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2008/2/17-21 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:49172 Activity:nil
2/16    NY Times review of "The Age of American Unreason": (
2008/2/17-21 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:49173 Activity:kinda low
2/16    A Solar Grand Plan: Converting the US to 65% solar power in 40 years.
        Would cost less over 40 years than the war in Iraq has cost us in 6.
        \_ The projections for the war were a lot lower than the reality.
           \_ No the projections by the liars who were trying to pull a fast
              one on the American people were lower than the reality. Plenty
              of us said that it would be a costly, drawn-out, indecisive
              \_ We must immediately announce the Solar Grand Plan to the
                 People as Another Great Success in a long line of Greatly
                 Successful Five Year Plans.  No large engineering project has
                 ever had a cost over-run or major delay especially when the
                 government is involved.  Comrade, we must proceed with the
                 Grand Solar Plan!
                 \_ Did you vote for Bush?
                    \_ No.  My candidates never win.  Did you vote for Gore?
                       \_ Nope, Nader.
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