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2008/2/14-18 [Uncategorized] UID:49137 Activity:nil
2/14    This is the saddest thing ever
        \_ [Description of breast reduction and lots of pictures of the
            breasts prior to reduction; not NSFW, but dodgy]
        \_ Oh no!  Why!?  She's not hot anymore.  Her web search hits will die
           down soon.
2008/2/14 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:49138 Activity:nil 90%like:49140
2/14    Hans Reiser's days at UC Berkeley:
2008/2/14-18 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:49139 Activity:nil
2/14    Smoking and latent tuberculosis form a synergy of death.
        This is a case were YOUR bad habit can cause YOU to become
        infectious and deadly to others, far beyond just "secondhand smoke".
        \_ even MORE reasons to move away from city-dwelling liburals
           and retreat to my gated suburban community   -Republican
        \_ "The results are partly explained by the fact that, unlike in the
            West, many people in India are infected with asymptomatic
            tuberculosis. Smoking can cause enough damage to the lungs that
            the latent infection can no longer be contained, researchers said."
           Where do you draw the connection of smoking being infectious and
           deadly to others?
           \_ Latent tuberculosis is not generally transmissable to others.
              Active tuberculosis IS.  Smoking activates latent
              tuberculosis.  Is the connection clear now?
              \_ Okay, so in India, where latent tuberculosis is prevalent,
                 a culture of smoking keeps activating the virus and making
                 it more likely to spread. Thank goodness that's not the
                 case here in the States.
2008/2/14-18 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:49140 Activity:nil 90%like:49138
2/14    Hans Reiser's days at UC Berkeley: (
        \_ Who is this 'Pete' fellow
           \_ Almost certainly Shipley.  Also a nut, booted off soda
              several times.  -tom
2008/2/14-18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49141 Activity:kinda low 75%like:49133
2/13    Mythbusting Canadian Health Care (part I - (part II -
        \_ Oh sure, you'd expect this from free-market deniers.
           \_ Care to respond to the arguments or just blather
              and set up strawmen?
              \_ "1. Canada's health care system is "socialized medicine."
                 False. In socialized medical systems, the doctors work
                 directly for the state."
                 This is a joke. It's a semantic nit-pick. (And goes downhill
                 from there.)
                 \_ All I can say is that I have one of the best PPOs money
                    can buy in the USA, and it SUCKS DONKEY BALLS.  If
                    what Canada has is socialism, then bring on the
                    socialism.  ok thx.
                    \_ What sucks about your PPO?
                    \_ Maybe your PPO isn't as good as you think. My
                       current one sucks, but my previous one was awesome.
                       If yours sucks then it doesn't indict the entire
                       medical system.
                    \_ Move to Canada then.
                       \_ yeah, because who would want to do anything to
                          improve America?   -tom
                          \_ I don't think it would be good for America, and
                             the arguments at the links above are specious.  I
                             think the government needs to get *less* involved
                             in health care, not more.  If you want Canada's
                             system, go to Canada.
                             \_ If the system changes and you don't like it,
                                where are you going to go?  -tom
                                \_ Excellent non sequitur, sir!
                                \_ Mexico, where health care is cheap and
                                   of high quality.
                                   \_ Cuba!
                    \_ What exactly sucks about it? That it's not free?
        \_ This is my favorite:
           "We'll have rationed care
           Don't look now: but America does ration care. And it does it in the
           most capricious, draconian, and often dishonest way possible.
           "Mostly, the US system rations care by simply eliminating large
           numbers of people from the system due to an inability to pay."
           Um, yes. That's called capitalism.  This is saying, "socialized
           health care would be better because socialism is better!"
           \_ no, it's saying that capitalism rations care.  -tom
              \_ No, capitalism puts care on a market.
                 \_ and that's good because...?
                    \_ Because markets are a proven mechanism for optimizing
                       results and give you a choice of where and how to
                       spend your money. What's good about socialism? You
                       are trying to change the system so the onus is on
                       \_ Evolution is also a proven mechanism for
                          optimizing results. Just let all the poor, dumb
                          people die, it's the natural order of things.
                          \_ Don't forget about the UNLUCKY.  Evolution
                             doesn't care if it operates fairly.  Fairness
                             is a human peculiarity.
                             \_ Darwinism does account for luck where
                                both the lucky and unlucky offset each
                                other hence you'll still find order in
                                any chaos system.
                                \_ It's lots of fun for those who lose
                                   because of bad luck, isn't it?
                       \_ It is a fallacy that markets optimize results.
                          An obvious failure case in the health realm is that
                          markets don't provide universal vaccine, which
                          ends up being a larger public health cost than
                          vaccine would be.  -tom
                          \_ I'm not saying everything should only be driven
                             purely by markets. So provide free vaccine. Next?
                             \_ Socialist.
                          \_ Exceptions don't mean it's a fallacy. "Commons"
                             concerns are a known area where markets alone
                             can't optimize the problem, because the costs
                             and benefits aren't easily quantified or owned.
                             Another example is stuff like national parks
                             and open space. The actual value of open space
                             to the society at large or in the area is hard
                             to accurately capture. I'm open to discussion
                             of what constitutes such cases but I don't see
                             convincing arguments with respect to health
                       \_ Proven, you mean like how the markets put CAs
                          power out a few years back? And gave us M$ as a
                          monopoly product? No one seriously believes in
                          unregulated markets as a mechanism for optimizing
                          \_ No one seriously promotes unregulated markets,
                             dumbass. Power markets are a laughable example
                             however: regulations prevented investment in
                             more power infrastructure.
                             \_ Then if you agree we need to regulate markets
                                you are just arguing over how much "socialism"
                                we really need.
                                \_ Regulation (laws) is not socialism, dumbass.
                                   \_ I'm confused. op posts article debunking
                                      myths about Canada's healthcare system.
                                      emarkp makes comparison to socialism.
                                      criticisms of capitalism follow, then
                                      praises of capitalism (by way of the
                                      free market, i.e., competition), then
                                      bad examples of said competition, then
                                      qualifications based on possible limited
                                      regulation, followed by ironic
                                      invocation of "socialism," followed by
                                      literal reference to socialism. At what
                                      point does any of this point to the US
                                      system somehow being better?
                                      \_ dumbass
                                         \_ Yay! You're contributing!
              \_ Well, it's true but oddly twisted.  All limited resources
                 must be rationed some how.  I only know of 3 ways, money,
                 politics, and violence.  The Free Market uses money for a
                 variety of good reasons, but sometimes it doesn't work.
                 However, we are so used to the free market that we only call
                 political rationing, rationing.  It's just a matter of
                 common language use.
           \_ No, it's saying "fears of rationing care are based on a
              fictional lack of rationed care in the US."
        \_ I love this argument:
           - Universal health care is Socialism!  Capitalism rox!  F U TAXES!
           - Our health care system sucks!  We need Canada's system!  OBAMA!!
2008/2/14-18 [Uncategorized] UID:49142 Activity:nil
2/14    I need an alarm clock that does a loud house shaking Muslim
        CALL TO PRAYER.  anyone have a link?
2008/2/14 [Recreation/Media] UID:49143 Activity:nil
2/14    New Clone Wars movie/tv show is coming:
2008/2/14-18 [Reference/Law/Court, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:49144 Activity:moderate
2/14    good reiser trial blog
        \_ His defense seems to center around "my wife went to russia".  Can't
           he hire someone in Russia to find her and take some pictures of
           her at lunch or something?
           \_ OJ is still looking for Nicole's killers
           \_ Well, without a body can there really be a crime? Yes, but
              there's a huge element of doubt introduced.
              \_ People get convicted of murder without the body sometimes.
                 I bet it'll be a mistrial
                 \_ Sure they do, but it makes it really tough.
                 \_ If he takes the stand, he'll be found guilty.  If he
                    doesn't, he'll probably get a hung jury.  -tom
              \_ There's no body but he's claiming she fled to russia.  The
                 case will be dropped instantly if he could prove that.  It
                 makes me suspicious that we haven't heard a single thing about
                 investigating his claims she's living there now.
                 \_ He's just saying that he has no idea where she is and
                    that she may have gone there. How do you investigate
                    that? It's hard enough to find someone in the US.
                    \_ If she's there where she has family and other roots she
                       shouldn't be that hard to find.  It isn't the heart of
        \_ Unless you think Nina's family are masters of manipulation, it's pretty
           clear her side of the family thinks she's dead.  I guess she could have
           accepted her new job, gotten groceries, taken the battery out of
           her cell phone, THEN hopped skipped and jumped to a secret hole
           in Russia and resolved to never talk to her beloved children
           again.  Oh yeah this is after she planted her blood, and Hans' blood,
           on the stairport of Hans' house.  Remember Nina hasn't lived in that
           house in over a year.
                       \_ It's hard to find someone who doesn't want to
                          be found. Thats my point. If she's just living
                          a normal life there then sure.
        \_ Unless you think Nina's family are masters of manipulation, it's
           pretty clear her side of the family thinks she's dead. I guess she
           could have accepted her new job, gotten groceries, taken the
           battery out of her cell phone, THEN hopped skipped and jumped to a
           secret hole in Russia and resolved to never talk to her beloved
           children again.  Oh yeah this is after she planted her blood, and
           Hans' blood, on the stairport of Hans' house.  Remember Nina hasn't
           lived in that house in over a year.
           \_ Actually, the way it went down was that ext3 was feeling the heat
              from reiserfs so it ordered a combo hit/frame-up on the Reisers.
              Nina was killed and Hans was framed so that reiserfs would wither
              and ext3 could go on try to take over the world.
           \_ From what I know I think he killed her.  I'm just saying that
              if his defense is that she's is Russia, how much effort has he
              put into finding her?  Seems kinda important, no?
2008/2/14-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49145 Activity:nil
2/14    Happy Valentines Day! So is Partha Banerjee gay or not?
        \_ Why?  Do you want a date with him?
        \_ Still in denial.
2008/2/14-18 [Finance/Investment] UID:49146 Activity:kinda low
2/14    Full-time and summer internship jobs available at Bain Capital.
        Use CS to invest in stocks/bonds/commodities/etc.
        Postings at and
        \_ Isn't this Mitt Romney's company?
        \_ Can I use my CS skills to assfuck school districts for phat bonus?
           Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Survival of the fittest
           \_ does it matter?
              \_ Yes.
                 \_ Why?  Where do you work that isn't involved in some way
                    with someone you don't like?
                    \_ There are lots of places to work that don't have
                       upper management I dislike. Your argument is silly.
                       So I should work at a company run by Charles Manson
                       because where can I "work that isn't involved in
                       some way with someone [I] don't like?"
                       \_ So you're equating Charles Manson with Mitt Romney?
                          And you call me silly?  We're done here.
                          \_ I'm just taking your argument to the extreme
                             to point out how ridiculous it is. I mean,
                             I may as well work with Manson because where
                             can I work that isn't involved with someone I
                             dislike? I never equated Romney with Manson
                             other than to say I dislike them both.
2008/2/14-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:49147 Activity:low
2/14    Worst thing about Obama winning the nomination: 6 months of
        racist (often veiled as concerns as to what the "mainstream" thinks)
        pandering on the motd.
        \_ McCain winning would be the worst thing, if it happened
        \_ You keep saying that but I haven't seen anything racist on the
           motd re: Obama yet.  Are you trying to create that atmosphere?
           You seem to be the only one posting that stuff like your post
           below.  Everyone else here is talking issues and candidate
           qualities and policies.
           \_ I can't keep saying something I only said once.
              \_ So you and your friend keep saying it.  Saying something a
                 lot doesn't make it true.
                 \_ I didn't say there was going to be racist trolls.
                    I was wondering why the "OH NOES HE'S A MUSLIM
                    meme popular with freepers hadn't shown up the motd.
                    Most of the other poisonous shit like that (e.g. Swift
                    Boat) was a big topic here.
                    The motd really is letting us down for entertainment
                    value. !op
                    \_ Clue time: this isn't the freepers.  There are people
                       here who not on the left but aren't frothing mindless
                       freepers.  Why must anyone who disagrees with you
                       automatically be a mindless frothing freeper idiot?
                    \_ Honestly, hasn't most of that been thrown around by
                       the Clinton team?
2008/2/14-18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:49148 Activity:kinda low
2/14    Seriously, does a black man really have a chance against a more
        experienced (though controversial) white Caucasian candidate?
        Is America really ready for a black President?
        \_ What is this "experience" that she and everyone keep talking
        \_ Is America ready for a 72 year old President?
           \_ Reagan was 70-78 years old during his presidency.
        \_ What is this "experience" that she keeps talking about?
           \_ Someone had to mind the store while Bill was busy with
              the staff.
        \_ Given how people are talking when interviewed, this really
           appears to have become a non-issue.
        \_ Americans vote for charming winners that appeal to their hearts
           while right wing people vote for smarties (or at least those
           who seem annoyingly smug about their superier intelligence)
                                                \_ Please tell me this
                                                   was edited after the fact.
                        (stop deleting this asshat)
           It's not about the policies, damnit.
           \_ Oh look, it's Mr. MAINSTREAM AMERICA posting again.
           \_ Really? I thought right wing was anti-smarty. It's the
              liberals that always say they're the smart people.
              Big city elites and all that.
              \_ Rush always says that Democrats are a bunch of crack
                 smoking welfare moms. Does he mean welfare moms with
                 PhDs? Don't forget the illegals and lazy Union thugs.
                 Are these all supposed to be intellectuals?
        \_ Think Presidents David and Wayne Palmer. But one hopes that
           Michelle Obama is nothing like Sherry Palmer.
        \_ I love conservatives.  When it comes to policy, 'racism doesn't
           exist anymore.'  When it comes to candidates, 'OH NOES BLACK GUY
           RUN FOR THE HILLS!'
                 \_ Why do you listen to Rush?
        \_ After seeing Presidents David and Wayne Palmer in action,
           America is totally ready for a black president. A black
           first lady, however, is a different story. Hopefully Mrs.
           Obama is nothing like Sherry Palmer.
        \_ This country is not ready for a black president. This contry
           isn't ready for a female president either. However, it is ready
           for a moron president (
2008/2/14-18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49149 Activity:nil
2/14    How the Bush Administration helped the banks screw the American
        \_ Liberal slant alert.
        \_ is there supposed to be something wrong with that?
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