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2008/4/3-9 [Consumer/Audio, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:49654 Activity:low
4/3     Teen-repellent device!
        \_ "Inventor of Teen-repellent device seeks regulation of
            his invention."
        \_ "British inventor of teen-repellent device wants laws regulating it"
        \_ Does this work on beagles? My neighbor's beagles bark all
           day long when he's gone and it's driving everyone nuts. Actually
           it's not so much of a bark as it is a deep WOOWOOOWOOOO!
           WOOWOOOOWOOOOO! WOWOWOOOOOOOWOOOOOOO!!! It's not your typical
           bar bark bark sound. I don't know the proper name for
           a beagle WOOWOOWOOOOOO!
           \_ Beagles don't bark, they "bay."
           \_ I don't know about 'the mosquito' but anti-freeze works great
              for that problem.
              \_ So does jail time for killing the dog.  Idiot.
           \- there is an mp3 of this you can download. i added it to
              my itunes ... it's kinda interesting to see who can/cant
              hear it on my MPB.
              my itunes ... it's kinda fun to see who can/cant hear it
              on my MPB.
           \_ Hey genius, I told you last time you whined about the dog to
              call the cops with a noise complaint.  Did you?  No.  I'm
              ashamed to think we went to the same school.
              \_ Actually I did, the cop said if the owner is not violating
                 animal cruelty law (sanitation, food, shelter), and that
                 I should take it up with the city as there's not much
                 they can do about this case. Neighbor-to-neighbor disputes
                 need to be taken care of in civil/litigation or something.
                 \_ A few things then. 1) your cop/town is lame.  you have a
                    valid noise complain in any civil place.  2) abusing the
                    dog will not get it to quiet down, 3) try talking to your
                    neighbor, 4) please accept my apologies for bashing you
                    earlier, I'm honestly quite shocked the police didn't take
                    a noise report which is the start of the process to ding
                    your neighbor for disturbing the peace in a normal city.
                    \_ Ya it's ok, motd doesn't bother me compared to what
                       I have to tolerate every day. I searched online for
                       this problem and unfortunately it's really complex
                       as each state and city and county ordinances are
                       different. The cops are right though, it's a neighbor
                       to neighbor dispute in which they can't arrest anyone
                       for it. Unless violence or harm has done they can't
                       really put the owner in jail. They can however write
                       police reports, which may prove to be helpful in
                       the court.
2008/4/3-9 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:49655 Activity:nil
4/2     Anyone try vmware player and notice that network performance
        becomes terrible? I mean things like webpages timing out, etc.
        This is in NAT mode on a windows XP host running a windows 2K guest.
        \_ I use VM Server on XP Pro running XP Pro guests in NAT mode.  No
           such problem.
        \_ I use VM Server on XP Pro running two XP Pro guests in NAT mode.  No
           such problem.  However, if I run three or more guests, everything
           becomes slow (not just network), and Task Manager on the host shows
           that the CPU rarely goes to idle even though I'm not doing anything
           It's not a problem with RAM since Task Manager shows that Commit
           Charge Total is still less than the physical RAM.
           on the host or the guests.  It's not a problem with RAM since Task
           Manager on the host shows that Commit Charge Total is still less
           than the physical RAM.
        \_ It's a little bit worse, but not much worse. Do you have enough
           RAM? Everything is slow without it - and it should be allocated.
           \_ I actually meant the network performance inside the guest.
              It seems fine on the host. The host has 2 GB, and the guest
              is allocated 512 MB, so I don't think that should be a problem.
              I'm not doing anything particularly resource-intensive.
              \_ 512 MB might not be enough. Increase that. In my
                 experience (Win XP guest on MacOS host) I started with
                 512 MB allocated and was unhappy until I doubled that.
                 \_ Hmm, Win2K should require substantially less memory than
                    XP, but it's worth a try I guess. My suspicion is
                    actually that a large number of TCP connections is
                    handled badly somewhere (maybe in vmware's nat service),
                    since webpages nowadays tend to retrieve random images
                    from a whole bunch of different places, etc.
                    \_ Maybe, except that my network performance (also
                       using NAT) is not anywhere near as bad as yours.
2008/4/3-9 [Finance/Shopping, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:49656 Activity:nil
4/3     What is cheapest parking near Embarcadero / Montgomery BART?
        Yes I know this is a weird question.
        \_ The St. Mary's Square garage was last I checked (2006).
           Anything at about $20 is good.
           Anything at about $20 is good (north of Market).
        \_ No, it is not weird at all. You can park in SOMA, at 2nd and
           Folsom, for $12/day. The address is 303 2nd St. You can park
           one block further away at 600 Harrison St, for $10/day. The
           area is mildly seedy after dark, but mostly safe these days. -ausman
2008/4/3-9 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:49657 Activity:low
4/3     Google to lay off 1/4 of its DoubleClick employees. Still
        holding on Google from $600-700? Bahahahaha     -short G guy
        \_ Why are you still happy?  GOOG has stopped dropping in the past
           couple of weeks and I'm not happy.
        \_ How's that short at 100/200/300/400 working out?
           \- stock prices usually go up in the short term after
              shedding employees, no?
        \_ Google keeps fat and you aren't happy.  Google cuts fat and
           you aren't happy.  What would make you happy?
           \_ GOOG goes out of business and the sumg little brats with
              an overactive sense of entitlement are forced to hold "will
              code for food" signs on the San Antonio overpass. :-)
              \_ Ah, so you are just jealous.
                 \_ Ah, no. Google is a perfect example of anti-
                    meritocracy. Those fucking AdWords kids are one of
                    the worst engineers to work with and they think they're
                    all that, when in fact, they simply got lucky and
                    were at the right place at the right time. Those
                    fucking brats are fucking unpleasant to work with.
                    Fuck Google.
                    Fuck Google.                        -x G
                    \_ Sure sounds like jealousy to me.
                       \_ Then you're dumb. Jealosy is wanting something
                          somebody else has. pp is just mad that some
                          people ended up with something they didn't earn
                          or deserve.
                          \_ and why didn't they earn or deserve it?  pp
                             provides no evidence.
                             \_ Pissed off thinks lottery is lame.
                                Unpissed thinks lottery is perfectly
                                good meritocracy (you invested, you win).
                                Both have points.
                                \_ It's not a lottery.
                                   \_ For employee 1000-4000, it's a lottery.
                                      They could have joined hundreds of
                                      startups that would have been just
                                      as successful, but they happened to
                                      have chosen Google. Most of the
                                      lucky ones would tell you that it's
                                      "fate" or that they had foresight or
                                      something. It's bullshit.
                                   \_ In many (most?) ways it is.
                                      \_ Google just randomly happened to
                                         come up with the best search engine
                                         and the best advertising model?  -tom
                                         \_ You are confusing luck with
                                            randomness.  Almost all success has
                                            an element of luck, even if you
                                            purposefully try to succeed, rather
                                            than sort of stumble around.  It
                                            is only obvious in hindsight that
                                            the Google eigenvalue thing works
                                            well for search (this is the case
                                            for a lot of successful research).
                                            In this sense, Google got lucky.
                                            This is aside from early Google
                                            employees who without a doubt won
                                            the employee lottery. -- ilyas
                                            the employee lottery (in a sense
                                            that if you can do better than
                                            random picking a startup that will
                                            succeed, why aren't you rich yet?)
                                                 -- ilyas
                                         1. Not sure it's the best.
                                         2. Not sure GOOG was the only one
                                            to come up with this model.
                                         3. We are not talking about the
                                            founders here. We are talking
                                            about the rank and file. The people
                                            who ended up at GOOG over SUN out
                                            of college weren't any better,
                                            smarter, or prescient. They
                                            made an educated guess about
                                            where it seemed nice to work
                                            and where they could pay their
                                            bills. I've told the story of
                                            the guy I knew who was one of
                                            the first employees at SUN. He
                                            didn't even *want* the job
                                            because it looked like such a
                                            rinky-dink outfit compared to
                                            his former (large) company but
                                            his first choice turned him down.
                                            He would be the first to tell
                                            you that getting that job at
                                            SUN was like winning the lotto.
                                         4. Even considering founders do
                                            you really think Gates or Jobs
                                            really made all of that money
                                            through skill? Are they
                                            skilled? Sure. Has Windows
                                            been the best product on the
                                            market for much of its
                                            existence? No. Did Bill steal
                                            a lot? Yes. Was it Steve Jobs or
                                            was it Wozniak that built that
                                            computer? There are lots of (more)
                                            talented people who don't make
                                            1/100 what those guys do. Be real.
                                            \_ you want some cheese with that
                                               whine?  -tom
                                               \_ This is what you say when
                                                  confronted with facts?
                                                  \_ no, it's what I say when
                                                     confronted with content-
                                                     free drivel.  -tom
                                                     \_ In other words,
                                                        you have no rebuttal.
                                                        \_  Funny how it's
                                                            always easier to
                                                            nitpick at other
                                                            people's data than
                                                            to come up with
                                                            some of your own.
                                                            Huh? -!pp
                                                            \_ There's no data
                                                               there.  -tom
                                \_ Unpissed just thinks it's stupid to care
                                   someone getting something you think
                                   they didn't deserve.  Who cares what
                                   they deserve?  It doesn't hurt you.
                                   \_ Well I for one was managed by one of
                                      the Google kids who happened to get
                                      lucky and he was one of the WORST
                                      managers I've ever had to work with
                                      and I swear to not work with people
                                      like that again. Unfortunately,
                                      Google seems to breed a lot of bad
                                      or mediocre employees who are loud
                                      mouths who think they're all that and
                                      somehow management seems to like
                                      hiring incompetent loud mouths in
                                      Silicon Valley. So, to answer your
                                      question, a company that breeds
                                      30% really bad managers/engineers
                                      with bad attitudes hurts everyone
                                      in the industry.          -x-Goog
                          \_ Why didn't you go get a job there when they
                             were hiring?
                             \_ I can't speak for GHG, but the whole
                                GOOG culture weirded me out so I didn't
                                get a job there.
                                \_ GHG? Isn't it HGG?
                                   \_ GHG -> Google Hater Guy
                             \_ I declined to even interview there after
                                taking the tour.  The whole thing just
                                seemed to be designed to keep the workers
                                at work as long as possible.  Of course,
                                I have a job I love, so I didn't need it.
                          \_ How does being mad at someone for getting
                             something you think they don't deserve not
                             consititute jealousy.  It's not like it hurts
                             you that google employees have good benefits.
                             Hell, the rising Google tide has lifted all
                             CS job boats around here.  Be glad!
                             \_ I think it's the attitude they have that
                                pisses people off, which they develop when
                                people like Tom laud them for their
                                amazing intellect and ability to pick red
                                or black on the roulette wheel.
                                \_ ding ding ding! some of the original
                                   employees have REALLY bad attitudes
                                   and they're almost as bad as Netscape
                                   employees who used to think they're on
                                   the top of the world and treat everyone
                                   else like inferior shit. You're right
                                   many people today ARE pissed at these
                                   fucking old timers (who are barely 4
                                   years fresh out of college) who are
                                   incompetent but are high up there. -x G
2008/4/3-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:49658 Activity:nil
4/3     Solaris experts: I've never played with ZFS. Does it have a native
        dump command a la ufsdump?
        \_ This might be what you are looking for:
  [sun - bigadmin]
2008/4/3-9 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:49659 Activity:low
4/3     So, hates google guy, which search engine do you use?
        \_ Google for search, Yahoo for news/maps/weather/subject-lookup/mail/
           etc.  -- one of the hate-google guys
        \_ Google for non-news search, Yahoo for news, news search, maps,
           weather, subject lookup, mail, etc.  -- sour grape guy
           \_ I am similar, although I usually try Yahoo! first before
              using Google for all of my searches since I have it up
              for all the rest anyway. I use Google most for the dejanews
              archive, which they can't even take credit for.
        \_ I'm not GHG, but I don't use GOOG for search. I find that for
           the things I search for Yahoo is better. The only GOOG app I
           use is gmail, but that is only b/c I need a spam collector
           email address.
        \_ I'm the original x-Goog guy. I still use Google. Don't get me
           wrong, some of the products they have is top notch. I don't
           have any problem with their early products. I do however hate
           the work environment, and how the management is turning out.
           Every new product is now a product of acquisition, and every
           existing job today is about maintaining existing products
           and integrating with new acquisitions. Management is full of
           college kids who barely graduated 3-4 years ago but hopefully
           they'll leave soon after they vest. A sad large percentage of
           them are either technically incompetent, lack management skills,
           full of "I'm so cool" attitude, or all of the above. It's
           like Netscape, but getting worse by the day, and with really
           amazing free lunch and dinner and video games and a nice gym.
           By the way I posted the following:
           \_ ... and some nice pianos.  (I was a lunch guest once.)
              \_ piano or pianos? The last time I was there they only
                 had 1 baby grand in building 40. At any rate, all the
                 good stuff you see as a guest is a facade.   -x-Goog
                 \_ google engineers make average 150k . what are you
                    whining about?
                    \_ Average YES, median, hell no. Average is 150k
                       because employee 0-4000 all make ridiculous amount
                       of money that bring up the salary. Almost everyone
                       post 2005 make regular HP/IBM +$20K salary, which
                       is very unimpressive.
                       \_ I've been out of the job market awhile, but
                          isn't HP/IBM salary +$20K something approaching
                          $150K? Certainly it can't be far off.
                          \_ Umm, I understand that HP average is about $80K
                             \_ In the Bay Area or average across all of HP?
                                I don't know a single person that makes
                                less than $100K, although I don't know any
                                HP employees. A person with less than 10
                                years experience might get $80-90K. That's
                                about what we hire people at with an MS
                                and a couple of years job experience. I talk
                                to a lot of people who say they make
                                $120-150K easy and you'd think they have
                                to given what the cost of living in CA is.
                             \_ I work at a regular medium sized company
                                and my friend at HP makes consistently
                                $15-20K lower than me. So in short new
                                Google employees get... regular Silicon
                                Valley salary... after you add in stock
                                options, and less if you don't add options.
                 \_ I went last May or June, I forgot.  I saw the baby grand
                    near a big dining area, but I also saw a digital one next
                    to a staircase in another building.
2008/4/3-9 [Recreation/Music] UID:49660 Activity:nil
4/3     Is it just my imagination or Enya sounds a lot like the
        Titanic music? Is there a name for this Genre?
        \_ is this a joke?  The trailer soundtrack IS by Enya.
           that is why it sounds a lot alike.  It's the same song.
           the rest of the movie was scored by a friend of Celine Dion,
           which is why her song fits into the soundtrack perfectly.
           "new age" and yes it all sounds like that
           \_ Oh cool man this is very informative thanks! I never knew
              that and thought there HAD to be some connections. Thanks
              for enlightening us oh mighty knowledgeable motd music guru!
           \_ Total bullshit. Wiki says: "Enya was offered the chance to
              compose the score for James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic, but
              declined. The eventual choice of Norwegian vocalist Sissel
              Kyrkjebų, whose style is similar to Enya's, resulted in work
              that some sources erroneously credited to Enya..."
        \_ shite.
        \_ iTunes says Enya is "New Age"
           \_ Cf. Clannad
2008/4/3-9 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:49661 Activity:nil
4/3     In "p4 client", modtime/nomodtime sets the file timestamp to
        either the modification time from submitting client or the time that
        the file is fetched.  Is there a way to set the file timestamp to
        the time that the file was submitted, like what ClearCase does?  Thx.
        \_ How is this different from the modtime option? Are you concerned
           about clock skew or timezone differences?
           \_ Say someone has a local file with a last-modification date of
              1/1/2001 in the local file system.  He submits it on 4/2/2008 and
              I sync to it on 4/3/2008.  Now, "nomodtime" will make the last-
              modification of my copy of the file 4/3/2008, while "modtime"
              will make it 1/1/2001.  I want 4/2/2008.  -- OP
2008/4/3-9 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:49662 Activity:nil
4/3     Need some advice from tom or tom-clones.  I'm actually using my
        mountain bike in SF now and I bought some panniers but the metal
        loops that hook onto the back of the bike rack thing are so tiny as
        soon as I hit a pothole they fall off the bike.  What's a good one to
        get that has long loops so they won't fall off the bike? I don't know
        why this is so hard, in Europe the loops are about 2-3 inches long
        and much bigger so there is never an issue -eric
        \_ Generally panniers have some sort of elastic cord which attaches
           to the bottom of the rack and keeps them in place.  Yours don't
           have anything like that?  -tom
           \_ I was wondering how that worked -- thx tom very helpful -eric
              \_ losing weight helps too.
                 \_ Um, what? When they are empty they are most likely to
                    come off.
                    \_ oh, nevermind. I thought it was a case of the
                       thing (pannier) being too heavy hence they fall
                       off. Then again, I have no idea what a pannier is.
                       I hate bikers, and I hate the SF Mass Chaos, it's
                       making SF as unpleasant as LA to live in.
                       \_ Move.  Everyone will be happier.
                       \_ It is only once a month, how could it have that much
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