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2008/3/3 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:49316 Activity:nil
3/2     So I'm tired of stupid city/suburb generalizations and took a few
        sample points from a popular web site and found interesting
        data. Cities in general have significantly higher crime index
        (SF vs San Mateo, LA vs Irvine). Ratio of residents to sex
        offender is similar. So yes, cities have more reported % of sex
        offenders than suburbs. Higher %, higher #, end of story.
        [Crime index and population data from:]
        Fremont: 1894 resident to 1 sex offender (224 crime index)
        San Francisco: 1176 to 1 (519 crime index)
        Sunnyvale: 1362 to 1 (151 crime index)
        San Mateo: 1690 to 1 (225 crime index)
        Santa Ana: 1397 to 1 (306 crime index)
        Irvine: 8521 to 1 158 crime index)
        Los Angeles: 1015 to 1 (384 crime index)
        Arcadia: 5619 to 1 (236 crime index)
2008/3/3-6 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:49317 Activity:moderate
3/3     Photos of weather stations...badly placed weather stations.
        \_ Oh, so global warming is just caused by concrete?  I'm so relieved!
           All those dumb scientists ought to read angry guy's blog!
           FYI, you may wish to read realclimate's "no man is an urban heat
           island" entry:
           \_ You global warming evangelists are scary.  Everything is global
              warming this, global warming that.  These are pictures of *bad
              science*, and your kneejerk response is like a young-earth
              creationist's immediate response to dinosaur bones.
              \_ They're pictures of bad data points, not bad science.
                 \_ Collecting data is part of science, or didn't you do any
                 \_ This is an amazing comment.  I would go so far as to say
                    getting good data is the hard part of empirical science.
                        -- ilyas
                    \_ ...which is why the climate models use thousands of
                       data points from ground, atmospheric, and oceanic
                       stations, and do what they can to correct for errors.
                       \_ And if a substantial portion of the ground stations
                          have problems....?
                          \_ Will nobody read the damn realclimate article?
                             \_ I don't think any of the "mistaken assumptions"
                                apply.  And?
              \_ Agreed, case in point, the free market is already solving
                 global warming. Look at Plantos incorporated. They trap
                 CO2 by dumping iron dust into the ocean.
                 \_ No one could have anticipated that dumping iron dust
                    into the ocean could have caused [even bigger problem]
              \_ My response was to the pompous douchebag that runs that
                 blog, not you in particular.  You should check out the
                 realclimate post on UHIs, though.  You know, follow the
                 link, read the information within, just like I did with
                 that sad little picture site.
2008/3/3-6 [Uncategorized] UID:49318 Activity:nil
3/3     Does anyone know how to rotate one screen 90 degrees but not the
        other in X11 conf? Thanks
        \_ At least with linux/freebsd/ world, this is driver
           dependant, and not available to all drivers.
2008/3/3-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:49319 Activity:nil
3/3     yo, they wanna know when to have the alumni bbq.  I assumed
        fridays are good preferable but some general date would be
        nice to have.  What do you folk recommend? email bbq@csua
        \_ yay another bbq! it's a great opportunity for me to suck up
           suckers who'll work 12-15hrs a day for little pay at
           my startups. i love alumni bbqs.             -alum
2008/3/3-6 [Uncategorized] UID:49320 Activity:nil
3/3     I need a good replacement for a Polycom conference phone.
        Does anyone have suggestions?
        \_ Another Polycom conference phone.  What's the question?
        \_ get the mid/high end one with good voice detection, excellent
           don't go ch34p
2008/3/3-6 [Recreation/Music] UID:49321 Activity:nil
3/3     Does anyone know what it means to 'chuck the monkey?'
           \_ So, urban dictionary doesn't know either.  Thanks.
        \_ (NSFW)
2008/3/3-6 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:49322 Activity:nil
        Last quarter, Google hired 889 people, bringing the total headcount
        to 16,805. What do all these new employees do? Stab each other in
        the back, apparently.
        \_ $45k/yr? Wow, those googlers sure are underpaid.
           \_ These are customer service reps (phone), not engineers.
        \_ Valleywag makes Drudge look like a font of accuracy.
2008/3/3-6 [Reference/Military] UID:49323 Activity:nil
3/3     The Ray Gun
        Takes ~5sec to stop only one rioter.  How efficient for such an
        costly piece of machinery.  And why can't a rioter wear aluminum
        foil underneath the clothes?
        \_ When the Red Sox won the world series a few years ago,
           a woman was killed by being hit in the eye with a rubber
           bullet as police tried to control the "celebration" in
           Boston.  The ray gun won't kill people.
           \_ It also is a big bulky expensive humvee that is designed
              apparently for precision aiming from long distances. Not
              likely to be helpful in most situations.
              \_ Yes, the present prototypes are big, bulky, and
           \_ And, like tasers, they will gradually be seen as reasonable
              force and police will use them on people for giving them the
              respect they think they are due.
              \_ What if the rioters wrap themselves in cheap o' aluminum
                 \_ I'm not talking about rioters.  I'm talking about shit
                    like "Don't tase me bro" dude.
           \_ If the ray gun is pointed at the eye by chance like the rubber
              bullet gun was, will the person go half-blind and sue?
              \_ Only if you somehow manage to face into it and not blink
                 for an extended period of time.
           \_ Water cannon on firetrucks won't kill people either, and you
              don't need all that money to develop and manufacture it just for
              this purpose.
              \_ They have been known to cause permanent harm to people.
                 Being hit with a water cannon can be fatal, too, if you
                 get hit wrong.
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