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2008/2/29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:49297 Activity:nil
2008/2/29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:49298 Activity:nil 97%like:49305
2/28    The lying, despicable campaign to turn Jews against Obama
2008/2/29-3/4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:49299 Activity:nil
        \_ Hillary cackles in response to serious questions as technique
           to avoid answering same questions.  Amusing but not really
           meaningful now since her campaign ended Feb 5th.
2008/2/29-3/4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:49300 Activity:nil
2/29    Economy is good in Afghanistan.
        In other news, drug trades in Afghanistan is at record levels.
        Go USA USA USA!
2008/2/29-3/5 [Industry/Startup] UID:49301 Activity:low
2/29    google to move 1200 people to downtown sf
        \_ And we care because...?
           \_ I was thinking that places downtown will double what they
              charge for parking, and they'll get away with it since avg
              Google salary is 200k.
              \_ You know, top 200 employees make over several millions but
                 the MEDIAN base salary is still 100K/year. But I guess if
                 you average everyone out, it's probably 200K/year. Still,
                 ost people do NOT make 200K/year, I assure you.   -G employee
                 most emps do NOT make 200K/year, I assure you. -G employee
                 \_ I bet the bonus you get makes up for this.  Or maybe
                    your group is in charge of driving those buses around.
                    \_ Uh, no. Google gives lower base salary but higher
                       bonus. It's based on "meritocracy." When you add
                       up base and bonus, it's pretty much the same as
                       other big companies. Now if you add stock options
                       as an employee who joined prior to 2004, yes 200K
                       is not an unreasonable guess. But remember the company
                       more than doubled since 2004 meaning MOST employees
                       after 2004 do NOT make anywhere near 200K. It is a
                       sad myth that all G employees are rich. Many are,
                       most are not.    -pp
                 ost emps do NOT make 200K/year, I assure you.   -G employee
                       \_ Shouldn't employees who joined prior to 2004 with
                          pre-IPO options be super-rich by now?  Even if the
                          option price was $100, they still made $300+ per
                          share with today's price.
                          \_ Yes and that is why more than 65% of them have
                             already left the company. Read the post above,
                             as the company size increases the suckiness
                             increases as well. Most of the employees today
                             do NOT make that much. The rich already left
                             for retirement, or the next big thing.
        \_ Google is old news.
2008/2/29-3/5 [Uncategorized] UID:49302 Activity:nil
2/29    Someone asked last week about T-Shirts of the Oakland dock loaders
        dreaming of Star Wars Imperial Walkers.  Heres' the website: (--peterl)
        \_ Thanks!  I just ordered two.
2008/2/29-3/4 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:49303 Activity:nil
2/28    Hi do I allow only a certain SSH key to run a particular command?
        \_ Look for LocalCommand in ssh_config(5). Unless you're
           literally asking what you seem to be asking, in which case
           you're probably out of luck.
        \_ Read the manpages for authorized_keys file if you're using
           openssh.  You can specify the "absolute command" in there, or
           have it call a wrapper and have it process the
           $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND variable.
           \- see /tmp/authorized_keys.acl-sample for an example.
              who is asking?
2008/2/29-3/4 [Recreation/Music] UID:49304 Activity:nil
2/28    what is most productive coding music:
        CONAN THE BARBARIAN soundtrack:
        generic techno:
        The Code Monkey Song:

        KCSM:   .
        KPMG: .
        The Bourne soundtracks: .
        \_ The consulting firm?
           \_ Their theme song. Gets me in the coding mood every time.
        The Bourne soundtracks: .
        Dead silence: ..
        groove salad (somafm):
        Autechre, or death metal: .
2008/2/29-3/4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:49305 Activity:nil 97%like:49298
2/28    The lying, despicable campaign to turn Jews against Obama (tpm)
        \_ Man, I keep misreading this as:
           'The lying, despicable campaign of the Jews against Obama'
        \_ I read the first 10 paragraphs or so before I couldn't take it
           anymore.  This opinion piece is just stupid and fact free.
           \_ So you think that attempting to Godwin Obama is legit?
              \_ No one is Godwining Obama.  Or if they are this 'article'
                 certainly doesn't make a strong case for it.  The flip side
                 of the Godwin thing is that you're not being Godwinned if the
                 charges are true, which remains to be seen in Obama's case,
                 since he's a good speaker but doesn't say much.
                 \_ I see.  So you're in bed with the smear tactics.  Cool,
                    got it.
                    \_ That line doesn't even make sense. Shessh. -!pp
                    \_ Classic case of reading what you want to read, instead
                       of reading what was said.  Your Rhetoric 1A grade to
                       date is "F," but you still have time to pull it up to a
                       "C" if you work at it and come to office hours every
                       week.  -pp
        \_ This really is a poorly written article.  It's making a mountain of
           a molehill (Tim Russert) who was already making a molehill of a
           pebble (Farrakhan).  It's like cascading stupidity.
           \- i thought it was a decent article. it is about more than
              just the tim russert issue. it might have been nice to have
              a few more facts about how "marginal" farrakhan is, but i can
              understand why he didnt get into it ... i think most of his
              audience would have been willing to accept farrakhan = nutjob
              and you dont need to do much more than draw the analogy to an
              endorsement from David Duke.
2008/2/29-3/4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49306 Activity:nil
2/29    Two more criminals Bush is sure to pardon:
        \_ You really want to review past Presidential pardons as a troll?
           That's pretty dull stuff.  You can do better than this, Shirley.
           \_ I guess you are right, crooked Republicans are a dime a dozen
              these days.
2008/2/29-3/1 [Politics] UID:49307 Activity:moderate
2/29    Socialism promotes state ownership of capital/industry.
        What do you call a system which promotes personal ownership of
        it? i.e. design measures to make more people own the business
        in which they work. That might involve limitations on how much
        any one individual may be allowed to own in capital, thus
        enforcing more widespread ownership. Promote competition and
        market effectiveness by acting against consolidation and
        in favor of small businesspeople. Instead of neo-feudal
        corporate peasants, limit the power of corporations in favor
        of worker cooperatives.
        \_ Where are you pasting this stuff from?
        \_ "Privitazation"?  Or just plain o' "capitalism"?
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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