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2008/3/22-25 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:49534 Activity:moderate
3/21    Cyclists twice as likely as cars to be at fault in collisions: (sfgate)
        \_ "unsafe speed" and "riding on the wrong side"; these are children
           riding on the sidewalks, which is known to be dangerous.  -tom
           \_ Fine, but the bulk of the riders are in the 20-50 range.
              Are you trying to disingenuously portray this as "kids who
              dont know better" than a common problem among adult cyclists.
              Look at the number for intoxicated cyclists.
              Why are you trying to disingenuously portray this as "kids who
              dont know better" rather than a common problem among adult
              \_ Because most injuries to adult cyclists in bike-car collisions
                 are caused by driver errors.  There have been numerous
                 studies on this subject.  -tom
                 P.S.: I should note that, while the three most common
                 bike-car collisions involving adults (the right hook, the
                 door, and the left hook) are all legally the fault of the
                 driver, good cycling habits can help avoid all three.
                 See "Effective Cycling," Forester.  -t
2008/3/22-25 [Uncategorized] UID:49535 Activity:nil
3/21    Want to grow weed in your privacy but don't have the resources?
        Here's your chance to grow weed easily at home, in your closet,
        garage, wherever, whenever! Try it for only $19.99 S/H,
        risk free for 36 days!
        \_ Risk free?  So some Joe just has to order this and you guarantee
           they won't get arrested?
        \_ Why do you focus on weed?  Seems like I could grow
           pretty much anything, like potatos even, with this.
2008/3/22-25 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:49536 Activity:nil
3/21    Jack Lalanne: How to be happy (from the 50's)
        People have been saying (what we now call hippie stuff) for a while
        \_ is he gay? as in queer homosexual gay? he's emitting a lot
           of gay signals, but then again, my gaydar is pretty weak.
           \_ Despite being born in SF to French immigrant parents, apparently
        \_ Another good quote: 'LaLanne declared that his two simple rules of
           nutrition are "if man made it, don't eat it", and "if it tastes
           good, spit it out."
           \_ Nah, just French.
           \_ Do you really care if he's gay or not?  I mean, who cares?
2008/3/22-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:49537 Activity:nil 90%like:49543
3/22    Obama retakes lead in Gallup
2008/3/22-23 [Reference/Tax] UID:49538 Activity:very high
3/22    So I just paid my taxes and for kicks I went ahead and calculated
        what my overall tax burden is, including all Federal income and payroll
        taxes and my state taxes and it is 35.6%. Anyone else care to share?
        \_ On what gross income?  And did you include your property tax and
           sales tax?
           \_ I am not going to post my gross income on the motd but it is high
              enought that I am subject to AMT. But my taxe rate on my take home
              enought that I am subject to AMT. But my tax rate on my take home
              pay is 35.6%. I am not including other taxes, but if I did, it is
              a few percent higher. Why don't you post your gross income on
              the motd?
              \_ It's still with the CPA. I started an LLC this year, so I'm
                 not actually sure what it is.
                 \_ Okay, I did a bit of math and our property tax rate is
                    3.5% of AGI and our sales tax rate is less than 3%, but
                    I am not exactly sure how much less, since I don't track
                    spending that well. I did subtract all the things that I
                    know I don't pay sales tax on and if the rest is taxed
                    at 8%, that gives me a 3% overall sales tax.
                    \_ So you don't buy that much stuff?  Most of your
                       spending is untaxed items?
                       \_ After taxes, mortgage, savings and childcare,
                          there isn't that much left really.
                    \_ Sorry, what kind of property tax is based on income?
                       I thought it was based on assessed value of the prop.
                       Or, if you are quoting as a percentage of your AGI for
                       comparison: that is totally under yer control, based
                       on the cost of your house and where you live.
                       Err, just wanted to point that out.
2008/3/22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:49539 Activity:nil
3/22    I was wrong about the Doctrine of Pre-emptive warfare.
        I was wrong about Iraq possessing WMD.
        I was wrong about Scott Ritter and the inspections.
        I was wrong about the UN involvement in weapons inspections.
        I was wrong about the containment sanctions.
        I was wrong about the broader impact of the war on the Middle East.
        I was wrong about this making us more safe.
        I was wrong about the number of troops needed to stabilize Iraq.
        I was wrong when I stated this administration had a clear plan for the
        I was wrong about securing the ammunition dumps.
        I was wrong about the ease of bringing democracy to the Middle East.
        I was wrong about dissolving the Iraqi army.
        I was wrong about the looting being unimportant.
        I was wrong that Bush/Cheney were competent.
        I was wrong that we would be greeted as liberators.
        I was wrong to make fun of the anti-war protestors.
        I was wrong not to trust the dirty smelly hippies.
        -- John Cole, 3/21/2008
2008/3/22-23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:49540 Activity:low
3/22    I just want to block ONE image consistently in Firefox.
        Not the site the image is on.  just this one particular image.
        and i don't want to install the adblock or adblockplus extensions.
        What should I do?
        \_ GreaseMonkey
        \_ What is wrong with adblock?  Install adblock, disable the default
           list and auto updates, kill the one image.
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