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2007/12/21-29 [Transportation/Car] UID:48847 Activity:nil
12/21   Anybody know of a web site that list all the cars and their final
        assembly location?  I cannot believe how hard it is to find this
        information online.  Car makers do not list it on their web sites
        and it's very hard to find this information.  Thanks.
        \_ It's a bit tedius, but does list manufacturing
           locations.  You have to pick a car, model, and navigate to
           "Reviews & Specs" -> Specs
2007/12/21-29 [Reference/Celebration] UID:48848 Activity:moderate
12/20   Christmas Poll:
        real tree:
        synthetic tree: . (re-using old ones)
        no tree: ...
        \_ no gifts, no trees. Say no to unnecessary consumption and
           raping mother nature of precious earthly resources.
        \_ I wish I was getting laid for Christmas.  Instead I'll spend
           Christmas Eve watching some stupid Discovery Channel special on
           dwarves or midgets or something, then pretend I enjoy
           the company of my family on Christmas Day.
2007/12/21-29 [Reference/Tax, Finance/Investment] UID:48849 Activity:nil
12/21   Anyone recommend a good accountant in SF? Mine moved to corporate
        accounts and dropped me -- I expect to pay $500-$1000 for tax prep
        and they need to know AMT/.com bubble stock issues.
2007/12/21-29 [Reference/Religion] UID:48850 Activity:nil
12/21   Dalai Lama "is not a call girl"
        "I met the Dalai Lama in my office but I meet everyone in my office. I
        don't know why I would sneak off to a hotel room just to meet the
        Dalai Lama. You know, he's not a call girl,"
        Ha ha!
        \_ The implications here are superb. Thank you.
        \_ 'China condemned Harper for "disgusting conduct"'
           \_ Not for his implied knowledge of call girl etiquette but for
              meeting with the Dalai Lama. China: crazier than thou.
              \_ You know how a joke is never funny if you try to explain it?
                 \_ In Soviet China, funny jokes you!
2007/12/21-29 [Finance/Banking] UID:48851 Activity:nil
12/21   Commerce dept consumer spending and PCE for November 2007
        +1.1% consumer spending overall
        +2.0% spending on non-durable goods (food, gas, etc.)
        +0.3% spending on durable goods (crap + cars/appliances/etc.)
        -0.3% real disposable personal income (after taxes, before rent/mortge)
        -0.5% personal savings rate
        \_ "consumer spending" == "consumer debt"?
        \- does anybody know what the accounting definition of the
           "personal savings rate" is? tnx.
        \_ "When interest rate is as low as Bush's approval rating,
           who needs personal savings?"                 !Bernanke
2007/12/21-29 [Reference/Military] UID:48852 Activity:nil
12/21   Is there a shooting range in N Cal where I could try out different
        machine guns like M16x, AK47 variants, and most importantly the
        super duper G36?
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