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2008/2/24-26 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Humor] UID:49223 Activity:nil
2/23    it would be reall funny if huckabee somehow won the nomination
        \_ I'd never vote for him, but you've got to appreciate a man
           with a sense of humor. Good on him for doing Weekend Update on
           SNL. --erikred
           \_ I would love to see it, since I always thought Huckabee was
              sort of like some SNL character to begin with.
                 Probably not good for long, since YouTube deletes SNL
                 clips mighty quickly. --erikred
        \_ key word: somehow
                 \_ Already gone.
                    \_ On the SNL site now:
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2008/2/24-26 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:49225 Activity:low
2/24    I'm about to buy a home in an unincorporated city, what are
        some of the ramifications of having a home in an unincorporated
        city? Does that men we're screwed if the road/sewage/water
        need repairs? What about tax and other ramifications?
        \_ I live in an unincorporated area. A lot of it depends on who
           provides your services. It's usually the county. If you live in
           a rich county it can be good. A poor county might mean you
           don't get good services. Taxes will be less. In my particular
           case, we get better police and fire services, worse roads
           and utilities, more freedom when it comes to building codes
           and ordinances (can be a plus or a minus), worse humane society,
           and worse library system.
           case, we get better police and fire services, worse roads, worse
           electric utility, more freedom when it comes to building codes,
           zoning and ordinances (can be a plus or a minus), worse humane
           society, and worse library system. No difference with schools in my
           situation (which again can be better or worse - some uninc.
           areas have their own school system and others use a nearby district
           and it can vary which is better). The sewer and water are handled
           by my county either way. In short, the bad part is that there's no
           one to complain to and the good part is that there's no one
           placing restrictions on you. If you like HOAs you might not like an
           unincorporated area. If you like more freedom you will. My
           county has more money and so a plus is that when we want
           something expensive all we have to do is convince our county
           supervisor. That means we can get expensive things a small city
           may not be able to afford if we can make a case for them. (A certain
           amount is budgeted by the county for our district and that is not
           true in incorporated areas where the county figures the city should
           pick up the cost.) Essentially, we have access to a bigger
           pool of funds to use on pet projects like redevelopment zones,
           parks, and libraries. (Even though our library system is worse
           than the nearby city that's just because theirs is really
           extensive. Ours is very nice for an area our size.) Over the
           years there have been many votes to incorporate or to be
           annexed to the nearby city and they have all failed, so the
           majority of people must like the status quo (probably don't
           want to pay the additional 0.25% property tax in exchange for
           being told what to do).
           \_ Thanks Unincorporate City Guru! It's very very useful!
              May I ask which county or city you live in?
        \_ The answer is: it depends. Who provides sewer, water, power
           and heating gas? Is there a chance your neighbors are going
           to get together and vote you all a tax increase to pay for
           more services? Read up on what a Mello-Roos is:
           \_ Communities, incorporated or not, can vote taxes for
              themselves. It's not really relevant to the discussion.
              Mello Roos is tangential as well. Unincorporated areas don't
              necessarily have Mello Roos fees. I would guess most don't.
              \_ An area without water, electricity or sewer is much more
                 likely to vote a tax increase to fund those things than
                 an area that already has them.
                 \_ Sure, but what does that have to do with incorporated
                    vs. unincorporated? Absolutely nothing.
                    \_ You know of incorporated areas with no sewer, water
                       or electricity? In America???
                       \_ Yes. All you have to do is leave the cities. Go to
                          the central coast of CA for instance and you will
                          find homes which are part of a city but which get
                          water from a well and use septic for waste. Hell, La
                          Canada Flintridge just got a sewer system in the last
                          10 years and it's a wealthy city. The residents voted
                          to pay for it and some people got majorly screwed.
                          My boss had a $40K bill for his portion *and* he
                          had just installed a new septic system just a few
                          years before. Yes, it is an incorporated city (1976).
2008/2/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:49226 Activity:nil
2/24    Why Omar gotta go out like that
2008/2/24-26 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:49227 Activity:low
2/24    Nader signs on to ruin America once again
        \_ OH fuck!!! Not Nader again. Why the fuck is he doing this?
           \_ Nader got 0.38% of the vote in 2004.
              \_ And 2% in 2000.
                 \_ Which do you think is more likely this time, starting
                    a campaign in March without a party?  -tom
                    \_ The point to remember is that had he not run in 2000
                       Al Gore would have won and stopped GLOBAL WARMING
                       already. Damn Nader for indirectly destroying Iraq
                       and mother nature!
        \_ Anonymous message to Ralph Nader that we can all get behind:
  (YouTube-ish vid)
        \_ bahahahaha this is pretty funny
        \_ How is he ruining anything?  If people prefer him that's their
           choice.  Oh, I know, let's do the kind of democracy where only
           your guy is allowed to run.
           \_ I said it before, and I'll say it again: if he wants to run
              and actually make an impact, he should have started more than
              a year before the election. Right now, he's just a distraction.
           \_ Clearly you weren't around for the 2000 election.
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