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2008/1/9-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48912 Activity:nil
1/8     What language is this music in? PS the girl is very cute, SFW!
        \_ Sounds German
        \_ Looks like a SUPER HOT Bavarian girl, ja?
        \_ Ok that is a smart dog. By the way it says Slovenska on the
           description, maybe it's Slovenian.
2008/1/9-12 [Consumer/Camera] UID:48913 Activity:low
1/9     New digital camera capable of 60fps for still pictures and 1200fps
        for movies:
        Does that bring demise to Nikon and Canon DSLRs?
        \_ No. Cost vs. Performance curve says they'll all have their niches.
           \_ Is there price info for the Casio one?  I don't see it in the
              press release.  Thx.
        \_ How much of your photography requires 60fps?  -tom
           \_ People are greedy.
              \_ the thing is essentially a movie camera; with the possible
                 exception of sports photography, it will have no impact on
                 the SLR market.  -tom
           casio < nikon < canon
           \_ 26x as many references for Canon vs. Nikon?  I don't think Canon
              cameras are that much more popular than Nikon ones.
              \_ Canon owns the pocket-camera market.  -tom
        \_ Never buy a camera from people who make calculators and etc.
           \_ So no Casio or Canon.
2008/1/9-12 [Computer/Rants] UID:48914 Activity:nil
1/9     Gates to leave forever!
        \_ Is Steve Ballmer an improvement?
           \_ Wasn't he the chair-chucker?
              \_ Watch "developers,developers,developers" -- he's not going
                 to make 60 without a heart attack.
2008/1/9-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48915 Activity:nil
1/9     Bond/mtg insurers getting ass-raped
        MBI,ABK,MTG,PMI,RDN down -10 to -25% -- whoops, now recovering
2008/1/9-12 [Finance/Investment] UID:48916 Activity:nil
        Median GDP growth of +1.5% for 1H08 according to 62 economists
        Fuckers GS, MER, MS predict recession in 2008
        GS says recession "will be mild by historical standards", unemployment
        at 6.5% in 2009.
        \_ Co-incidentally, MS, MER and GS partners will all see reduced bonuses
           this year. The best possibility for them to regain their fat
           paychecks is to convince the Fed to lower interest rates.
2008/1/9-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48917 Activity:nil
1/8     Man this is the best primary EVER.
2008/1/9-12 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:48918 Activity:high
1/9     How walkable is your neighborhood?
        I got a 72, but what got listed for my local bookstore is actually the
        local porn store. hmm...
        \_ 89.  Ride Bike!  The biggest distance was for movie theaters,
           which is wrong; it missed the Piedmont Theater.  Other than that,
           nothing more than half a mile away. -tom
           \_ 89 for the Grand Lake Theater neighborhood as well. It missed
              that the Albertsons was replaced by a Trader Joe's. --erikred
        \_ This site is BIASED towards people who live near the city.
           It must have been written by yuppie urbanites. Nice troll.
        \_ Better if it included CRIME DATA. I mean, Detroit is pretty
           walkable to Pawn Shops, Cigar Stores, Hip Hop Heaven, and
           Aladin Bail Bonds, but do you seriously want to walk in it?
        \_ Porn store makes it more walkable by giving you a third leg.
        \_ Woo 15/100!  Richmond Marina Bay area.
        \_ It doesn't take into account bus stops and BART stations.  My
           in-law's place in Sunset District which is right next to a Muni
           streetcar terminal only gets 54.
           \_ Woo, 8/15! -- Marco
        \_ It doesn't take into account public transit stops.  My in-law's
           place in Sunset District which is right next to a Muni streetcar
           terminal only gets 54.
           \_ Maybe you need to go to instead of
              this biased site.
           \_ They should include transit stops, I agree and give points
              for being close to transit, just like they give points for
              being close to a coffee shop.
        \_ Site is lame.  They included junk like 'curves' and jamba juice as
           a plus for my area.  At least they included the nearby park but
           they totally missed the walking trails.  What is more walkable
           than a trail designed for it?
        \_ 86 for my little casa on the edge of Upper Noe. -ausman
        \_ 94 for living a few blocks from downtown SF in SOMA doosh doosh
        \_ 95 for my old apartment in downtown berkeley. gosh I shouldn't have
           moved -ERic
        \_ My SoCal suburb netted me a 58 and it missed a *lot* of
           businesses and totally neglected the mountain trails.
2008/1/9-12 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48919 Activity:low
1/9     Here's a nice pile of responses to the "global warming ended in 1998"
        \_ Bad troll!  Go to your room!
           \_ Why is this a troll? Does every bit of scientific evidence
              you don't agree with qualify as a "troll" in your book?
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