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2008/4/6-12 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:49674 Activity:kinda low
4/6     Boy, you thought the suburbs sucked?  Try the exurbs.
        \_ What are you getting at? This article seems to be mostly about
           being the 'sucker' in the housing shell game.
        \_ What I learned from this article that this is yet another
           example of a dumb blond. How about you?              -Asian
        \_ The bits I found most interesting:

           "They happily left space in subdivisions for playgrounds and
           five new elementary schools, which they thought would help
           bring in the young families they were targeting, but they did not
           leave space for parks for older kids or for a high school."

           "In 2005, the local school district appointed a
           superintendent, John Flores, who began pleading with the
           developers for space for a high school (for a while,
           Maricopa schools were admitting 300 new students every
           month). But it was to no avail. Amy Haberbosch, Maricopa's
           former director of planning, told me that developers
           believed high schools lowered property values; she said one
           developer told her he'd rather build a jail on his property
           than a high school."
           \_ Well, I think they're right about the high schools, from their
              own narrow perspecitve.  It is evidence of their narrow focus
              on building homes they think people will buy rather than
              building a community.
              \_ I've lived near Berkeley High.  I'd much prefer that to
                 living next to a jail.  But more importantly it made
                 it clear just how fucked people who moved to the boonies
                 because "it's better for the kids" are going to be in 5
                 years.  Especially when they can't afford to move because
                 the market has melted.
                 \_ Berkeley High isn't much better than a jail.
                    \_ Wait, let me guess... because there are black
                       people there?
                       \_ No, because there are criminals there. My gf
                          worked at a store on Shattuck and a Berkeley
                          High student worked with her. He would tell her
                          which guys were packing, which people were
                          stealing, which people could be confronted and
                          which were dangerous, and so on. Yes, they were
                          all black, but I think that's an issue you
                          raised first.
                          \_ Guess what, there are criminals in the world.
                             Even in suburban high schools.
                             \_ There are more criminals concentrated
                                in urban high schools than just about
                                anywhere else except maybe jail, which is
                                why they lower property values.
                                \_ Any evidence for this statement?
                                   \_ Other than college campuses (which
                                      self-select a sample) where else do
                                      you find a few thousand adolescent
                                      males (most likely to commit crimes)
                                      in one place?
                                      \_ So, the answer is no, I take it?
                                         There are probably many more criminals
                                         at Vallejo High than Lowell,
                                         for example.
                                         \_ Provide a counterexample of
                                            a place other than prison
                                            that has a higher concentration of
                                            criminals than our high schools:
                                            Just one. Lowell vs. Vallejo is a
                                            \_ No, it is not a tangent because
                                               you said "urban" high schools.
                                               The counter-example is easy:
                                               any public housing project
                                               anywhere in the country.
                                               \_ Okay, I'll accept that
                                                  example. So we have
                                                  jail, public housing,
                                                  and high schools.
                                                  Anything else?
                                                  \_ I am having a tough time
                                                     coming up with anything.
                       \_ So, how does it feel to be an idiot racist?
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4/6     Charlton Heston RIP
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