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2008/2/23-26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:49221 Activity:low
2/23    LANL researchers may have developed a way to convert atmospheric co2
        into fuel: (
        \_ key word: may [I'll save you the trouble]
        \_ Of note, the above mechanism is just an energey conversion process.
           The actuall energy source is electricity, ideally supplied by
           The actual energy source is electricity, ideally supplied by
           nuclear plants.
           \_ The award for most bizarre piece of nuclear power advocacy I've
              seen in a while goes to this proposal from some scientists at
              the Los Alamos Laboratory reported on by the New York Times -
              constructing nuclear power plants to power the conversion of
              CO2 into petrol. Of course, you could use the nuclear power for
              electric vehciles instead, and use less than 20% of the energy
              this process requires. Or you could just skip the nuclear
              option entirely and plug your electirc vehicles into a clean
              energy grid instead (hat tip Engineer Poet).
              (From (
                \_ What takes more CO2 out of the atmosphere? Electric
                   vehicles powered by nuclear or this conversion process?
                   I honestly don't know the answer, but if the answer is
                   the latter then it's not so bizarre.
                   \_ too long, didn't read?  This process, at best, takes C02
                      out of the air only temporarily, as it goes right back
                      when the fuel is burnt.  Electric cars require
                      less nuclear energy than cars burning gas produced by
                      this process.
                      \_ But the amount of C02 would not be increasing in
                         that instance. You just reuse the same C02 over
                         and over again, right?
        \_ This is news?  We have a better mechanism that is solar powered.
           Its called plants"
           \_ Dude, don't you remember? St. Ronald said that plants cause
              air pollution!
           \_ Do you mean bio-fuel, e.g. corn?
2008/2/23-26 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:49222 Activity:nil
2/23    Suburban loving conservative leaning family oriented people will
        suffer from record high gas prices. Meanwhile, stinky bike riding
        Linux loving liburals sneer at everyone else with
        "I told you so [wrt to Peak Oil]!"
        \_ key word: troll
        \_ What about Prius-driving environment-loving conservative-leaning
           family-oriented people like me?
           \_ You have children?  You don't RIDE BIKE?  You are further right
              than that sellout Feinstein?  You are a traitor to mother earth
              and all clear thinking people.
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