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2008/3/1-4 [Science] UID:49308 Activity:nil
3/1     this is the best song and video ever made by man
        \_ That's weird, I thought 92% of the farms in the US are corporate
           managed, with professional management team dealing with market
           studies, technology purchase (computerized GPS tracker, etc),
           fertilizer, etc. Then they hire a bunch of Mexicans to do the
           grunt work for minimal wages and little benefits.
        \_ Wow, it's like Weird Al Yankovic for red necks.  I'm a 4th
           generation son of a farmer, have driven harvesters, have blocked
           traffic and I laughed my ass off.
2008/3/1-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:49309 Activity:nil
3/1     So what's the best way to deploy WARs (java servlets)?
        Ant?  Maven?  Is there something else out there that is
        incredibly cool and will solve all of my problems?
2008/3/1-5 [Uncategorized] UID:49310 Activity:nil
3/1     motd bood guy, here's a present.
2008/3/1-5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:49312 Activity:low
3/1     holy shit Hillary Clinton is on Saturday Night Live! She must
        be desperate or something. I feel sorry for her.
        \_ Well yeah, her campaign was dead weeks ago.  Hail Mary!
        \_ Appearing on the Arsenio Hall Show worked for Bill.
           \_ Arsenio Hall Show circa 1992 wasn't nearly as bad (and unwatched)
              as the current SNL season.
              \- i think some of the OBAMA v HILARY answers on 60m tonight
                 were insightful as to why i personally hate hilary and
                 like obama more. and this is one question where i think my
                 reaction was somewhat representative of wide range of people:
                 when obama was asked about the "hussein smear", he stated
                 clearly that he was an xtian and the went the UNNECESSARY
                 AND POLITCALLY RISKY BUT PRINCIPLED extra mile to comment
                 on "not that claiming somebody is a muslim should be a slur".
                 now contract that wil hillary's answers to the episode where
                 she said weaslely things like "yes, to the best of my
                 knowledge obama is not a muslim" and then proceeded to talk
                 about herself ... about how "i know what it is to be smeared"
                 \_ *That* is why you hate her?  That's just typical political
                    dissembling.  There are many reasons to hate her, but that
                    is hardly the top of the list.  Anyway, in 48 hours it'll
                    over be "officially" over because she already lost a month
                    ago out in reality-world.
                    \- no that is just emblematic, jsut like i dont hate BUSHCO
                       because of his flippant, cowbowish comments, but that
                       too is emblematic. in the obama case, going the extra
                       mile and making the "pro muslim" commnt comes at a
                       (potental) cost.
                       \_ did some Desperate Hillarite delete this to keep
                          people from seeing what a fool she made of herself?
                          \- in same the spirit, see Tom Dashle [Obama] vs
                             Harold Ickes [Billary] on CROSE show.
                             HICKIES sounds like the anti-google people ...
                             "people who prefer searching on GOOG dont
                             realize our search engine is better" "do you
                             trust GOOG to tell you what to think?" "GOOG
                             is a vulnurable company built on one idea".
                             but of course maybe it is unfair to judge
                             them based on a guy who has been a professional
                             weasel since 1968. n.b. HICKES went to The Fraud.
                             Speaking of fraud:
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