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2008/4/13-17 [Uncategorized] UID:49743 Activity:nil
4/12    do any cell phones get radio reception?
2008/4/13-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Finance/Investment] UID:49744 Activity:low
4/14    The Conservative solution to the housing mess: print lots of money. (WSJ)
        \_ And the solution to the federal deficit. What is a better
           solution to cut your deficit by 1/2 than inflation? MORE TAX?
           \_ LESS SPENDING?
              \_ Let's cut social programs.
                 \_ Agree. Let the homeless people go rampant on the street,
                    and let the desperate and starving ones carry their
                    struggle in their 'hood. Let's put them away somewhere
                    far so that we don't have to deal with them, ever.
           \_ (inflation is, effectively, a tax on people with savings)
                    Let's designate that place as Southern California.
                    \_ Can we put them in all the empty McMansions in the exurbs
                    \_ I think these places are called SF, Berkeley, Oakland,
                       Hollywood, Venice, and Santa Monica.
                       \_ Sadly, criminals don't stay in one place. Therefore
                          a better solution is to put them far away from
                          the civilized world (e.g. putting criminals in
                          S Cal)
                          \_ Northern Cal seems to have more of an affinity
                             for these people based on voting trends and
                             anecodotal evidence. Southern Cal on the
                             other hand (e.g. Orange County) does not
                             except for the cities I mentioned.
                             \_ You have obviously never been to downtown
                                Los Angeles.
                                \_ Skid row? Skid row is a perfect example
                                   of how poorly the homeless in SoCal are
                                   treated and how unwelcome they are. For
                                   example: ordinances against camping on
                                   the street, ordinances against sleeping
                                   on the sidewalk during the day, and so
                                   on. The ACLU and LA constantly clash.
           \_ (inflation is, effectively, a tax)
2008/4/13-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:49745 Activity:nil
4/12    Obama on 2004 on the "bitter" topic:
        You can park your trolls here now, ok tnx.
        \_ You're so last week.
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