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2007/12/17-19 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:48815 Activity:low
12/17   I ride a Kawasaki EX500 for recreation and now I'm looking for
        a real commute bike. I'm getting married and will be moving 30
        miles away from work, and I'm looking for something that is
        1) COMFORTABLE 2) light weight (I'm only 140 pounds, so that
        rules out Goldwings and heavy Harleys) 3) very quiet and
        smooth even at 80MPH. What are some bikes that fit in this criteria?
        \_ Probably a BMW is your best bet.  No bike is going to be quiet
           at 80mph though.
           \_ Agree that no bike is going to be quiet but that is mostly
              due to the wind/helmet noise dominating engine noise. This
              is where high windshields + fairing help tremendously.
        \_ You are a 140 pound weakling and your wife is going to let
           you keep riding? I wouldn't get something too expensive,
           because you'll be selling it soon enough.
           \_ A-
           \_ Your troll adds to -8 value to this thread.
        \_ I am not much bigger than you and I have ridden a Ducati Monster
           for years. They are light (~400 pounds) and comfortable. They
           aren't really quiet, but with stock pipes, they are not that
           loud either. The M900 or 1000 will do 80 no problem. A new one
           is not cheap though, about $12k. Want to buy my 96? -ausman
           \_ Ducatis get really really really hot when you're moving
              less than 10mph in traffic jam, and it is anything but
              "comfortable." In fact 99% of the sportbikes are simply
              too stiff and too uncomfortable for long daily commutes.
              You're a very very bad man for trying to dump your Duc.
              \_ Have you ever ridden a Moster? They have an extremely
              \_ Have you ever ridden a Monster? They have an extremely
                 comfortable and normal feeling riding position, better
                 than most cruisers. I can't really comment on the heat
                 issue, since I split lanes, but I have never had a
                 problem. -ausman
              \_ Bullshit.  Most sportbikes are fine for daily commutes.
                 Although honestly if I was commuting on a bike I'd look
                 at getting the Kawi enduro.
2007/12/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:48816 Activity:nil
12/15   I hear a lot about stealing office supplies.  What does this mean?  I
        lose pens like crazy.  A lot of them end up at home, I think.  But I
        usually just get more from the supply closet when I need them.  Does
        that count as stealing?
        \_ You dirty thief!  People like you cost your company 10's if not
           100's of dollars a year!
        \_ Isn't it pretty self-descriptive? It means when you steal
           office supplies.
           \_ I don't know, it's described in as pretty common.  (In Dilbert,
              for example.) But I can't really imagine anyone stealing a bunch
              of post-it notes.  Do you re-sell them on ebay or something?
              Throw them in the trash?  What?
              \_ You just admitted you steal pens, so maybe it's more
                 common than you think.
        \_ Generally speaking, if you're noting taking boxes or handfuls at
           a time, you're probably not the problem.
2007/12/17-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48817 Activity:nil
2007/12/17-20 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:48818 Activity:nil
12/17   First Scott Peterson, now Drew Peterson.  What's wrong with the
        \_ Learn to use apostrophes.
           \_ Fixed.  However, once when I wrote "VMs" when I meant virtual
              machines, someone thought I had a typo for VMS.  -- OP
              \_ Common usage in English is to use the apostrophe after an
                 acronym if it's necessary to disambiguate.
                 \_ I see.  Thx.  -- OP
                 \_ Umm, by that logic, you should be making all sorts
                    of spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. Commonly,
                    people are not that good at English.
                    \_ Common accepted usage.
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