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2008/1/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48929 Activity:low
1/10    Why is /var/mail mounted read-only?
        \_ The filesystem seems to be corrupted.  I don't know what
           caused it.  --mconst
        \_ anti-spam measure
2008/1/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48930 Activity:nil
1/10    BAC to buy CFC for $4B in stock swap.  Sale completed in 3Q, pending
        shareholder approval.  If approved, CFC preferred shareholders to be
        paid first.  If not approved, Ch. 11 bankruptcy and BAC to have first
        pick of CFC assets, with FHLB eating losses after shareholders.  Yay!
2008/1/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48931 Activity:nil
1/10    MER to write down $15B in mostly CDO losses for 4Q07, double its
        original estimate.  MER seeking $4B from global investors.
2008/1/11-16 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48932 Activity:nil
1/11    OSC horrified by ham-handed presidential candidates' responses to
        Bhutto's assassination.
        \- i'll limit my reply to "benazir bhutto has 3 not 2 children."
           ok one more thing: fatmia bhutto is not unattractive.
2008/1/11-16 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:48933 Activity:moderate
1/11    Separated-at-birth twins get married - Yahoo! News:
        \_ The part omitted is how they found out they were twins.
        \_ "Ewww you kiss like my mom!"
           \_ Doesn't this imply you kiss your mom the way you'd kiss a
           \_ "Your dick can reach inside me as deep as Daddy's."
        \_ Does IVF involve one egg or multiple eggs?
           \_ IVF generally involves multiple eggs.  It's expensive and hard
              on the mother, so they want to make sure at least 1 sticks.
              Anyway, I don't think these twins were convieved via IVF.
              \_ "Alton raised the case of the married twins -- who were born
                 after IVF treatment ......"
        \_ Oh, I wish my sis and I were separated at birth ......
           \_ Why, do you want to do her?
              \_ Why else!?
        \_ Sounds like something out of a Korean drama series...
           \_ Bahahahaha good one!
2008/1/11-14 [Reference/Religion] UID:48934 Activity:insanely high
1/11    Please dont think I'm trolling emarkp.  So I met an incredibly
        attractive female the other day at a bar.  I don't normally
        hang out at bars, but it was for someone's birthday.  Said female
        and I chatted for a very long time, agreed to hang out later,
        traded phone numbers/email, etc.  I stalked her a bit online
        and found out she's nearly 30 and Mormon.  Her web presence
        makes her seem nice and cool and great and I bet we'd get along
        famously since I don't smoke or drink (much) either.  My pretty
          \_ Do you think that not smoking or drinking is all there is
             to Mormonism?
             \_ No, there is also baptising dead Jews against the wishes
                of their families and polygamy.
        simple question is do hot unmarried nearly 30 female Mormons
        engage in premarital sex?  Or if I pursue this person, is she going
        to be looking to get married before we have sex?  Does this kind
        of thing get hot nearly 30 unmarried Mormons get kicked out
        of the church?  I think she goes to church regularly, I found pictures
        of her and her college friends going to church on her blog.
        I hope some of the motd Mormons humor me and answer me.  I am
        trying to be funny but it's a serious question.  thanks.
        \_ You are doing EVERYONE a favor by tempting her to pre-marital
           sex. Basically, if she fails to be pure, then she's not a true
           Mormon and you'll help filtering out hypocrits and keeping
           Mormonism pure while having sex with her. It's a win-win
           situation for the Mormon religion and pagans like you.
           \_ She gave him an email/phone#.  He stalked her online.  Where is
              the part where our OP stalker even got a first date much less
              was in a position to sleep with her?  She may not even be a
              Mormon.  He only thinks he knows that from stalking her, not
              from her saying so.  This woman is a total stranger.
        \_ It doesn't hurt to try. What have you got to lose?
        \_ If she's actively involved in the church, premarital sex is out of
                \_ Even if she is actively involved in the church, most
                   religious people are hypocrites, so maybe she'll be
                   one of those and put out.
           the question. You may ruin her morals if you try, but why would you
           want to change someone you like? -emarkp
           \_ Yeah, right. Premarital sex is out of the question with actively
              involved Catholic girls, too, and we know how that goes.
              \_ This is why I ask!  She is pretty hot.  I don't know her
                 too well but I would consider converting just for her.
                 I don't believe in a supreme being right now.
                 I just remembered that I've been booty calling a Mormon
                 girl about my age in Sacramento for YEARS.  She's a single
                 mom, she loves being Mormon since there is always a
                 a nearby Mormon family with 5 other kids who don't mind
                 babysitting.  -op
                 \_ So you'll believe in a supreme being if it's convenient
                    for getting laid?  I bet during sex, too!  "Oh God!!"
                    \_ You mean Joseph Smith or Brigham Young, not God.
           \_ Is there a trial period?  Do Mormon females test drive
              relationships with non Mormons for a few months, then issue
              a convert to Mormonism and marry me if you want to stay together?
              \_ Some do some don't.  She may be willing to marry a non-mormon.
                 By 30 the Mormon dating pool is getting kinda sparse. -jrleek
                 \_ So if in my wild fantasy scenario we got married...
                    I would have to convert to Mormonism?  I'm not saying
                    this is a horrible thing, just asking.
                    \_ Dude, you are getting waaay ahead of yourself here.
                     \_ She's Mormon.  Marriage is something you talk
                        about on the 3rd date.
                        \_ Perhaps, but this guy hasn't even had date one yet.
                         \_ Yeah, but when I'm thinking about dating someone
                            I've always got "how is that sex thing going to
                            work" in mind even before the first date.
        \_ Well, I haven't dated any Mormon girls, but I have dated other
           religious women and in my experience you can get pretty far, but
           not go all the way without a very serious comittment. Pretty
           far means almost but not all the way by the late 20s. YMMV.
           This is actually quite hot, if you are into it.
           \_ Seconded. Just be clear on how far it can go ahead of time, so
              as to avoid expectations of more.
        \_ Well, as emarkp said, if she's really Mormon, sex is out of the
           question.  On the other hand, what was she doing in a bar?  Was
           there a show or something? -jrleek
           \_ someone's birthday gathering.  she wasn't drinking.
2008/1/11-16 [Uncategorized] UID:48935 Activity:nil
1/11    Why working hard in a big corporation sucks:
        \_ Yeah man big corps are full of old farts who are just milking
           the cow 9-5. Startups r3wl!!!
        \_ If the world doesn't evolve so fast and products don't become
           obsolete so fast, #3 and #4 wouldbe easy.
2008/1/11-16 [Uncategorized] UID:48936 Activity:nil
1/11    RMS is giving a talk at Santa Clara Univ. on Jan 31: (
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