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2007/12/31-2008/1/7 [Recreation/Pets] UID:48870 Activity:moderate
12/31   "Wind turbines offer cheap energy"
        This is not the big and costly turbines that you see in Livermore.
        \_ Wind power kills birds.  Can't use that.
           \_ I say we throw wind-farm NIMBY-ists into the blades!
              \_ Saving birds from a horrible death is not NIMBY-ism.  Birds
                 everywhere should be saved.  Do you know what NIMBY means?
                 \_ Yes, it is.  Maybe not to the letter, but certainly in
                    spirit.  Quit being an overly literal douche.  Birds
                        \_ I stopped reading your reply right at this line.
                           There's no reason to keep reading after you post
                           garbage like that.  Have a happy new year.  Maybe
                           one of your NYRs should be "responding in a mature
                           manner to other human beings and treating people
                           with respect".  This isn't junior high school.
                    fly into glass buildings and die all the time.  In places
                    where the NIMBY wankers bitch too much, they put
                    silhouettes of predatory birds on the glass, and this
                    pretty much solves the problem.  Instead of being a NIMBY
                    douche, why not offer a contructive solution, e.g. fly
                    kites that cast shadows of predatory birds near the wind
                    farms. -dans,!pp
                    \_ Problem is that it's the raptors that are are
                    \_ Problem is that it's the raptors that are killed.
           \_ Not a problem in the vicinity of airports.  Birds there need to
              be driven away or killed anyway.
              \_ Why should they be killed or driven away from airports?
                 \_ Bird strikes.
           \_ Did you actually look at the video? That wouldn't kill any
              bird unless the bird was amazingly stupid -- which would help
              weed out moron birds from the gene pool.
              \_ Can't see the video from here.  If it is bird safe then I'm
                 in favor.  Thanks.
                 \_ it looks like a giant billboard made of spinning hubcaps.
                    non-stationary and could only take wind from a single
                    direction.  On the other hand, the only birds that might
                    get caught in it would be tiny ones.  Sparrow size...
           \_ New wind farms don't have this problem.  It's just a red herring.
              \_ That is correct -- the old ones had rapidly spinning blades
                 Bird cuisinarts
        \_ Awesome. I want some right now.  They look a little loud though.
2007/12/31-2008/1/7 [Uncategorized] UID:48871 Activity:nil
01/01   It's 2008 somewhere.
        \_ But not here.  Not yet.
2007/12/31-2008/1/7 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:48872 Activity:low
12/31  I am looking for a PC tech/guru as a goto-guy when problems happen,
       (hard disk failures, etc.) must be located in the bay area, rates
        \_ Geek squad will also archive your porn for free!
        \_ Shouldn't everyone at a csua address be capable of this?
           \_ I'm guessing he's got a business and doesn't want to spend his
              own time fixing windows.
2007/12/31-2008/1/7 [Computer/Rants] UID:48873 Activity:nil
12/13   Outsourcing Surrogate Motherhood:
        \_ Old news.
2007/12/31-2008/1/7 [Politics/Domestic/President] UID:48874 Activity:nil
12/31   With all this assassination talk going on, here's a link to a very
        impressive reconstruction of the Kennedy assassination to determine
        angles, etc.
2007/12/31 [Reference/Military, Recreation/Sports] UID:48875 Activity:nil 70%like:48876
12/31   Soda comes up.  Cal football going down vs. Air Force.  Yay!
2007/12/31-2008/1/7 [Reference/Military, Recreation/Sports] UID:48876 Activity:nil 70%like:48875
12/31   Soda comes up.  Cal football going down vs. Air Force.  Yay!
        Okay, the way the AF QB's knee bent was really fucked up.
        \_ We dominated.  Put Riley in there next year and we might
           have a shot at something.  It was seriously refreshing to see
           a quarterback who wasn't immobile with a terrible arm.
2007/12/31-2008/1/7 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:48877 Activity:nil
12/31   I have a PSP UMD game (Wipeout) that won't load anymore.  The UMD
        looks pretty clean, although the case is fairly beat up.  Any idea
        what could be wrong?  The PSP plays other games.
2007/12/31-2008/1/7 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:48878 Activity:nil
        Analysts project -6.1% drop in earnings growth for 4Q07 for S&P500
        (down from +11.5% estimate released on Oct 1)
        But no problem:  Analysts project +5.1% growth for 1Q08!
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