/4/16-23 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:49765 Activity:high
4/16    You thought gasoline was expensive now? You ain't seen nothing yet! (Yahoo Finance, includes video)
        \_ The free market will solve our energy crisis   -dimwit #1 fan
        \_ PEAK OIL alert.  Also 'rationing by price' -- gotta love it.
           \_ If the govt doesn't step in and do rationing, rationing by price
              is how the market would do it.
              \_ How many of you recall the gas lines of the 70s?  Without
                 rationing by price we'll have lines *and* expensive gas, if
                 you can get it.  Or oh hey we can do that whole even/odd
                 numbered plate thing again, yeah that was great.  And don't
                 forget to ticket/fine/arrest any private citizen who dares
                 to give gas to anyone on the side of the road who runs out,
                 that was good for a laugh back then too.
                 \_ Dld that latter actually ever happen? I lived through
                    this, though I was quite young, but I don't remember
                    anything like that.
           \_ Huh?  What's wrong with 'rationing by price?'  That's what the
              market is FOR.
              \_ Because when you ration nesseccities by price poor people
                 die.  Old people die all the time in cold climates because
                 they can't afford heating oil.
                 \_ So how do you determine how much food/oil/whatever is
                    necessary and how much is beyond necessary? If you are
                    concerned about the poor then give them $$$ and let
                    them choose where to spend the $$$. That's still
                    rationing by price. I disagree with the idea that
                    every American should get a similar bundle of goods
                    that is "necessary".
                    \_ that's because you're an overprivileged twerp
                       \_ I forgot that you know what's best for people
                          more than they do. It's the leftist way to
                          boss people around.
                          \_ How do you "know" that freezing to death is
                             what is best for someone? Did they tell you
                             \_ Can you read? "let them choose where to
                                spend the $$$" -!pp
                                \_ Nonono, the soviet style command economy
                                   is clearly superior to western style
                                   \_ We actually live in a mixed economy.
                                      But you probably already know that.
                                \_ Sorry, missed that.
                    \_ Being able to survive a cold winter is pretty high
                       on the list.
                       \_ Some people have more tolerance for cold and
                          would prefer to spend the heating oil credit on
                          something more important to them like strippers
                          or booze or HDTV or whatever.
                       \_ Just wear a jacket at home.  That's how I save on
                          gas bill.
                          \_ Cause where you live it regularly gets below 0F
                 \_ No, sorry.  Government rationing will cause even worse
                    shortages and hurt even more people.  Where do you
                    central control command economy guys get the idea the
                    government can actually make anything better?  With gvt
                    imposed rationing you'll get a Soviet style system where
                    the rich and powerful get everything and the poor and
                    middle classes get nothing.
                    \_ And with no regulation, you get booms and panics
                       like in the 1880s. Why argue against the Straw Man
                       of a Soviet economy? Is your position so weak that
                       can't make your point any other way? Is there more
                       or less wealth inequality in Sweden or the US?
                       \_ A system in which everyone is equally poor is
                          a possible result and that wouldn't be a good
                          system. We can see examples of that in the China
                          of a couple decades ago, Soviet Russia, Cuba,
                          and so on. I don't think it matters how much of
                          the pie you get if it's a big enough pie.  Everyone
                          sharing a small pie isn't a great alternative.
                          \_ That may be true, but it's a well known
                             psychological finding that people (a) care about
                             relative equality and (b) care specifically
                             about inequality of transferable assets, much
                             more so than other, much more 'unfair' and
                             blatant kinds of inequality.  (There are some
                             interesting theories about how our attitudes about
                             fairness may have evolved which explain (a) and
                             (b)). -- ilyas
                             \_ I think most people in the USA don't care
                                or there would have been riots already. I
                                think people here assume (correctly) that
                                a rising tide lifts all boats. A wealthy,
                                powerful USA is something most Americans
                                desire and so far it has made us by far
                                the largest consumers in the world.
                                \_ Funny you should claim that right now.
                                   Here is a front page article from the WSJ
                                   that argues otherwise:
                                   (The rising boats opinion, not the
                                    wealthy powerful America comment.)
                          \_ Do you think that people in Sweden, Denmark, The
                             Netherlands, etc are "poor"? Do you think that they
                             think of themselves as poor? The countries are
                             much more egalitarian than the US and people are
                             in general happier. And no one goes hungry or lacks
                             for housing or medical care.
                             Netherlands, etc are "poor"? Do you think that
                             they think of themselves as poor? The countries
                             are much more egalitarian than the US and people
                             are in general happier. And no one goes hungry or
                             lacks for housing or medical care.
                             \_ The Netherlands is a wealthy nation, but the
                                individuals are poor by American standards.
                                I say this as someone with a Dutch mother
                                and most of my family still living in Holland.
                                Sure, they aren't lacking in necessities.
                                On the other hand, they don't have any of the
                                luxuries people here have. I wouldn't eagerly
                                live their lifestyle nor that of my godfather's
                                Swedish ex-wife. Of course, someone who is
                                homeless would disagree. However, I think
                                overall the middle class in the USA is better
                                off than the middle class there. The rich are
                                rich both places. GDP per capita US is #2
                                in the world behind Luxembourg. Holland is
                                #16. Sweden is #25. I think our system,
                                while "unequal" benefits the citizenry more
                                than any other even though it's not "fair".
                                \_ But don't Dutch people consistently have
                                   a higher "happiness" rating than Americans?
                                   Food for thought.  I believe Switzerland
                                   comes out on top in that list, although
                                   America is pretty high at number 20.
                                   \_ Happiness can be acheieved with drugs.
                                      It's not really something I aspire
                                      to. YMMV.
                                      \_ -1 to you, +1 to me.
                                         \_ I am just saying that happiness is
                                            a state of mind. I wouldn't
                                            want to live in Third World
                                            conditions just because the
                                            people that do claim they are
                                            happy about it.
                                            \_ You were doing so good there for
                                               a while too, after you dropped
                                               the "a slightest bit of tax
                                               increase is exactly equal to
                                               Stalinism" line of argument, too.
                                               Though you may in fact be
                                               Stalinism" line of argument,
                                               too. Though you may in fact be
                                               another person, since your tone
                                               is so different. But do you
                                               really think that Swedes live
                                               in "Third World" conditions? I
                                               do not. The Dutch seem to have
                                               quite pleasant lives and I have
                                               been there many times. What you
                                               say about the relative prosperity
                                               of the middle class is no doubt
                                               true, but all that junk that
                                               Americans have doesn't seem to
                                               improve their lives any.
                                               say about the relative
                                               prosperity of the middle class
                                               is no doubt true, but all that
                                               junk that Americans have
                                               doesn't seem to improve their
                                               lives any.
                                               \_ That's pretty paternalistic.
                                                        -- ilyas
                                                  \_ I am one of those liberal
                                                     elitists you keep hearing
                                                     \_ Good luck in the next
                                                        election!  People LOVE
                                                        \_ I am not running for
        \_ There may not be much of an oil trading system left by 2020 since
           the "global economy" might be totally wrecked by nonstop warfare.
           \_ Nonstop warfare?   Caused by what?  And fighting over what?
        \_ Time to get a high gas mileage vehicle before manufacturers put an
           SUV-like premium on them.
           \_ Haven't they already?
              \_ Yes on the hybrid ones, not yet on the regular engine ones.
           \_ Get a bike as well!
2008/4/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:49766 Activity:nil
4/16    Hillary Clinton on working class democrats in 1995: "Screw 'em."
        \_ Is HRC a typical white person?
2008/4/16-23 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:49767 Activity:nil
4/16    Map of per-capita carbon emissions for continental US.  GO LONGHORNS!
        \_ Also, go LA!
           \_ What a surprise to me that LA is actually pretty green.
              \_ Note the color maps aren't the same for the two images.
                 \_ I was referring to the per-capita map.  -- PP
              \_ We're still CA. Commie leftists in SF think we are Rush
                 Limbaugh, but the reality is we're still pretty leftist.
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