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2008/1/30-2/2 [Uncategorized] UID:49033 Activity:nil
1/29    Middle age is really depressing:
2008/1/30-2/2 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Security] UID:49034 Activity:moderate
1/30    One of my friend in china is asking me to sign up a world of
        warcarft account for him. I am not too familiar with this
        game, I am going to buy the game from Amazon, and use the
        CD-key to sign up an account. Do I need to tie my credit card
        with the account? Since the online game is fee based, I'd
        imagine I need a credit to get this to work, if so, then I'll
        tell him I can't do it. If I don't need a credit card, then I
        will do it. Does anyone on the motd play this game? Can you
        enlighten me? Thanks!
        \_ Friends don't let friends play the World of Warcraft.
           Mothers Against World of Warcraft.
           \_ Is this guy a "friend" or an actual friend?
        \_ Tell him you can't and let him figure out if you're wrong.
        \_ Sometimes these games allow you to buy a monthly usage card online
           but I don't know if warcraft requires a cc for signup or has the
           monthly thing.  I don't understand why your friend can't just sign
           themself up?
           \_ He claims that he's in China and he can't sign up. How
              do I prove he's wrong?
              \_ 1.5 Chinese World of Warcrack players?
              \_ Go to China and sign up.
                 \_ Remote-Desktop into your friend's machine in China,
                    and sign up.
              \_ He can't sign up for US servers, only on Chinese WoW servers.
                 There's millions more WoW players in asia than there are in
                 the US, but they are all on asian WoW servers.
        \_ It's true.  If you are a good friend, don't help him to play
           WoW in any way.
        \_ he probably wants you tot get a US version of the game so that
           he can get access to US servers. The Chinese version will send him
           to chinese servers.   His play experience will likely suck due to
           more lag, but whatever.   If he plans to go into gold farming there
           might be more market for his 'product' than if he were on a
           china server -- however that's against the game's ToS.  Anyway, you
           can buy the boxed game and  send it over.
           If you try to install and sign in, it will either ask for gamecard
           or credit card info to get the WoW account started. I'd recommend
           not taking that step.   -ERic
           \_ He might also be trying to make a conduit account.  I don't play
              Wow, but my understanding it that the Chinese Gold farmers nead
              dealers (conduits) on the US side to deliver their wares.
              \_ they have plenty of hacked accounts to do this with.
           \_ I can think of a host of reasons why a chinese person might want
              an account on US servers -- most of them involving some from of
              ToS violation -- but there are a few legitimate ones. Maybe he
              wants to play with US friends/aquaintances.  I'm willing to give
              them the benefit of doubt. However, whatever you do don't log
              into the US game (sign up the account) with your own user
              information and/or cerdit card if you plan on handing the account
              over. This makes YOU the 'customer of record' -- the owner of
              the account, responsible for whatever mischief your Chinese
              "friend" wants to commit with it. -ERic
              \_ that's like trying to legitimize one's use of bittoreent
                 because one uses it to download Linux ISO's, when the reality
                 is most of one's use is really restricted-copyright mp3's and
                 videos.  Most likely the intended use of this cross-region WoW
                 account is illegitimate.  Gold Farming, selling gold taken
                 from hacked WoW accounts, etc...
        \_ Very helpful replies. Thanks everyone! I am going to just say no. ;)
2008/1/30-2/2 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:49035 Activity:nil
        NFL is hiring Java programmers! Must like football! Ha!
2008/1/30-2/2 [Finance/Investment] UID:49036 Activity:low
        S&P downgrades, sets "credit watch negative" to $534 billion in
        RMBS and CDO issues.  Boooo!
           FGIC downgraded to AA as well.
           \_ Boooo!
              \_ So the market appears to have shrugged off all the bad
                 news. Time to buy?
2008/1/30-2/2 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49037 Activity:nil
1/30    Fox News getting killed in the ratings
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